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Cottage and Health La Joya

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Cottage and Health La Joya

Forget the hustle of the city, breath real fresh air and enjoy the clear and sunny skies of Europe in La Joya, Agritourism Health and designed to combine the best of an enclave of great natural beauty with a world high-level services.

Quiet Home

In the heart of Las Alcubillas, one of the most tranquil and picturesque villages of the Shire of Filabres, two cottages and Health La Joya offer an ideal environment to get lost in the world or to find oneself.
Create, reflect, recover the body or the mind, unplug the day to day and experience the contact with nature, every visitor of La Joya finds has own space and a new reason to return.

The Health and cottages offer service in a unique location near parks, mountain and coast, surrounded by excellent transport links but still. A perfect combination of dedication.


Tradition and Avant-garde

The peculiar physiognomy of the white villages of the valley is the main inspiration for the architecture of both houses, with whitewashed walls and flat roofs silhouetted against the stunning skyline of the Sierra Nevada and Sierra Alhamilla and under the auspices of the Sierra de los Filabres.

Traditional on the outside and full of amenities inside, Gîtes Health and La Joya are equipped with the latest technology and all the amenities of a hotel of a first class: Wireless Internet, air conditioning throughout the building, central heating are just some of the main characteristics.

In total, the Health and Cottages has seven rooms, four doubles, two for marriage and one single, fully equipped and decorated to offer comfort with a personal style that combines design and tradition.
The peculiar physiognomy of the white villages of the valley is the main inspiration for the architecture of both houses.

Rooms designed for you

Each room of La Joya will be your little world for a few days. Therefore, we have taken special care in all those details that make a room in a real home.

The experience of quality in cottages and Health is complete with some common areas designed to offer warmth and space to share with fireplace, television and a source of filtered water.


From the Roman Empire, The Alcubillas have been an obligatory place for all inhabitants of the peninsula.

Yet the range of leisure, culture and nature in the neighborhood is so full and varied so costs decide what to see, smell or feel first. Sierra Nevada, Sierra Alhamilla, the Sierra of Gador Filabres: wherever you are looking at is always a magnificent landscape between mountains.

Where the sky is the horizon

They say the skies of Las Alcubillas is unlike any as at night you can see every star in the firmament. And the presence of Calar Alto Observatory, one of the most prestigious scientific centers of Europe, confirms this.

Let yourself be rocked by the sounds of the Sierra de los Filabres while watching the imposing Castle Gérgal or walking among olive and almond trees in bloom is something to be experienced at least once in your life.

Because, at 650 m. of altitude on the plateau surrounded by three large hills and a few kilometers from the Mediterranean, the Alcubillas seems a passage of time, drawing a unique geography full of surprises and keeping the spirit and architecture of Iberian imprint.

Getting to La Joya is easy regardless of the chosen vehicle. But we cannot guarantee is that the game is so simple, because who would want to leave a place like this?

Quality first in nature

La Joya is a concept designed as Rustic spot to relax after a busy day in contact with nature. The services we offer are complementary health and wellness to achieve the desired balance between body and mind.

Healthy eating and the total absence of harmful habits, drugs, snuff and alcohol transform La Joya in a real nursing home where recover from any illness or simply get away from daily stress.


  • Outdoor SPA
  • Physiotherapy Service
  • Beauty treatments
  • Laundry
  • Mountain Bike Rentals
  • Sun terrace
  • Daily cleaning
  • Purified water for consumption

Weekly therapy


This therapy is to create an appropriate environment for the stress that surrounds us to be completely gone. In a quiet place where noise is just an accident, the air is pure, there is little pollution and brightness of the atmosphere is clear and unique. All this coupled with exercise, good food, baths, massages and excursions to the sea or the mountains.

Quitting is possible

5-day therapy for smoking cessation has been operating for over forty years throughout the world, with an effectiveness of 98%.

Its foundation consists of lowering the maximum level of nicotine in blood with natural treatments to reduce the need that the body has of it. The application of treatments correctly allows the level of success is very high. If you cannot, we offer you the solution to be able to be free of this habit.

Depurative cures

This 5-day therapy cleanses the body and, therefore, we see how our health will improve dramatically.
Remove toxins and wastes that are in our metabolism (which are the cause of many illnesses and even skin problems) on a diet accompanied by fresh air, nature walks on foot or by bicycle massages, baths in the spa, etc. This therapy allows you to achieve a better quality of life and, above all, a much higher state of wellness.

New Lifestyle

This course is extremely beneficial to our lives. Learn all the elements that surround us so we can enjoy good health and know how to care for our bodies the best way possible. In this therapy we will know the benefits water, fresh air and sunshine provide accompanied by physical exercise, healthy eating and relaxing atmosphere.

All these elements are at our disposal. You just have to know, detect and make the most.
You have a wonderful opportunity to experience this new lifestyle that will make you feel better, you face life with optimism and fully enjoy it in good health.

Healthy and balanced diet

This course provides basic knowledge on food we need for our body to function properly, without nutritional deficiencies. We teach how to prepare the foods most beneficial for our health.
All this accompanied by fresh air, exercise and more welcoming environment.

Strengthen family ties

Communication is an essential human need. Knowing the language of our own body is very important for good communication.

Knowing our feelings is key to a good family life. The treat we give to our loved ones leave an indelible mark on them for better or for worse. This course can help you improve your communication and, therefore, your quality of life. If you come with your family feel free to experiment it.

Other treatments:

  • Specialized Diets
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Proper diet for celiac
  • Diets for convalescents
  • Suitable to different intolerances
  • Seminars, conferences, courses ...
  • Meetings (small groups)

La Joya-cottages and Health

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2 Reviews about Cottage and Health La Joya
on 10/01/2015
Wow! Is this part of a travel magazine?! because I would really be interested in learning about other places you could go to visit around Spain. I'm going to visit Spain next summer - no specific plans as of yet - and we would LOVE to stay some place like this, but we want to travel around and see different places as well!
on 02/06/2013
Visiting a place like this must be something amazing, I just imagine the landscapes, the forests and more and my body feels relaxed, sadly there is not a place like this one near my home and probably I would never visit it, but well, I can keep searching til I find right?

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