Ecological Horticulture course in Suances Kurs über Ökologischen Gartenbau in Suances Curso de Horticultura Ecológica en Suances

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Ecological Horticulture course in Suances

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Ecological Horticulture course in Suances

We will study the benefits of agricultural techniques that respect the environment.

The next day, October 22nd will begin in a Suances the Organic techniques course.

This course which will run until the 26th, will be held in the Youth Center located in the Plaza de Viaro (near the municipal nursery) at 16.00 hours to 20.00 hours.

The objective is to analyze and promote the processes to obtain the highest quality food while respecting the environment and avoiding all forms of pollution that may result from agricultural techniques.

Also we examine the optimal use of these techniques and resources and the marketing of products.

The course is free and is organized by COAG UGAM-in collaboration with the Department of Environment Suances City Council through the Local Development Agency. The funded by the Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries and Biodiversity.

To formalize registrations, and interested stakeholders should be addressed to Local Development Agency, the City Council or do it by phone 942 811 406. You may also register through the association UGAM-COAG on the phone 942 802 532.

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2 Reviews about Ecological Horticulture course in Suances
on 22/10/2014
Do you know which string of philosophies or theories this seminar was based upon? There are a lot of strings of thought that have evolved into entire paradigms and schizms for growing and living. The ones I am most interested in are permaculture and bio-dynamics. If this seminar happens to be based on these two fields of thought, I would be interested in learning more about any upcoming events.
on 06/11/2013
Different and that is why it interest me, I am so sad to see this too late, I imagine that this article is pretty old just looking at the dates, but I hope to find something similar to this but near my home, that would be awesome since I like trying things with soil and plants

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