Conference on Research in organic agriculture and livestock Konferenz über die Forschung in der ökologischen Landwirtschaft und Viehzucht Jornada de investigación en agricultura y ganadería ecológicas

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Conference on Research in organic agriculture and livestock

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Conference on Research in organic agriculture and livestock

Conference on Research in organic agriculture and livestock. Dates: November 2-3.

Venue: School of Forestry and Agricultural Engineers. Córdoba University. Rabanales Campus. Cordoba

Organizers: Department of Organic Agriculture (Junta de Andalucía), Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE), ISEC and Córdoba university.

Addressed to: representatives of institutions and centers associated with research and transfer of knowledge (researchers, teachers, technicians, advisors, research institutions and higher education and professional association representatives promoting organic agriculture organizations, farmers and consumers)

Objectives include: agricultural research in Spain has not yet decided how to integrate the field of organic production. Despite the commitment that some researchers have for years made in this area (both in universities and other public and private) must be involved to the system and public research organizations in promoting this production as advantageous to the environment and society. With the completion of this conference, the General Directorate of Organic Agriculture of the Andalusian and the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture achieve the following objectives:

Knowing and discussing the current consideration of organic agriculture in the European research programs.
Analyzing the current state of research in OA programs in agricultural research and Andalusia in Spain
make recommendations on needs, priorities and approaches for research in organic agriculture.
Discussing the importance of participation of stakeholders in the research and transfer of results

EPA Registration: limited space, preference will be admitted with representatives of organizations engaged in research and advocacy of OA. Maximum 2-3 people per entity

Deadline: day until Friday October 20td, Send registration form with details to: Secretary of Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE). Cami del Port, s / n Edif ECA Patio int. 1 º Apdo 397. E-46470 Catarroja. Tel 961267200. Fax 961267122. Mobile 627343399.

Include a link with the topic and interest in participating in Day

Registration data: Name of the person, entity name and address (home, town, zip code, fixed and mobile phone, fax, e-mail) Accepted registrations will be notified on October 23rd, indicating details.

Registration: Includes documentation, 2 lunches and coffee

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1 Reviews about Conference on Research in organic agriculture and livestock
on 26/11/2015
I'm really glad that you're including livestock in thsi picture along with fruit and vegetable production. A lot of people (especially in the US) eat meat, and I don't think there's nearly enough information that is widespread about the chemicals that go into livestock and meat products.

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