Control and certification of Organic production Kontrolle und Zertifizierung der ökologischen Erzeugung Certificación y control de la producción ecológica

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Control and certification of Organic production

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Control and certification of Organic production

In order to guarantee the origin of organic products to the consumer, there is a law of the European Union that sets the rules for organic agriculture and control system that are required to submit All operators of these types of products.

The system of control envisaged by the legislation will have to set each Member State and in the case of Spain, each Autonomous Community, which will be implemented by one or more designated inspection authorities and / or private bodies authorized to need to be subject operators producing, preparing or importing agricultural products and foodstuffs.

Thus, any producer, importer or producer who wants to market products derived from this type of agriculture, and they want to put on their labeling or commercial documents issued at the time of its sale to other companies, will have to meet these standards and be registered with one of the bodies or authorities to legally be recognized in the European Union.

The system of control and certification has to be applied compulsorily to all companies involved in the process, from initial production to the time the product is ready for final consumption, properly packaged and labeled. This obligation extends to companies that perform simple tasks of business intermediaries, buying and selling food products from organic agriculture, without manipulation, as well as those who work with these products to third parties (including slaughterhouses).

The implementation of the control system that will provide assurance to consumers that products bearing the organic agriculture have been produced in accordance with the standards established by the existing rules of this production system.

Source: DARP

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2 Reviews about Control and certification of Organic production
on 01/06/2014
could you explain the rules that are applied in all the places of the world? I think that could be a very good article to show worldwide
on 04/03/2014
Now you can find as many bio-labeled products as common ones, and it is really gaining space in almost all the cities I have visited, people are more interested especially because they want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and are tired of the same industrialized food that we have consumed over the last decades

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