Criticism, useless talk and the power of your Word Die Kritik: nutzloses Gespräch und die Macht der Wörter La crítica, la charla inutil y el poder de tu palabra

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Criticism, useless talk and the power of your Word

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Criticism, useless talk and the power of your Word

She looks pretty bad", "Did you see that skinny legs?", "Note that the neighbor the other day..." What if all that energy we spend on criticizing we would use it to create what we want?

While gossip is something that many people like, it is true that in the end, the only thing that does is to kill time and also take away the power to create in our lives.

Although we don’t notice it, our mouth releases a lot of energy every day. The word has been considered one of the most powerful tools to create reality. Since ancient times the word was already considered a "magic wand", in the metaphysics and other cultures, it is something that really influences reality, so we should have caution using it. The mantras, which are sounds formed by syllables and words to create sacred phrases, and are repeated in order to contact or invoke the Divine, warn us that energy can generate powerful sounds when sung or spoken with some intentionality.

The word is the conclusion of everything we know and believe, and we have accepted as truth. When we speak, we are sending our own energy to all around us, and we are growing. The mind does not distinguish whether we are praying, claiming divine things, or are saying gossips. The mind is creating all that we talk, think or focus.

When we talk, we're using one of the most powerful wands there. Imagine you want to create great things for you, and your mind is focused on what your neighbor says or does, or if someone should say something or not. Imagine that you could spend the energy to create a good fortune instead of criticizing the party of your friend. When we speak, the energy we release is embodied in ourselves, in our field of action and our bodies, in our lives. Here we can mention the metaphysical phrase "All that we send out from us, we get back multiplied." And it’s true.

We may be criticizing the woman next door, an ex-boyfriend, or the gossip of the TV novels. But the mind does not distinguish for who is this energy. You are talking, so you are the magician that decreed for yourself. Each of your words means you accept your reality what you're saying, even though you say it to another person or thing, you have accepted, and mind take effect on your environment and all aspects of your life. If your criticizing limits someone, is to yourself.

A limited person is a person who lacks the power to create reality. If you look, people who are powerful, creative and entrepreneurial don’t spend time for idle chatter or gossip. Use your words wisely. And that doesn’t mean to avoid fun or making jokes, it’s about saying things from the depths of your being, and not just from your mouth.

If the word is creative, then a person should use to it in a good way instead of against it. Although you spend a good time criticizing others, you should note that when we speak or gossip, all we are doing is just trying to feel important by the defects of others.

We can spend hours talking of poor governance, insecurity, illness or programs on TV that looks bad... And then? When does the gossip finish? You go home and nothing really changed in your life. Let’s say that if you care so much about the others lives, is not more important to concern about what you're doing with your life? What are you doing to improve your own government? Have you ever thought your life is like a boring program? Could it be that your life lacks of excitement and you use the other to have a little interest?

A lot of the criticism, gossip or idle chatter comes from those who are unable to do something exciting with their lives, so they do everything "to pass the time" and "stand out" making someone look bad. All this, even though you don’t notice, subtract personal power, lower your level of creativity, and generates a shallow reasoning.

It's hard to stop saying mean things or gossiping with someone of the few virtues and problems of others. You have to do a lot of effort to keep quiet because people usually pull us to talk. Moreover, gossip can be somewhat fun, because it makes us have a good time. If you're used to do this, maybe is going to be hard to find new circles of friends where the gossip does not fit. Perhaps at first, people criticize us for not going with the flow and keep reserved, it’s hard not laughing when we do not want and start using our words with more awareness and creatively. But the change of use of our word really worth.

So, from now on, see how you use your words and how much time you spend talking about things that have no real interest or connection, how long you spend talking to someone or saying things that lead to nothing. The best thing is that every time you are going to talk, remember what a wise proverb says: If you don’t have something to say more beautiful than silence, better let the silence speaks for itself.

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2 Reviews about Criticism, useless talk and the power of your Word
on 24/01/2015
People who criticize too much really do make me angry. These are the type of people that just spew meaningless words to talk, and they end up polluting not only their psychic space, but that of others as well, which is extremely toxic. I am not a fan of gossip, and to me those who gossip are to be avoided at all costs!
on 30/11/2012
Gossiping can be somehow an addiction for some people and that is so bad. In my school there are plenty of girls who spend their lives criticizing other people rather than doing something useful, but I don?t want to criticize them too so I just keep calm and well, they should read this article LOL

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