Course of Plant Protection in Organic Agriculture Kurs über Pflanzenschutz und ökologischen Landbau Curso de Protección Vegetal en Agricultura Ecológica

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Course of Plant Protection in Organic Agriculture

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Course of Plant Protection in Organic Agriculture

Organic Agriculture Project promoted by the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture shall, in Almería , the Course Plant Protection in Organic Agriculte.

This project, a source of rural employment "AEFER", consists of a series of measures to promote the establishment and conversion of farmers and their businesses to the production and agriculture. It is promoted by the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE). La Fundación Biodiversidad (FB) as the manager of the European Social Fund (ESF) through the empleaverde co AEFER project that takes place in five regions.

Course Plant Protection in Organic Farming 
February 13-14 and February 20-21
Hall Conference
Campo Hermoso-Nijar (Nijar, Almería)


  • Share basic knowledge on the prevention of diseases caused by insects, plant parasitic nematodes, viruses, fungi and bacteriosis,
  • Spreading the prevention techniques of pests and diseases and plant protection in organic horticulture.
  • Knowing aspects of biological control of pests and diseases and its management in organic agriculture


The courses are aimed at technical active who want to train in the Plant Protection in Organic Agriculture and farmers . Excluding staff, administration staff or employees of public companies. Only students are admitted from the regions of Andalusia, Asturias, Galicia, Murcia and C. Valenciana.

Duration: 4 days, 24 hours

Requirements: For registration is required to provide supporting documentation to be listed, for example, nominated last copy, receipt of self-stamped copy of the DNI and agriculture.

Application Deadline: February 9


The program poses organic agriculture and food production methods in response to the increasingly growing demand for citizens healthy and safe food, cultivated with the greatest respect environments where they occur.

One sensitive aspect is the methods of pest and disease control products and synthetic of chemical crop protection, whose abuse has jeopardized the natural balance, making agriculture one of the main causes of pollution of environment.

SEAE is aware of the problems mentioned above and concerns and overall demand for technicians, producers and consumers, in the absence of such educational offerings, launches this course within the framework of the project AEFER, from an approach Holistic to deepen aspects related to this topic, which offers participants the practical learning and a deepening of the latest developments, experiences and innovations implemented by its partners and collaborators.

Topics to be covered:

  • Viroses and bacteriosis of horticultural crops. Possibility of ecological management.
  • Mycosis in horticultural crops and their management in organic farming
  • Plant parasitic nematodes and their management in Organic Farming Visit
  • Practice of MYPS agrosystem
  • Importance of organic agriculture
  • Bases and principles in the new Reg 834/2007/
  • Organic Agriculture in Almería
  • Management in organic farming
  • Biological control of pests of horticultural crops protected Alfredo Lacasa (IMIDA, Murcia)

Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture 
Apdo 397. Edif ECA. Camí del Port s / n 46470
Catarroja (Valencia)

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2 Reviews about Course of Plant Protection in Organic Agriculture
on 17/10/2014
Oooh I would just love love LOVE to take this course! Do you have any updated information regarding new classes or new learning opportunities? I'm really interested in taking a similar course here in the united states, but it seems like the Master Gardener course I'm looking into has more pertinent information regarding growing vegetables.
on 06/08/2013
Today seems like a good day to change the world and now you see that all those meetings and event to change the mind of the society have resulted well, since more and more people are interested in changing their habits and using products or organic origin, this is something to be very happy about

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