Workshop: Agro-ecology and responsible consumption (theory and practice) Workshop: Agrarökologie und verantwortlichen Konsum (Theorie und Praxis) Curso-Taller: Agroecología y consumo responsable (teoría y práctica)


Workshop: Agro-ecology and responsible consumption (theory and practice)

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Workshop: Agro-ecology and responsible consumption (theory and practice)

Groups of self of Konsum Madrid WORKSHOP COURSE OBJECTIVE: The globalization of food produces, widespread of food insecurity. The multinational food with the support of the institutions are proposing false solutions to hunger and food waste, we need to increase cooperation among agro-ecological and responsible consumption. The cooperation between us depends first of desire. But this condition is mutual knowledge, which in turn requires dialogue. We want to build a space for dialogue, exchange of experiences and mutual support among groups that do the responsible consumption of a social intervention.


Wednesday June 7th 18:30-21:30
Globalization and food insecurity

Thursday June 8th 18:30-21:30
Alternatives to Globalization of food

Wednesday June 14th 18:30-21:30
Agroecology and responsible consumption in Madrid, Various ideological content. Models of internal organization participation in social movements

Thursday June 16th 18:30-21:30
Daily operation of a group of responsible consumption. Initiatives to build an independent movement of agro-ecological and responsible consumption

Registration Until June 1st, 2006


Handed-made materials, books, articles and teaching units on different blocks


Participatory. Expectations and final evaluation. Discussions on the presentations and texts from the different experiences. Actions to be proposed along the course, initiatives to create new groups of responsible consumption.

Atocha 91 2 º 28012 Madrid

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2 Reviews “Workshop: Agro-ecology and responsible consumption (theory and practice)”

on 25/05/2014
I would liked to go to this, I hope to find a course that explains all my doubts...
on 04/02/2014
Please, post more current information about this topics, I mean event that help to understand the organic a little bit better, because the new articles are not doing that, you just post about the common topics but I cannot hear a recommendation about events that should be visited

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