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Coach: means trainer

Thanks to the emotional therapy that uses tools such as flower and gem essences, organic noni juice, reiki, metamorphic massage, Ayurvedic massage, etc... the person is allowed to access gently to this intimate space, so he or she can see what is happening. That simple act of observing can reeducate the quality of what they feel and what they think. This results in an improvement.

The tools we use not only allow access to the physical body but the person who accessed it, as this therapy, which distinguishes the human being works in full, gives you little by little, more calmly, acceptance and peace ... to live other way and not throw in the towel.

Human, from birth and almost unwittingly, is very hard for states to impose life, childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age and these changes leave sequelae that sometimes does not have any time to evaluate your time and emotions being stored, without awareness, which does not help, if for example we want to be, but rather, what people expect of us, making contradictions, and this becomes a conflict dragged.

Emotional Therapy helps tidy up, re-educate, clean up and change what we do not like ourselves, accentuating the positive and finding the resources to eradicate the negative.

Emotional Therapy is good for everyone and is something we owe to ourselves. A time of recycling in all respects, is like a shower, balm, a stop along the way.

Emotional Therapy, if we chose the wrong path, will give us the opportunity to return when where we lost and start again the extraordinary journey that is Life.

Esteban Rosario de Cuenca
Emotional Coach 

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2 Reviews about Coach: means trainer
on 21/10/2015
What a short yet powerful article! I love reading inspiring things that remind us that all we need to do is believe in ourselves, and while sometiems it takes someone else's guidance to remind us of that, we have everything that we need inside of ourselves, we just need to use it.
on 13/04/2014
Hello, a short opinion,

Short article but nice because it helps us understand that there are many people who can teach you to be a better person and you do not need nothing but believe in yourself, because if you don't then what is the point in living right?.,.


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