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Contraindications of Green Tea

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Contraindications of Green Tea

Who has not heard of the famous green tea benefits, the list is long, since it is an excellent diuretic, which is rich in antioxidants, it helps reduce abdominal fat, is good for people suffering from arthritis, among other things. A lot has been said of its healing benefits, however in this article, we will explain why there are people who can’t drink it, and why people who can should reduce its consumption.

Green tea is a type of Camellia sinensis tea that has minimal oxidation during processing and is originally from the East, with Japan, China and Vietnam as the main producers.

Caffeine and tein

Even though consumption is declared safe, in its composition, caffeine is present, so pregnant, children and people with hypertension should not consume it.

In the case of a pregnant woman to take it, green tea affects the baby's nervous system.

Added to this is also the tein, which causes nervousness, insomnia and other sensations such as nausea and vomiting if taken highly concentrated tea or in excess.

Other side effect, according to some experts, is that hinder the absorption of iron in foods. So, it is recommended to avoid it half an hour before or half an hour after eating food.

Take into account

If you consume green tea, doctors warn that when the tea is sold in bottle, sometimes sugar, coloring or flavoring are added, and this can take out the benefit and therapeutic properties of medicinal plant.

Also, do not overdo the dose, if your body is saturated, it could cause constipation, tachycardia or nausea.

Good news

If you are neither hypertensive nor pregnant and you are more than fifteen years old, you can consume this wonderful tea. Of course, following indications, not taking it more than three times a day to avoid problems in our health.

Keep in mind that there are no miracle diets based on 100% consumption of one product. All people need a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, fiber and pure water. That green tea help us lose a few extra pounds, it is true, but with a good eating habit and exercise.

If your intention is not to lose weight, but want to try green tea to improve other aspects of your health, remember its properties.

  • People who drink two cups of tea a day have shown a lower incidence of heart disease and stroke, and lower levels of "bad" cholesterol, has also been found that if you suffer from stroke, you can recover more quickly.
  • It slows the growth of tumors.
  • Protects against cancer.
  • It helps to control allergies.
  • Beneficial for people with arthritis.
  • Helps fight bacteria in the mouth, taking care of teeth and prevent bad breath.
  • Protects against Parkinson's disease.
  • Retards the development of diabetes in people with tendencies.

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2 Reviews about Contraindications of Green Tea
on 09/07/2014
I love green tea as well! Well, I actually love a lot of teas, but with all the media covering the benefits of tea, it's good to see some honesty regarding any potential side effects or contraindications of green tea. I am a strong proponent of using tea medicinally, and this is a nice article covering some of those uses.
on 06/12/2012
I love green tea! I do not have a diet based on this product but I consume it daily while working and doing other activities because it makes me calm but active at the same time.
It?s flavor is also very good, I really enjoy drinking eat and I haven?t feel any trouble while drinking it :)

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