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Courses and workshops on organic farming

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Courses and workshops on organic farming

With the idea of offering a service to our readers, here is a collection of future courses and workshops on organic products in Spain.

Summer Course in Lleida

The summer offer from the University of Lleida been fully in its 2010 edition two courses related to ecology. It's "Organic farming for urbanites" and "Organic Farming in the Catalan Pyrenees”, which not only to make us aware of the importance of the environment, but teach us to avoid confusion when making a purchase.
According to this university, summer reaches its majority with a record number of summer courses: 45 courses that include proposals on how to save on electricity bill, organic farming and home automation. If you want to take advantage of attractive discounts, do not think twice.

Most courses are held at the headquarters of La Seu d'Urgell (15), between 13 and 23 July, which this year joined the city of Lleida (18) and the towns of Tremp (2), Solsona (1), serous (3), Erill la Vall (1) Ager (2), the Aran Valley (1), the Cerdanya (1) and Arbeca (1).

Among the proposals for this year include the course "How to deal with energy poverty", aimed to give guidance and advice to families in energy-saving measures that reduce the amount of gas and electricity bills, all aid in times of crisis.

Training in Menorca

The Director General of Vocational Training of the Balearic Islands, Miquel Mestre, and the insular Councillor of Economy and Environment, Antònia Allés have introduced a new training cycle for agro-ecological production to replace the Farm Technician Extensive.

The new title will be held in the Agricultural School of Sa Granja, in the town of Mahon. With this new degree, the school enriches its offer giving specialized training to train students in industry-specific expertise ranging from conversion of a conventional farm to organic to the creation and management of a small business.
The agricultural center of Sa Granja will offer starting next cycle course, offered as a novelty, the possibility of adapting the completion of the training cycle for the period that best suits the student to complete the 2,000 teaching hours required to obtain this title of medium grade.

The head of the Environment island used his speech to highlight the growing importance of the organic market in the agricultural sector and pointed out that the number of hectares devoted to this production had moved from 52.2 1996 to 5138 last year.

Agro-ecology first conference in Barcelona

The College of Agriculture of Barcelona (ESAB) will host the next 13 and May 14 the first day of agro-ecology and organic farming, one of the new paradigms of today's agriculture.

The current environmental situation with climate change as a major player, among other issues of social concern, such as rural depopulation, pushes toward a new resizing of agriculture, local and more respectful of the environment and social. Something that contribute not only European agricultural policies, but also the consciousness of most workers in agriculture. In this sense, in Catalonia the number of hectares devoted to organic farming, as well as the number of projects related to it, but not easy for producers and students 'leap' to this type of agriculture or find structures where formed for this purpose.

For two days, this will develop experiences in agro-ecological projects, plus a training day on the fertility of the soil to obtain indigenous plant material.

Gran Canaria hosts a conference on organic farming

Quality Food Institute has organized a complete schedule of courses with the aim of increasing awareness of the need for sustainable development and promoting the benefits of organic farming.

Production standards and control techniques used, control of pests and diseases or the optimization of organic fruit and vegetables are some of the central topics to reach.

The conference, to be held in the House of Culture in the Classroom Valleseco and Municipal de La Laguna, is intended for both farmers who want to learn the techniques of organic farming and individuals who want to learn to farm.

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2 Reviews about Courses and workshops on organic farming
on 24/10/2014
Now THIS is something I really want to get in on. I just started "farming" (by that I mean backyard gardening...although to a fairly large extent. We were quite ambitious with it) about 2 years ago. That was when we lived in Oregon and got great weather, but now we live in Southeast Alaska, and things have changed. I need some new regional information.
on 01/04/2013
I find quite fascinating the attitude of people towards nature in these days, we all are changing our regular habits and our ways of production to find something more useful for both humans and nature, and the best way to reach this is by giving information and teaching people how to do it, so conferences and stuff like that are the most important thing now

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