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Clays for Cosmetics and Beauty

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Clays for Cosmetics and Beauty

Clay comes from the decomposition of mineral species by the action of atmospheric agents. The minerals it contains are usually almost always the same, although the proportions (and in some cases certain elements) can change according to the soil from which is extracted. All minerals in the foods we consume are absorbed from the earth, we need not lose touch with that source, preventive and curative care, full of all the vital principles. Then we make a detailed description of some of the minerals it contains and their healing properties.


Clay contains silica mineral that strengthens the body's elastic tissues such as skin, tendons and tissues of the cardiovascular system. This mineral is also a good "glue" in the body, which makes the clay very effective to play a role in the skeletal system (fractures, tears, sprains, strains) in the vascular system, respiratory, etc. For its silica content, the clay is recommended for various ailments especially in cases of difficult growth, delays or problems with teeth, in case of demineralization, atherosclerosis, aging, arthritis, diabetes, etc.


When body is well balanced and rich in vitamins, of course you can remove the minerals that do not need, while being able to transform certain salts which abound in others you need. The bones are composed of two thirds of minerals that form the bulk of the hard shell that holds the body. Magnesium is a mineral as well as catalytic plastic which is present in calcium regulation, but under certain circumstances there could be conflict between these two minerals. Magnesium is a general tonic, regenerative for cell and balances system, it is a good antiseptic for internal and external. Strengthens the body's defense system. Its deficiency in the body produces various imbalances such as excessive irritability, cardiovascular accidents, and so on.


This mineral is known to conserve and preserve the bones. However, excess calcium coupled with a poor diet can cause very contradictory effects. Calcium has benefits for the teeth, tendons and blood balance. It is indicated in cases of excessive fatigue, and lung problems for the nervous system. To maintain calcium, it may be needed phosphorus, vitamins D and C, fluorine, copper and magnesium. Calcium is also necessary for blood clotting.

Classification of clays

Bentonites (skin specialists): These clays are particularly effective for the skin. They clean, tender, reinforce and hydrate. They are incredibly effective in combat and cure dermatitis, the skin rashes, blotches and redness or skin irritation. Are better than the vaseline or glycerine, soothing the pain caused by inflammation or irritation, absorb abscess, prevent further infection and heal the skin. The extraordinary power of the clay absorbent can release impurities, toxins, bacteria from the skin, toxic or harmful if applied cataplasm. On the other hand, sometimes can be swallowed to help soothe and heal stomach ulcers, and irritated mucous membranes lining with a protective film. To ingest the clay is necessary to consult a medical specialist as the dose may vary. Applying it in the face is very easy. Ask for the clay in the naturist shop, on the packaging will most likely come in the form of preparation, which usually is mixed with pure water or mineral water.

Esmetics (specialists to fight infections and heal): These clays activate leukocytes in the fight against bacteria. Are rich in magnesium and calcium. Very good to help disinfect cuts and sores, or to promote any healing. These clays are effective to relieve painful hemorrhoids and to prevent infection and heal the anal area.

Refractories (used in cosmetics ): These clays are used principally in the manufacture of some natural or Cleansing beauty milk.

Kaolin (effective in healing, to whiten teeth, strengthen gums): with one of these clays can also gargle to disinfect the throat. There are those who eat in cases of flatulence or intestinal irritation, although it is always advisable to consult a natural doctor.

Clays generally have the ability to stimulate evacuation toxic or unnecessary agents in the body. They are a very effective means for destroying bacteria, the degree of power to convert non-potable water into drinking, and being able to absorb odors from stagnant water. They are very effective in absorbing materials decomposing poisonous or sick. Actions are antiseptic, antibiotic and purifying for the whole body, they can very effectively destroy germs. They can be used both in cataplasm and masks as oral, anal or vaginal (in consultation with a specialist). Anyway, the clay has the unique property of the contact point always poisoned or infected body to cleanse and heal.

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2 Reviews about Clays for Cosmetics and Beauty
on 25/09/2015
It's so interesting reading these articles, I wonder if there are other clays around that have medicinal properties!! for example, I live in an area that has very little topsoil, we're on an island, and most of our land is volcanic ash and/or clay. Any ideas what this type of clay can be used for?
on 28/10/2013
A friend of mine gave me as a gift a special clay which says it is perfect for any illness especially in the stomach and just as you said, the instructions of preparation are there in the package, I am not very sure or trying this kind of medicine, but maybe it could bring great remedies so I must try!

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