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Constipation and Headache

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Constipation and Headache

There are many reasons that can cause headaches. A major cause is food poisoning (or toxemia) of the body due to accumulation of toxic wastes that cause what is called an internal fever (elevated body temperature due to the wastes that have not been eliminated and that decompose in the body). There are other reasons such as excessive stress, worries, too much study or work, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, and so on.

In most cases, it is quite possible to attribute the headaches to an intoxicated body. Apparently we feel that we can eat well and evacuate in the right way, but often a hard and fast lifestyle robs us care to see and appreciate the habits we are taking. That's why it is important if you consider this while suffering headaches, the discomfort can be a wake-up call in your body as it asks you to clean it.

The main foods to cleanse the body are: the lemon, carrot, cucumber, spinach, the aloe and apple. Then I give you three juices that are ideal for every day.

  • JUICE 1: Mix a cup of carrot juice with some beets and some sprigs of spinach. Use beets only twice a week in small proportions.
  • JUICE 2: Mix carrot juice with a few sticks of celery, parsley and lettuce. You can switch this one to the previous one.
  • JUICE 3: Half cup of orange juice with about three or four teaspoons of aloe. If you take at least a cup and half of these juices daily, intercropping, you will notice your body starts to purge. And how do you notice it? Well, at first you feel a bit of stomach pain, diarrhea, perhaps even nauseous. Do not worry. These reactions are the same that exists in every depurative process, the body is leaving what it doesn’t need.

Constipation is a warning signal that the body needs to be purified, it happens before the most severe headaches.

To avoid constipation (also guilty of premature aging, nerve weakness, laziness, irritability, etc.), it is important not to abuse cooked foods and eliminating fatty foods and refined sugar from your diet. It is also important that at least you spend 15 minutes each day to exercise.

The previous juices are ideal for combating constipation, if more severe, it is necessary that at least one week you change your diet completely and avoid eating cooked vegetables and fruits, as well as taking at least two liters of water. This cleansing diet is really effective.

Monitor, from now on, that your food is not "empty" i.e., unnatural and low nutritional value. Do not eat just to fill the stomach but to satisfy the palate. Remember that you are who governs your body.

Emotional causes of headaches

When we are not able to recognize what makes us feel bad, what we dislike, and our deep feelings of dissatisfaction, they are saved within us, in some way as vapors accumulate into a pot of pressure (head), until suddenly emerges in the form of pain. If we do not recognize the pain we feel or have been feeling, the body reveals that sooner or later. Trying to make us believe that "we do not worry" is to be blocking the communication that the body has with us. If you have a headache, look if you have not been saved, or you've been masking feelings of unhappiness or emotional pain. If you search in what you feel deeply about your life, it is very possible that you detect things or situations that have been hurting and have not found a way to resolve them. Pay attention to what hurts you, do not ignore what you feel and learn to be with you. Seeing your weaknesses is a great sign of strength: only the great can see the weaknesses with love.

Recognize what you feel

Simply recognizing the situation that causes you pain or dissatisfaction is the beginning of the high cure. Many times just doing it, mourning or expressing what you feel, telling "in fact this is what I feel..." free you from blocked tension, and this releases the pain in your head. Do not forget also to be flexible and learn to release what you no longer need (a cause of emotional constipation) always consider that others are not to make you happy or give you what you want, and whenever you feel that someone hurt you is because the experience is teaching you that happiness depends on you. Remember that feeling happy and joyful is your responsibility, and every time you try to make you happy, you're a little more free and playful. If you insist on yourself, you'll see that one day you will no longer need people to give you the love and happiness, you will notice that you can let go and allow others the space they want, when you know your own happiness/a, you can enjoy your relationships more, no doubt you will be someone healthy and full of energy, and you can share with those around you.

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2 Reviews about Constipation and Headache
on 29/08/2014
I've been thinking of trying a juice detox diet, but all the information is so overwhelming, it's kind of confusing to know where to start. I would like to do a seasonal detox, now that we're coming into fall. Would you have any recommendations on how to cleanse the body for fall? Thank you!
on 10/11/2013
The last paragraph is pretty nice and it made me feel better about myself and my attitude towards the world, the life and even my very self, and now I think I will opt for a better mode and try to reach the happiness in my inner being, maybe spoil me a little and see what life will bring to me

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