Collective and sustainable feeding in BioCultura Madrid Kollektive und nachhaltige Nahrungsmittel BioCultura Madrid Alimentación colectiva y sostenible en BioCultura Madrid

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Collective and sustainable feeding in BioCultura Madrid

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Collective and sustainable feeding in BioCultura Madrid


Bankruptcy in models of health, environmental degradation, food systems outside the common cultural roots with psychosocial disorders, an agribusiness increasingly intertwined in the interests of few companies in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, GM, seas fisheries destroyed, massive loss of biodiversity edible food transport massive intensive production systems that contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases, bottled water makes a good natural booming market for large companies in beverages, baked goods trans fat for a child while people cut Asian forests to place a palm oil.

These are some of the patterns of a food model that is challenged by increasingly numerous sectors of society. And even some institutions are beginning to worry and question that eating a low price ends up being less cost in real terms.

In BioCultura 2010, Global Biodiversity, we will ask some of the burning social problems of food and ways to solve this problem started. In the Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo de Madrid, will have the following series of lectures on Friday, November 5

Journey: Slow Food-Mensa Civic Glass Pavilion of the Casa de Campo in Madrid, Friday, November 5

Bio eating is eating biodiversity

17 h. Room 6
Jorge Hernández. Agronomist. President of CERAI in Aragon, Civic Mensa program coordinator and vice president of Slow Food Spain.

This conference will promote the idea of articulating local food systems and positive experiences that are helping to encourage recovery of Biodiversity edible.

Improve our sources of protein

17'45 h. Room 6
Maria Esperanza Torija Isasa. Nutrition professor of UCM Madrid.

The professor of nutrition will make us a critique of over-eating meat in the current Western diet and how to improve the production of vegetal protein. Possibly, origin of the Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and the inclusion of sprouts in the diet may be some of the keys to overcoming our present stage.

Km0 Restaurants

18'30 h. Room 6
Luis Lara Berzosa. Cookery teacher of Miralbueno School of Zaragoza.

Slowfood is building a unique network of km 0 restaurants in which they promote local food systems and food with cultural traditions of the various areas where they are located.

Eat at home, with the taste and healthy

19 h. Room 6
Sarah Fleming. Slow Food International.

Sarah Fleming will show a conversation where children are educated in order to avoid sensory uprooted from their eating habits. Also, the network is promoting the values of improving health and the environment, combining experiences with the recovery of school gardens and learning the necessary food production. At Terra Madre 2010 has expressed the desire of various countries and organizations to improve communication networking of these experiences and make canteens dream a reality:

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2 Reviews about Collective and sustainable feeding in BioCultura Madrid
on 24/10/2014
You know what I absolutely love? It's fairs like these that have tons of ideas on DIY (do it yourself) stuff. I found the most amazing little idea for an indoor herb garden on pinterest the other day, consisting of making little tiny mason jars into pot holders. I can't wait to do it in my own kitchen!!
on 06/03/2013
Well, for me, it?s amazing to see that many people and countries are considering developing a whole system and business through natural and healthy food, which is a lot way better than the bad food we consume all day. So I hope to see more things like this one in other places and reach the entire world.

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