Creative and fun routine to strengthen your legs and arms Spaß mit einer Kreativen Routine um Beine und Arme zu stärken Rutina creativa y divertida para fortalecer tus piernas y brazos

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Creative and fun routine to strengthen your legs and arms

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Creative and fun routine to strengthen your legs and arms

In the arms and legs we carry much of the harmony, style and habit of body movement and personality. It is very important not to neglect to keep them strong and healthy and this is the time to accentuate all other beauty. Then we give you useful tips to help eliminate cellulite, dryness, varicose veins, muscles loose or dull skin.

Walking in the sand, swimming, playing volleyball on the beach and walking against the force of the waves are one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy, beautiful and well turned our legs and our arms. For many, summer is a time of great activity, exercise and recreation on the beach, however, whether they've gone to the beach or not, it's never too late to embellish or continue beautifying their body.

Creative Routine

Actually I do not like routines, I always like to vary the exercises, put some creativity, and feel that this has given me an excellent result in my body. I never do a regular exercise routine, I always vary the movement of my body and I enjoy doing so much.

To keep my body as always I spend at least 20 minutes a day (or more if I can) to move and enjoy my movement . The time spent also varies because sometimes I do it in the morning or in the afternoon. I think what's most important of exercise is to enjoy the exercise: there are those who enjoy the gym, doing weights or any other activity as dancing, swimming, etc. In reality, what matters is that we really enjoy this time of moving, because I believe that this is what makes the true miracles in the physical and aesthetic harmony.

If you want a routine for arms and legs, choose from the following variable exercises. In fact, you can experience a new move in many ways, it is very pleasant feeling when the body moves in a new way, this special pain you sometimes feel when you move, or that "stupidity" you perceive in your body by experiencing movements, indicating that there was an unknown to your body movement and needs to move and move it ...

The best exercises for legs are:

  • Dance, Polynesian or Hawaiian, 20 minutes
  • Climbing stairs about 500 steps as fast as you can (to warm up before doing so)
  • Walking on the grass or sand
  • Jumping rope
  • Taking a ride on your bike!
  • Playing basketball
  • Running in the park
  • Swimming

The best exercises for the arms

  • Dancing with your hands raised: the Flemish is excellent!
  • When you load the bags of market, do not pay for someone to help you and take your own bags (moderate weight According to what you are accustomed)
  • Swimming
  • Playing volleyball, tennis and boxing practiced
  • Once in a while sweep the house. Are you very bored? Well sweeping, besides killing many calories, strengthens your arms.

Tips before you start:

  • Do not start with difficult exercises, or try to force too many.
  • Do the exercise as enjoyable as possible.
  • If you prefer weights, find a training program according to you.
  • Go slowly if you are going to start, wait until your body is getting used to the movement.
  • Every time you start your routine, warm your body and gently stretch and move in all directions.
  • Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program, especially if you have medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

It is no good if we do exercise, on the other hand, neglecting food. If we do this, we might strengthen the muscle, but adipose tissue will remain there and cellulite will continue to stay in the body.

Keys to remove cellulite in the arms and legs

  • Include many fruit juices and fresh vegetables.
  • For cellulite, it is best that you make an effort to stop consuming meats, animal fats, animal milk and sugar.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • Avoid excessive salt consumption
  • Avoid alcohol and eating at night too
  • When you eat, avoid mixing sugary foods during the meal.
  • Let your first food be one orange juice or a fruit. This will help keep your body clean and healthy.
  • Whenever you crave a cookie or a cake, go and eat an apple. This remedy is truly formidable

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2 Reviews about Creative and fun routine to strengthen your legs and arms
on 20/08/2015
I used to be a competitive cyclist, and ever since I stopped riding at that level I've really struggled finding good, interesting, and productive exercises that strengthen the legs. Ultimately I don' enjoy exercising just to tone a muscle group, but these will work for now!
on 02/09/2013
Cellulite is something that you cannot even stop some times,but we always have the sport and exercise to change the bad habits, I have seen people that even stop smoking or other drugs by doing sport and this proves the importance of it, thanks for sharing this but there is not routine as you say?.

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