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Cold Hands and Feet

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Cold Hands and Feet

If your hands and feet often get cold, you must pay attention because although this isn't a disease, it can be a sign that warns of some imbalances that occur in our body.

Why hands and feet get cold like that?

In the hands and feet are many nerves, arteries and blood vessels. Autonomic nerves control the diameter of our arteries and, therefore, regulate the blood supply to the periphery of the body. When, for whatever reason, our arteries are contracted, then the blood flow is lower, energy and circulation are blocked and then our limbs not only cools but become pale or even insensitive.

There are certain diseases that may cause our hands, feet or toes get constantly cold, especially those related to our circulatory system.

Conditions that can cause cold hands and feet:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Vasculitis: swollen blood vessels
  • Aged and weak blood vessels
  • Some cases where there are rheumatic diseases
  • Raynaud's syndrome
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Kidney problems
  • Abuse of drugs
  • Low Pressure

Main cause of cold hands and feet

The cold hands and feet are mainly due to excess stress or emotional conflicts, which affect our body, causing symptoms like this.

When we are under stress or nervousness, either by don't wanting to leave something, or to make contact with something that causes pain, or some situation or circumstance that causes us fear, anxiety, or insecurity. Our nervous system becomes unbalanced, tense up our arteries and veins, and blood can't flow to the periphery. That's why when we go to an exam, public speaking, or is about to happen something new in our lives, then our hands and feet can get cold.

There are some circumstances that are less obvious and also make your feet are constantly cold. For example, when we are too perfectionist and we are constantly nervous about how to output something, when we keep inside what we feel and don't want contact others, or when we are insensitive with ourselves and our surroundings. All this may seem unrelated to our cold hands or feet, but it’s related with how we feel, so that why our nervous system reacts causing a series of symptoms like this.

How do we avoid this problem?

The first would be to follow a diet that will help us strengthen our circulatory system, avoiding harmful fats, excess salt and seasonings, sugar and refined flour than just fill the body with toxins and demineralized blood and tissues. You should include fresh vegetables very often in the diet, either in salads or fresh juice, and often include carrots, tomatoes, onions, alfalfa, aloe or prickly pear and celery. All these vegetables are restorative for our circulatory system. Taking raw garlic is also one of the best remedies to promote proper blood circulation. You should take a garlic fasting or at night if the smell bothers you. Drink two liters of water a day; including vegetable milk and avocado, chia, in the daily diet.

On the other hand, you must practice exercise daily. We know it is good for the body, as the arteries, veins and all systems and tissues are strengthened, nourished and the body is oxygenated and filled with new energy. If we do this, we’ll avoid getting cold hands and feet.

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4 Reviews about Cold Hands and Feet
on 15/08/2014
So...all of these conditions sound incredibly detrimental, but, is it possible that maybe we just sometimes get cold hands and feet just...because? My temperature runs low on average, around 96.8, and I have a fairly low body-fat percentage. I frequently have cold hands and feet, although I still feel incredibly "healthy" in all other respects. Maybe cold hands and feet don't necessarily mean that something is inherently "wrong" with you, just that your body runs cold?
on 01/06/2014
on 28/04/2014
There is not really a problem with this except you might be having poor circulation and you can avoid this problem just by eating food that encourage the flow of food and as well by opting for leaving bad habits like smoking or consuming alcohol which slows the blood.
on 18/11/2012
Good information about this problem, the emotional state is also important dealing with this, because a lot of people get nervous and can't control themselves and start to feel cold hands symptoms, thanks!

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