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Cosmetic surgery and Esteem

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Cosmetic surgery and Esteem

Cosmetic plastic surgery has become fashionable in recent years, it seems it's becoming more natural to accept what was once considered taboo by the surgery to be a more beautiful or young, sin by excessive vanity. However, as time passes, grooming the body with the scalpel has become for many in ever more acceptable and even normal, and not hiding as before, is now considered a useful alternative and quick to look better and raise the self-esteem.

Do you want surgery?

We all like to feel and look good, even be beautiful and to surprise others with our appearance. The knot begins precisely when we are not happy at all because of our physical at all, and then start making choices to compose it. In fact, none of our decisions are "bad or good," every time we decide something we are exploring through the experience an outcome. However, the more we know about the issue on which we decide, we will have more certainty in making decisions. So if you want to have surgery, do not forget some issues to consider before taking into account, so that before making any decision you assess issues that could make the big change in your life.

Reasons for surgery

Wanting to look better, younger, more attractive (more chest, buttocks, less waist, etc.), are among the reasons that many decide to operate. Our physical appearance plays an important role in society and, as mentioned, when this does not meet the ideal requirements (either by self or society), or when the body begins to deteriorate with age, then we can start feel, among other things, great anxiety and fear of being rejected, causing a choking sensation. This need to be accepted and admired can lead us to make many decisions among which is to subject the body to the scalpel.

Cosmetic surgery is a quick alternative to shape the body, remove wrinkles, excess fat, shaping the nose, lips and so on. You can say what would I feel having lips like this model? What would I be having the nose of this actress? And so you just play with ideas. However, it should emphasize that most of the time you seek surgery because basically there is some uncertainty about oneself.

Often, silence is kept in the innocent hope that the knife resolves deeper conflicts as low self-esteem, emotional pain and personal dissatisfaction. When this is the case, then it is likely that when performing the operation, the person may be happy at first, but two things can happen after such an arrangement: first, that soon the person sees another fault and want to return to operate, or second, that the person simply note that the physical appearance fails to make him/her feel better.

Dissatisfaction with physical appearance may not always be solved with these arrangements. In fact, we physical appearance because it is the most obvious and quick to please others, to like, to attract them, and at a lower valuation than we are or emotional deprivation, more resources need to create role models with our bodies, as well as our attention is frequently return to the way how we look and see, which represents the fastest way to seduce and capture attention. This usually happens more often in adolescence and when we are young, when our safety is forming.

Make your body look the best possible (washing, grooming, dressing, perfume, etc.) is a form of loving it. However, you need to consider that if you have surgery you're not doing anything to please others or to be accepted and / or repair emotional pain, because you will begin to make you dependent on quick fixes for beauty, your focus will physically, and begin to neglect the essence of true acceptance and value of what you are, which is not precisely in the size of your breasts or buttocks, but in the appreciation and respect that you be able to wake for yourself, for yourself.

Physical beauty is very relative, there are certainly physical proportions that seem to make more lucid and compelling the presence of a person. But physical beauty is not synonymous with feeling good valued, loved or desired, often behind the bodies or aesthetic features that we see out there, there is loneliness and depression and overshadow the life of that person, though, the other side of the coin, we can also find physically beautiful people who feel very well and have a great character. The same goes for with those who have not considered beautiful physical features: among them who have a beautiful character, some do not. It seems that the real attraction has more to do with you feeling accepted, loved and secure with what you are and have. In summary, surgery may be an alternative to fix your physical features, but you lose sight of the true essence of beauty, which none knife can reach.

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2 Reviews about Cosmetic surgery and Esteem
on 10/09/2014
You know...I don't think there's any way you can say that the surgery itself is good or bad. I personally would never do it, because if I were to do it, it would be because I were looking to fulfill some sort of emotional insufficiency. A friend of mine - who is super spunky, funny, and really just loves life to the core - got a boob job. She loves her boobs, and while she was perfectly happy with her teeny chest before, she's really having fun with her decision to have implants. It all depends on WHY we do it!
on 02/06/2013
I totally opposed to the surgery, well, I does fic some things but in the end only causes harm to the person and the mind, the best thing to do is accepting yourself as you are, everybody has good and bad characteristics but surely someone will learn to appreciate them, but only if you do this first.

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