Colored candles for the New Year Farbige Kerzen für das Neue Jahr Velas de colores para recibir el Año Nuevo

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Colored candles for the New Year

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Colored candles for the New Year

If you want your year-end dinner with a spirit of magic and welcoming reception for the new yeardo not forget to bring candles, and decorate your house with them. The candles represent the transformation, faith and renewal. They are representatives of the fire, which has been considered since time immemorial as a mysterious and inexplicable divinity, but at the same time fascinate and necessary. Fire is a source of energy that awakens in man a deep admiration and respect for their destructive capacity, but at the same time, regenerative.

Candles are a drop of this fire for thousands of years man has accompanied its evolution. Have a spiritual value and are associated with mysticism and religion. Have become over time a conduit of communication between the world of the unknown with reality, are an element of faith, and also represent the time it drains the fire of a life, an experience, they represent what is consumed and is no longer able to become something else.

Using candles

In Magic, candles play a very important role. Are a focus for the inspiration and confidence in achieving what you want. There are candles that are used to inspire confidence and friendly atmosphere, to attract health, love, relationships, prosperity and fortune in all respects. In feng shui, candles represent the element of fire, which is a symbol of transmutation, transformation and renewal.

Candles today

We can now find candles of all kinds of colors and forms: from the usual form of cylinder up all sorts of shapes as stars, spheres, pyramids, heart, and so on. Manufacturers are based in order to seduce giving a touch of creativity and warmth to the shape of the sails.

We can also find candles to which are added scents of aromatic essences, adding these lovely representatives of the fire an additional element to make much more seductive. We also find the famous floating candles or gel, which are ideal for decorating home, office, bathroom and any corner of any room.


Some years ago there were no colored candles as we know them now. Used only up with wax and animal fat to which they added an extra vegetable or animal painting. Today we have the fortune of being able to easily acquire a candle of one color, which allows us to consider the significance each holds for certain for those results.

For this year, it is important to consider the colors and scents that you prefer for decoration, as each draws certain qualities.

Then we give a very handy list for you to choose your candles according to the environment you want to achieve, and those aspirations you have the desire to meet. The colors also help creating an environment of trust to help strengthen weaknesses.

WHITE: the white candles are definitely a symbol of purity, of clean, for purification. If you want to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, white candles are your best choice.

GREEN: are usually associated with health, anti-stress and to combat envy and jealousy. Green candles help create an atmosphere of freshness, spontaneity and calm. Green also has the property of the crowd cheer and sadness to the heart.

PINK: pink represents love, friendship, relations warm. It creates an environment of tenderness, sweetness and is very welcoming to foster good relations.

RED: are associated with passionate love, with sex and eroticism. The red also symbolizes strength and security. If you want to create an atmosphere of passion, this is the color. But if you want an environment that inspires you to achieve your projects and give force to something you want, please use the red.

PURPLE: is a symbol of success and completion of major projects. In addition, purple is a symbol of religion, a superior wisdom and vision. The purple candles are a mysterious and mystical.

BROWN: this color inspires the maturity, stability and balance. If you want to encourage and inspire the intellect and mental, that is the color.

ORANGE: is the color of creativity, stimulation of the mind. The Orange opens the appetite in every sense, whether physical, intellectual and mental. Moreover, this color is associated with fertility, with the start of something new and fresh. An environment with candles promotes good relations and opens communication.

BLUE: the indigo blue is a symbol of intelligence, insight and cunning. The light blue is calm and balance. Decorated with faint blue candles create an atmosphere of genuine peace, but a peace that invites the beauty and color. This communication is also associated with fidelity.

YELLOW: the color of joy. Yellow candles will touch inspiring a very cheerful and happy mood and satisfaction.

Smells to start the year

CINNAMON: is a hot flavor, stimulating, rejects negative energies and attracts prosperity.

EUCALYPTUS: purifies the atmosphere and stagnant energy, regenerates clean negativity.

MINT: Refreshing, allows it to flow again.

LAVENDER: soothes and balances the environment.

ROSE: It attracts prosperous relationships and creates harmonics in the energy and love.

CITRUS: attract joy, freshness, spontaneity and spiritual renewal.

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2 Reviews about Colored candles for the New Year
on 20/06/2015
Isn't it funny how we instinctively have "favorite" colors, that draw our attention more than others. I think that a lot of this philosophy of which colors produce which sensations, has a lot to do with why certain people like certain colors.
on 07/08/2013
The candles can change your mood and even inspire to do things, I do believe there is something magic in their essence and color, just like incenses, they provoke something more and fill us with peaceful thinking, so surely you have to try including candles in your life often, not only in new year, you know

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