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Cuperosis or Facial Flushing: Causes and Natural Treatment

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Cuperosis or Facial Flushing: Causes and Natural Treatment

Flushing or getting red is a natural reaction of the body, we have all experienced an intense blush at least once either when we feel a little embarrassed or when we are in love. However, when the face is constantly red or person blush easily, then the flush can start to become not only an aesthetic problem but may begin to affect confidence and personal life of the individual.

There are many reasons why the face blushes. These causes have different names like:

  • Normal flush: flush or redness, which is also known as blush, is the most common and normal, this is a reaction of the body when experiencing certain emotions such as anxiety, guilt, modesty, nervousness, embarrassment, anger, etc. It also occurs when we fall in love, or when we are healthy or just doing intense physical activity, due to intensive irrigation of blood to the body.
  • Cuperosis: the flushing of the skin due to dilation of blood vessels that supply to the dermis in branches or spider veins. In this case, the cheek turns almost all red, but can also appear as small "spider" that cover some areas of face and around the eyes or parts of the cheeks. This happens as a result of increased blood pressure in the area and is basically a problem of circulation. This condition usually happens when going from cold to hot or when you eat or drink something hot or irritating, sometimes with great emotion. This is not a serious condition but it is uncomfortable or bothersome aesthetically and especially affects people with fair, thin and delicate skin. There are two types listed below.
  • Rosacea Cuperosis: dilatation of veins around the nose and cheeks, causing widespread reddening which is often mistaken for acne because presents small grains could sprout that do not itch. This condition occurs mainly by stress, insecurity or eating strong hot products or alcohol.
  • Cuperosis by acquisition: the case of external factors such as long exposure to sun or sunlamps abuse. It can also occur when using cortisone creams or reaction to certain cosmetics that are aggressive to the skin.
  • Hemangiomas: are lesions or malformations of blood vessels in the dermis which produce spots or pink or red stains, which happens, for example, in a newborn by an excessive crying, or appear on the eyelids and usually disappear advancing age. Those appearing on the scalp, neck and temples usually stay a lifetime.
  • Permanent Flushing of the face: it is a clear sign of Rosacea or acne.
  • Idiopathic craniofacial erythema: a intense flush or blush that happens easily with very small stimulus. This disorder is mainly related to a strong phobia of relationships and social interactions.
  • The eritrofobia: the fear or dread to turn red, which causes the person to become redder when he or she begins to feel red, especially when they fear being seen or discovered and begins to fall in anxiety, which causes that the blush intensifies.

Solutions and natural treatments for cuperosis

This article focuses exclusively in dealing with cases of cuperosis. Here are some treatments and solutions.

The diet is still the basis of a complete healing. Being a circulation problem, you should increase consumption of fresh vegetables in either fruit juice or salads, and especially to increase consumption of those foods beneficial for circulation as are beets (in moderation), garlic (great vessel dilator), onions, lemon (fasting with warm water) and green tea.

Recommended Infusions: to improve good circulation, we recommend you drink horsetail, which also avoids the hardening of the arteries which often happens when fat infiltrates their walls. It also lowers levels of fat in blood and cholesterol, allowing that more fluid can circulate through the body and does not stagnate in the veins. Also, drink mistletoe, rosemary and passionflower to help the circulation becomes more efficient.

  • Drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day.
  • Avoid alcohol and irritants such as vinegar. Do not drink hot beverages.
  • Facial Acupressure: This will help promote good circulation and prevent the problems in veins.
  • Facial massage: it also helps to keep blood circulating efficiently in your face. You can give yourself a facial massage by putting almond oil or olive oil on your face and massage in circular form.
  • Apply a mask with crushed garlic on your face. Prepare with one crushed and large raw garlic mixed with a tablespoon of natural yogurt. Mix well and massage with this paste on your face. Garlic nourishes your veins and helps relieve congestion and inflammation.
  • Practice Yoga or swimming, these activities will help to relieve stress or anxiety which can lead to this condition. Facial Yoga would be great for you.
  • Apply raw papaya on the affected area and leave it there until it dries. Papaya is excellent for inflammation of the skin and veins, in addition to naturally nourish and refresh.
  • Drink in the morning a green tea with lemon juice to keep clean your body.
  • Avoid cow's milk as this clogs the veins and intestines and causes many traffic problems. No doubt the vegetable milks are much richer in nutrients, and without the problems that cow's milk.
  • Apply the avocado mask mixed with olive oil, it nourishes your skin, and promotes good circulation.
  • Wash your face with cold water and do not expose to direct sunlight or hot water.

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3 Reviews about Cuperosis or Facial Flushing: Causes and Natural Treatment
on 23/12/2016
This article really explains what could be the possible causes of redness and flushing. I feel that my cheeks and forehead are hot, feel angry sometimes, and feel irritation due to this..... :(

Will try to alter my diet...

on 08/03/2015
Very interesting article, and I really love how you approach it from a natural, herbal perspective. I think all too many times people look for a "magic cure" by turning to pharmaceuticals, but all this does is mask the symptoms...there is no true healing going on when using chemicals. In fact...I think it makes the body worse.
on 31/01/2013
Suffering this problem might be terrible especially if you have social problems or this condition has made that you don?t have confidence in yourself and you may have low esteem, this condition can become a circle if you don?t stop it by relaxing first, and follow the indications that this article explains.

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