Constipation: What changes should you make? Verstopfung, was kann man dagegen machen? Estreñimiento, ¿Qué cambios hacer?

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Constipation: What changes should you make?

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Constipation: What changes should you make?

Constipation is a common disorder today: It is usually related to having difficulty in bowel movements and according to medical research, around one in three people suffer from it. Stress and poor diet can be causes of constipation.

What is it?

Constipation is defined as a difficulty or delay in the evacuation of stools. In a normal situation, there should be at least five bowel movements a week, so the condition is considered constipation when you evacuate 3 or less stools per week.

It can occur at any age, and other symptoms are irritability, bloating, headaches, abdominal pain and fatigue.


Constipation is usually treated with laxatives, but this is not the best measure. Unfortunately with the use of laxatives, it is possible to develop a dependency, even when it is a relatively mild laxative, i.e. a person using laxatives as a solution to constipation gradually increasing the dose required will possibly have to increase the dose every time.

Apart from the possibility of developing a dependency, using chemical laxatives can often lead to the irritation of the intestinal mucose, meaning that their continued use can lead to colitis or chronic irritation of the intestinal mucosa.

General Recommendations

To prevent and manage constipation it is important that you follow the following recommendations:

While fasting, drink a glass of cold water
Never push back the urge to defecate
Consume about 5 glasses of water to prevent constipation and help the body to purify toxins
Do regular physical activity (walking, swimming, cycling)
Massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction
Make a habit to go to the bathroom in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before bed, and take the time necessary.

Food for constipation

Diet plays an important role in our digestion, but it is essential to form eating habits that may eventually fully correct constipation and not only provide a temporary solution.

Include fresh juices in your diet: Juices are purifying and also have a healing effect on the intestines: the most effective juices are horseradish, celery and onion. Avoid draining them so that they retain their fibre.

Rice and breads: It is important that you replace refined grains with wholegrains: It is recommended to eat brown rice at least three times a week for the diuretic effect, as it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B which acts as a natural laxative .

Do not eat too much protein: Animal proteins when consumed in excess can disrupt the proper functioning of the intestinal mucose and produce toxins in the intestine.

Eat raw foods: Salads and fresh fruits are rich in fibre, which help in the evacuation of stools. In addition, a diet rich in raw foods such as vegetables provides trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Include vegetable oils: These contribute to good digestion, helping to lubricate the bowel. The most recommended oils are sunflower, sesame oil, pumpkin seed and grape seed oil. The body requires a daily serving of fats to perform its normal functions.

Eat apples: They are a rich source of pectin which is considered a type of soluble fibre that contributes to good digestion. Eating an apple at night is a natural remedy for constipation and you can eat them roasted too!

Include vegetable protein sources: If you are not vegetarian, try to reduce your consumption of red meat. You can replace it with vegetable proteins, such as those in legumes e.g. soybeans, lentils, etc.

Consume fish: Fish is also a good source of protein with very healthy fat, which is recommended in your diet, especially oily fish like tuna or mackerel.

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5 Reviews about Constipation: What changes should you make?
on 07/03/2016
Apart from a bad diet, stress plays an absolutely MASSIVE part in our bowel movements. Many of these modern day illnesses such as "irritable bowel syndrome" or "chrones disease" are a modern invention which have come about due to the stressful lifestyles that many people live nowadays. Everyone is so stressed and busy!
on 19/07/2014
I think stress and routine have a lot to play in this. Stress...well, not only does it make your whole body tense up, but sometimes it also leads you to stress eat, which of course, is always horrible nasty foods. Routine...I think you can train your body to go at regular times just by sitting on the toilet and not forcing anything. Also drinking a warm glass of water before breakfast really seems to loosen things up for me.
on 27/10/2013
Most of the times people just get used to this illness and they live feeling the discomfort of the constipation every day and then other symtops may affect the body, as bloating or problems when digesting the food, it is important to avoid major complications and just change the dietary habits instead of espending the money in pills and useless treatments
on 05/10/2013
There are days that you don't even expect that, and then you have a problem with constipation that affects not only your day and your performance but your mood also, making it even hard to stop having it, because the stress is a major cause of the constipation in women or at least that is what I read in an article
on 02/10/2013
All the moments that include this illness are painful and very annoying, especially if they are constant and then your body just gets used to be constipated which is not normal for anyone, then if you do not do anything maybe you can worse the situation, and with the use of laxatives is even worst.

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