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Cure diseases with your mind

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Cure diseases with your mind

Diseases do not appear just because, they are the result of a series of habits and attitudes which, when modified, everything in our bodies and environment is modified and transformed.

Doubt or denial about the healing abilities of the mind is because of lack of real experience of this, so that the person tends to doubt and dismiss this huge potential preferring to follow the same healing behaviors that have been teaching for thousands of years. For many years, people had trust that healing comes from an external factor, and there are many required complexities for a cure. However, we can see that many times, even though we drink pills and remedies, the cure doesn’t come and it can even worse. Why is this? It’s because you have not addressed the root problem, which resides in our mind.

Moreover, there would be people who argue that external remedies as conventional medicine, for example, have healed. But we should consider that healing always happens, it is because the disease somehow put us to reflect and reassess the experiences and life itself, which transformed our way of seeing things, that is, our mind, which is equivalent to everything we think. All persons that are cured or have gotten rid of severe or terminal illness (even the ones that say that are incurable), is because they have seen a new way of understanding, trust and live life.

We are not trying to dismiss the use of medicine, which can support us as we develop and trust our mental powers. What we are trying with this text is to make that people start believing more in their healing potential which are a gift or a natural gift given to us, but we did not take the time, permission or patience to explore this extraordinary gift.

How to cure the mind?

The mind is like a powerful computer: so if we don’t know how to use does not mean that this is not used to process advanced programs. As we get to know how to use it, it can serve as potential and use. So the same happens with the mind: to use its potential, we must study, understand and practice some exercises to discipline and educate it, so this can be a creative tool in our lives, and can, among other things, heal.

It is true that we use very little percentage of our mental powers. It is as if someone had given us a unique computer with excellent capacity to run a business, and not knowing how to use it, you use it just to sum two and two. The gift would be waste.

So, to begin to uncover the instruction of our minds, and start learning how to use it, you need to understand the mind, for practical and useful ways, is to understand everything we think. Every thought that goes through your head has powerful influences in our life and body, in our reality. However, the thoughts that influence our environment are those who pay attention and nurture our word, action and reaction.

Now if thoughts affect our reality and body, then someone could say that "positive thinking" will solve the problems, diseases and deficiencies. However, "positive thinking" is not enough, then thinking only in what we believe is "good", would be to believe that when the computer breaks down or starts doing crazy things, all we have to do is think that it is fixed, and this would heal it. To make the computer work properly and consistently, you have to enter the operating system and see what causes bad work. And then, you have to reschedule or make arrangements for it to work as expected.

A disease reflects that our computer called mind is doing something we do not want. To reschedule, you would have to see what kind of programming is your mind and how do you fed your life.

Anger, fear, uncertainty, etc.., only reflect certain mental attitudes that make us react in not fluid ways, i.e., we do not trust or are we expecting too much of others. Diseases are sown and cultivated in our emotional world. The fruit we call disease is only the consequence of not understanding some experiences that have caused us pain, dissatisfaction, anger, etc. These experiences are stored in us and will gradually reflect in our body.

In summary, we can say that all diseases are related to some degree of unhappiness, which is the result of addiction, excessive control, anger denied or not understood, etc. It is said that all sickness is something we hide. If our heart hurts, you are irritated, or disappointed, the body similarly will reflect that: the body is the most immediate reflection of how we think and feel in life.

How to start a healing with the mind?

The first thing I would do is get in peace with the experiences we have lived, understanding that raising expectations with others and relying on others to be happy or not trusting the greatness within us only brings pain, confusion and disappointment.

We should also begin to see that everything we experience is because there is something to understand about us, and often, the biggest learning experience was in learning that you need to stop waiting for life and start to loving you more to love others more, to give you patience and understanding, be more sweet and compassionate with yourself, to stop criticizing and make demands for more, to enjoy what we have and allow us excited with unknowns, such as the use of our mind, for example, that nature has given us to all to be happy. Being happy (and happy we refer to a state of growth, discovery and fulfillment, not the temporary happiness which is sought by the boredom of repeating patterns and mental attitudes), secretes a number of "liquid" and electricity our brain, which can produce and develop any medicine that the body needs, plus the states of happiness and joy activated processes body rejuvenation, filling it with energy, life and health.

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3 Reviews about Cure diseases with your mind
on 07/07/2014
on 01/07/2014
Deepak Chopra talks about just this in his book "Perfect Health". He explains how the energy of the mind manifests itself physically in the body, and we can therefore eliminate a great many diseases, both mental and physical, if we begin to understand how the mind works. Very good stuff.
on 09/02/2013
Very impressive article to find out what is happening inside of us, I know that human mind has an amazing capacity even though I haven?t experienced anything like that, but well, I will when it would be necessary. I?m going to search more articles to feed the mind with words and knowledge and make it stronger.

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