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BSL: Buttocks, Stomach and Legs

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BSL: Buttocks, Stomach and Legs

Most of us are concerned in having a body fit and healthyAnother point that unites us is the importance we give to our training in buttocks, our stomach and our hip. Thus was created a technique for targeted muscle groups such as: BSL classes.

BSL training system comes from the union of three words that define exactly what it is: buttocks, stomach and legs. BSL practice is to perform a set of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning these three parts of the body which are often the most affected by our body by sedentary lifestyles. The accumulation of fat in these areas is often, especially in women, and problems arising from their lack of training are the flaccidity of the skin, poor circulation and lack of tone. To combat these problems BSL exercises appear. A new way of working the body from the waist down with very positive results in the people who practice it.

A meeting of BSL usually is structured with the same pattern as other activities carried out in the Fitness gyms. After a warm up and prepare to activate our body for the exercise to be performed is to perform a localized set of exercises designed to tone glutes, legs and abdominals. The classes are often combined or group and are often used to complement other activity in nature such as cardiovascular or aerobic step.

Initially, this activity may be a little tough because the exercises are very focused and working muscles that do not exercise too often during our daily lives. Still, after a month doing a minimum of two sessions per week, the results can be observed perfectly. Its practice is achieved by defining the buttocks, strengthening the legs and in combination with cardiovascular work, a lower waist and stomach look flatter.

Structure of a class of BSL

To reduce volume and tone buttocks, legs and abdominals, the most effective are those that combine work with global cardiovascular exercises located. These sessions require a level of average effort and usually last about 60 minutes, divided into different phases:

Warming: 10 minutes of light activity to prepare the body to the beat.

Cardiovascular Work: 25 minutes of aerobic work.

Located Exercises : We tend to work legs, glutes and abs along the same lines, or alternating different exercises for each group to allow the recovery of muscle before next year. This phase usually lasts 25-30 minutes.

Stretching: 5 minutes of relaxation and stretching of the muscle areas that have been worked.

BSL Benefits

  • It invigorates and strengthens the glutes, legs and abdomen.
  • The figure is embellished and defined.
  • Its practice corrects deviations from the spine and improves posture.
  • The exercises is focused significantly improving strength in the buttocks, abductor, quadriceps, and twins.
  • Avoid and prevents urinary incontinence.


  • Stay hydrated during the entire session to compensate for the physical development.
  • Follow the directions of the instructor at all times to perform the exercises correctly and avoid the risk of injury. Do not force, the first meetings are always tough and you have to give your body time to adjust to the exercises. The improvement is progressive and provides results.
  • Do the exercises at least twice a week to get results and Combine with cardiovascular activity to reduce volume in the desired areas.

Other alternatives

To strengthen your legs and raise the rear, it is best to perform specific exercises on an ongoing basis. Here are some examples:

1) Up and down stairs or carrying out step.
2) crouch down and get up several times.
3) With your back resting on the wall, keeping your legs bent a bit.
4) Perform a bike or swimming.
5) Using weights on your feet, trying to climb the legs alternately.

Exercise to tighten and lift the buttocks:

In bank position, resting on the elbows and knees, raise right leg high, bent foot by the ankle, pointing to the right.

Action: keep your right leg to the left, in a movement parallel to the ground, while the left buttock shrinks resistance. The hips should not yield to the action of the leg and moving but kept still. Repeat 100 times and switch legs. Try breathing Rhythmicity.

If the gym is not your thing, the Elite Compact may be your solution. This is an electrical apparatus of high technology, coupled with a powerful computer. It is a great ally to combat flabby buttocks. This device has a different intensity and number of programs to choose from, depending on the case and the problems addressed. The first results are beginning to be seen from the third or fourth meeting.

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3 Reviews about BSL: Buttocks, Stomach and Legs
on 15/06/2015
Butt, stomach and legs...great workout routine! I think a lot of people get into their normal routine of running or doing whatever sort of cardio they do, and then they forget strengthe training for the glutes, legs and abs (also the back often gets left out)
on 02/05/2014
I have done exercises similar to these but never heard about that name ... probably it is just different in that, because the process and benefits are like the same, and they work for real
on 07/08/2013
I do not have time enough to go to the gym but I?m interested in this topic because I want to show a beautiful butt even though I am kind of old, I do not have a ugly body, I mean I have taken care of it very much but the butt just seems that hates me, so maybe I can find the solution in this practice

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