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Cleanse and detoxifie your body with Strawberries

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Cleanse and detoxifie your body with Strawberries

Strawberry, besides being a delicious fruit which provides high levels of Vitamin C, is recommended to detoxify and clean our body, and debug substances that contaminate it. Thanks to it, we unload toxins and it can even help us lose a few extra pounds, for its diuretic power.

All these benefits are earned by its richness in water, which is almost 90% of the fruit and also potassium. There are many diets on the based on strawberries, some of them more extreme than others, where the strawberry can be the unique food for up to 3 days, exceeding this time limit may cause nutrition problems.

However, if you do this properly, you may reduce your body fat and strawberries would improve your depurative system.

Why doing debug?

Our body acquires toxins in two ways: one is from the outside through the environment and food; the other way is when itself creates, by free radicals, intestinal bacteria and parasites. When this happens, our cleanser is usually insufficient and leads to affect our health by an accumulation of toxins.

Therefore, may appear pimples, acne, fatigue, long colds, stress, and headaches, among other ailments.

Then the natural purification through foods, like strawberries, helps our body to renew and relax the liver and kidneys, so they can have a break at work as debuggers.

Other contributions

Besides its diuretic, purifying and antioxidant power, strawberry is rich in vitamins A, C and E; it also contains high concentrations of iron, vitamin K and folic acid. Some experts have even linked the ingestion of strawberries with a healthy heart and have attributed it anti-inflammatory properties, so it is advisable for people with musculoskeletal conditions.

This bright red fruit has in its composition soluble fiber, that facilitates the absorption of carbohydrates and helps keep levels of blood sugar in balance. It is recommended to use in people with constipation, because of its slightly laxative effect. Best if eaten directly or accompanied by a yogurt.

Use and Conservation

What many people do not know is that despite its beneficial properties, strawberries are fruits that contain many impurities. As they are cultivated on soil plantations, usually they come to the consumer infested of pollutants.

In order to get all the benefits and nutrients before eating, it’s necessary to wash them carefully, if possible dip them, after washing, in boiling water for a few minutes.

They should be consumed as faster as you can, since if they spend many days can lose their properties, their preservation is not recommended in the fridge or frozen and at very low temperatures.

They should not be consumed by children under one year, especially if they have a predisposition to be allergic.


Strawberries are recommended, especially for:

A person with gout, as the strawberry helps eliminate uric acid.

Rheumatism and arthritis, for their cleanser power that benefits the body and salicylic acid that positively affects the joints.

People who follow controlled energy diets. Their energy contribution is minimal and their fiber content creates satiety.

People with hypertension or cardiovascular problems.

Those who suffer from anemia and iron deficiency. Its content of this mineral is not high, but due to the high doses of vitamin C, absorption is more effective.

For pregnant women and children. Strawberry is a fruit with little sugar and a high dose of folic acid, iron and a mild laxative.

For people with diabetes and hypoglycemia or with altered glucose metabolism.


Unfortunately some people shouldn’t eat strawberries; it’s not recommended for people with sensitive gut, suffering from colitis or irritable colon.

Therefore, is not recommended for people with kidney stones, and finally those with allergy problems. This is because strawberries also have salicylic acid. The effects are the same as presented in allergic to aspirin.

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6 Reviews about Cleanse and detoxifie your body with Strawberries
on 19/06/2017
I have shot for three days, I then eat nothing but strawberries and shat all day, I'm shitting right now!
on 17/03/2015
And no Stacy, unfortunately when a food is broken down to liquid or jam state, it loses most of its nutritional benefits.
Always best to eat fresh, raw, whole foods.

on 30/01/2015
Strawberries are great! Even after just eating them I feel refreshed and clean. I love making strawberries preserves, with jams and things, but I'd really like to start making strawberry fruit tapes. I eat those like crazy! and I think they still retain their nutritive properties, don't they?
on 04/08/2014
does strawberry clean ur brain and clean meth toxins out of the body I do 4 lines sometimes every day am 17 years old and I have the problem sometimes I feel like am going to die I get chest and back sores or pain also head hurts sides of my head hurts so yeah feel heat in inside and outside my body . can someone answer my question please ?
on 17/03/2015
Dude Gabriel, forget the strawberries..quit the meth, drink 1+ gallons of water a day, if you really want to pull these toxins out (after you quit of course) use a blender to liquify Cilantro, which binds itself to toxins and ya pee em out.
Get a quality bottle of pure, GREEK oregano oil from Amazon and take as many drops as you can per day with water (or drop right under tongue)... Oregano is one of the best sources of antioxidants known to man, also has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antifungal properties and yes, it also binds to toxins so you'll pee out all of your bad desicions....
Good luck man.
Save yourself, because your meth buddies could care less about your deterioration.
Yeah, strawberries are great little treat...when one is confronted with failing health, look to the powerful herbs for healing...and the soul of course

on 15/11/2012
Strawberries are delicious, I?ve loved them since I was a child. But actually, I didn?t know they had so many benefits to our health. I?m going to start buying fresh strawberries often, specially to get the vitamin C, which is important in this cold season.

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