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Cleaning the Colon and Overweight

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Cleaning the Colon and Overweight

Constipation and overweight are just some of the effects of a deficient and intoxicated colon (large intestine). Food-based nutrients from low quality, and careless habits, stress, lack of exercise and little attention to what we eat and how we eat are habits and influences of this time causing a series of disruption in our digestive apparatus.

If these habits are common and persistent in the long term we face a series of aches and ailments that are generated because the walls of the large intestine (colon) has a series of material waste stuck, hardened and embedded that prevents normal operation. This begins to generate a number of serious consequences due to the amount of toxins that are stored and cannot be eliminated effectively. This buildup of waste begins to move to other parts of the body. This coupled with environmental pollution, pesticides, the use of refined sugar, preservatives and food coloring are undoubtedly responsible for many ailments as fatigue, premature aging, anemia, arthritis, headaches, fevers, infections, allergies, depression, aggressiveness, anxiety, all kinds of inflammations, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

It must be taken into account that the intestines are not only the function of eliminating waste, they are also where you absorb nutrients from food and then move to the organs and tissues. Malfunction or obstruction of the colon with debris prevents a good absorption of nutrients that can cause, in addition, anemia and all consequences arising from poor absorption of nutrients, such as obesity, which, when the body is not well nourished, is because the body begins to store energy reserves in the form of fat deposits.

Healthy colon solutions

LAXATIVE: To maintain a healthy colon and to avoid the above many solutions have been sought. The use of laxatives, increasingly, has been one among many alternatives. But laxatives or drugs are not recommended in any case, unless laxatives are completely natural as prunes, flaxseed, lemon or olive oil, among many others. Medicines and pharmaceutical laxatives are extremely irritating to the walls of the stomach and intestines, their use causes the colon to lose its ability to function by itself and until it comes to damage.

THE COLON HYDROTHERAPY: Another way to maintain a healthy colon is colon hydrotherapy. It is said that the colon should be cleaned just like we wash our hair or the frets, as this prevents frequent cleaning in the long run, the waste material to accumulate and harden, and the colon to look as some would dirty dishes for many years. More so this might not be necessary if we have a healthy diet, a high consumption of raw vegetables and fresh fruits, a good consumer of water (3 liters a day) and exercise habits. The truth is that, in extreme cases, when in truth has been neglected food and sedentary life, colon hydrotherapy can be an alternative, although some experts believe that this therapy can damage the large intestine and cause a range of consequences to consider.

DIETS: The best thing for this case is undoubtedly the purification or cleansing diet, which seeks to help the intestine to discard what is no longer served and cleaned through a natural diet free of food and full of fiber spans and nutrients. Many of these diets are extremely effective, since not only help to clean the colon but the entire body, some of them are highly effective because while clean and detoxify the body, mineralize it, embellish it and help you lose weight because, in addition to dismiss all those toxins that inflames the body, in addition to cleaning the blood, cleanse the tissues, strengthen and cleanse the skin, eyes , lungs, liver, stomach and other internal organs, energize the body with high quality nutrients, which causes the body is becoming a normal balance to supply the energy needs and disappears overweight. Start the day by drinking or eating citrus fruits and avoiding fried foods, eliminating sugar and refined bread and sausages, and trying to take each day at least one liter of fresh vegetable juice and 2 liters of pure water, the colon will remain healthy and efficiently.

EXERCISE: Exercise is something that increases blood circulation and helps to evacuate the bowels normally, thereby avoiding the waste material are reabsorbed by the colon again. Good circulation and breathing promotes good also a good deed of the food throughout the body.

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3 Reviews about Cleaning the Colon and Overweight
on 28/08/2014
For some reason colon cancer has become so much more common in the past few years. It's now recommended to get a colonoscopy now once you're over the age of 50, I believe? Reading this article really inspires me to take care of the colon though, such an important organ in the body.
on 28/04/2014
I have heard of some people that perform things like coffee enemas and that to clean their colon and they do it like 4 times a day because they are addicted! What the hell right?? That sounds like a lie but they say they feel a lot way better after doing that....

that is gross!!!

on 28/10/2013
It is still hard for some people believe in the importance of a healthy colon for the many functions of the body and all the organs, if we have healthy colon then we have a healthy life, but all this only depends on the life style and especially the food we eat, and we do not care for this, we should at least perform a purifying diet some times.

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