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Clearing toxins

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Clearing toxins

This is a very simple exercise to apply to the bathroom everyday.

1) Get a vegetable sponge, or any item to rub the body in the shower.

2) Lather with a mild soap, sponge and rub in a circular, upward and around the body surface, starting from the feet up to the neck, face and ears.

3) Rinse body with water at lower temperature, more temperate.

4) If your skin is very dry, then moisten the skin with aloe-based body lotion.

The incorporation of this habit can:

  • Free the pores of the body eliminating toxins.
  • Increase the blood supply, which provides better circulation and oxygenation in general.
  • Eliminate waste in areas with pollution.
  • Stimulate the body areas that are rarely used, soles, back of the legs, hips, side of the trunk, ears, neck, etc.
  • Cutaneous tactile receptors, through friction are integrated together with other impulses in the cerebral cortex, to produce a conscious notion of body position in space.

These are just some aspects to consider. Very easy to incorporate our daily lives. This will help the body to feel the comfort.

Dr. Cecilia Cáceres

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2 Reviews about Clearing toxins
on 01/06/2014
short and nice! perfect for someone like me! so thank you!
on 09/03/2014
Bathing is one of my favorite activities, I can spend a lot of time, I mean hours, just lying in the tub with hot water and rubbing my skin with something soft, so thanks for this recommendation or maybe let?s call it, recipe for the beauty of the body!

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