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Cleaning the skin

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Cleaning the skin

The skin is the largest organ that covers our whole body and ensures its protection. More than just a body wrap, it has a role as a barrier against germs and prevents water from entering our body.

The skin needs to be clean to breathe. However excessive hygiene can cause disorders that impair the normal functioning of our skin.

With proper cleaning, the next are removed:

  • Waste of Makeup
  • Sweat
  • Dust and other contaminants in the environment
  • Natural oils secreted by the skin  
  • Dead cells

However excess cleaning reduces the defenses of our skin, irritated and exposed to the effects of aggressive agents such as sun, pollution and infections. In our skin billion live bacteria that our body needs to maintain healthy skin exist, and excessive cleaning can also reduce the activity of these bacteria.

Cleaning your face twice a day is adequate. More than twice is not recommended. If you have dry skin, skin dry even more with cleaner products, and if you have oily skin, glands are stimulated to secrete more oil and act, or the skin becomes oily.

Night cleaning is very important, because during the night the skin relaxes tensions of gestural and is the ideal time to promote the effects of nourishing creams, anti-wrinkle and regenerating cream, clean skin without impeding the penetration of products night.

After a break of one night, skin secretes natural oils and perspiration residues that are desirable to remove. A morning cleaning is necessary to remove these oils and residues, and prepares the skin to apply a day moisturizer with sunscreen or makeup, not to be occlusive.

How do I clean my face?

First ensure that you have clean hands. If hands are dirty you could be spreading bacteria on the face which would cause any irritation.

Now wipe your face with a suitable cleanser. Some aestheticians use special sponges to perform this task. Others recommend using the fingertips. As there is no evidence that one technique is superior to another, select the one you like best. If sponges are used, it is important to keep clean to prevent bacteria growth. Ensure that the movements are light and never stretch the skin. The movements should be up or circular, following the natural line of the muscles. Massage the line of muscles with gentle movements, which stimulates circulation and promotes the supply of nutrients to your skin.

Whenever possible you should use water at room temperature to avoid contrasts. Avoid mostly using hot water because it can break capillaries. Cold water closes the pores and increases circulation of parched skin. Always avoid extremes.

Dry the skin gently with a clean towel and do not rub, but you are going to apply make-up immediately, leave the skin slightly damp.

Cleaning Cream or just Soap?

Most soaps are alkaline (high pH) so they tend to dry and irritate the skin. It is especially not recommended for delicate, sensitive, mature or dry skin. Some dermatologists recommend the use of special soaps to treat acne. If using soap, this should contain humectants.

The cleanser (soap, gel or lotion) should be special for your skin type. Cleaners for dry, sensitive or mature skin are usually creamy and for oily skin are gelatinous.

If you feel your skin very dry after cleaning it, try to use a more gentle cleanser. Similarly if you feel very oily skin it could be that you are not using the most appropriate products for your skin.

Harmful Ingredients to Skin

Avoid products that contain:

  • Strong Fragrance: Strong fragrances are usually artificial and unnecessary chemicals. In the past they were more common. Natural fragrances from plants are beneficial. They are usually more subtle aromas.
  • Dyes: They are added to cosmetics to make them look more attractive.
  • Alcohol: Dries skin.
  • Mineral oil: Covers pores, is widely used in cosmetics because it is an ingredient in low price. Even the most exclusive brands use it.

In addition to day care, once or twice a week you need to exfoliate your skin and wear a mask. If you have time, make a homemade aesthetic session with a scrub, a mask, a tonic and cream that best suits your skin type. The skin breathe and will look more luminous and hydrated.

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3 Reviews about Cleaning the skin
on 29/06/2014
Apparently I always have used bad thing to my skin, now I will change the way I clean my face
on 28/04/2014
the skin is not only to protect the body, it can help you to look beautiful and to help you have a better self esteem to show with the rest of the world, wouldn't be awesome to have the combination of all of them, the skin is the keY!
on 09/03/2014
I love learning more about the skin and the beauty from this forum, it is very interesting and even if these articles seem old, they say interesting things that we can use in combination with everything we have learned previously, thanks for always keeping me with good advices

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