¿Chronic fatigue? Try Macrobiotic Diet Chronische Müdigkeit? Probieren Sie die Makrobiotische Diät ¿Cansancio crónico? Prueba la Dieta Macrobiótica

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¿Chronic fatigue? Try Macrobiotic Diet

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¿Chronic fatigue? Try Macrobiotic Diet

The feeling of heaviness throughout the day is an important messenger to consider, because it could be a symptom of depression, which may have their roots in poor nutrition. If you often feel hearted or feeling good costs you, you do not have courage or energy to do the tasks of the day, you will most likely need to review two important things: why you are living and your diet, especially diet, as this might not be sufficiently balanced to meet the necessary requirements. Furthermore, to review why you are living and begin to rearrange your life to a greater enthusiasm, you need encouragement, and this can be achieved with the macrobiotic diet.

The macrobiotic diet, rather than a simple diet, is a philosophy of life, which is based on the acquisition of healthy habits and harmonics in the form of eating in the way of life, trying to achieve a harmony between body and mind, between Ying and Yang, and an enthusiastic and healthy relationship between the individual and the environment.

What is this diet?

This diet can be done from many. It is not strict diet, which allows the inclusion of foods such as cereal and vegetables, but there are other ways to implement it in its broadest form, for example, some people are allowed to include other foods such as fish, cheese, milk, eggs, etcetera.

However, come what may, this diet must abide by certain conditions, and who continues to follow certain laws that will promote balance and overall health of the body.

  • Do not include common salt or refined, but only sea salt.
  • Do not include processed products, canned or preserved.
  • You can eat fish and seafood, as well as sugar, yeast and chemical yeast. Refined sugars and their derivatives are permitted, but are not advisable, and suggest the minimum consumption.
  • Allowing the advice and whole grains, legumes, dried fruits, vegetables and fruits in season.
  • Allowing algae, seeds, dairy products and eggs (a few) and recommend organic products and handicrafts. Allows some consumption of fish, the first pressure oil (extra virgin olive, sunflower good), herbal teas, green tea, coffee and cereal.
  • There are three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The salad is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and lemon.
  • It is recommended to drink between meals tisanes (herbal infusion) and mineral water.

The diet is based mainly on:

  • The frugality in food consumption, i.e., eating a few servings.
  • Chewing: do it slowly and well, considering that is where good digestion starts.
  • Cook foods without frying, do not cook too much, especially vegetables, cooked by steaming and there are still crisp when it comes to serving.
  • Do not use aluminum artifacts.
  • To avoid the lack of vitamins or minerals, requires good combination of food, which requires expert guide.

An example of the macrobiotic diet for 3 days

First day:

  • Breakfast: 1 banana, papaya or a piece or two plums and nuts, Green tea.
  • Lunch: salad of lettuce and carrots with toasted sesame seeds. Brown rice with broccoli or kale. 1 apple compote.
  • Dinner: plate of steamed vegetables with chickpeas or beans, sprinkled with nori seaweed. And accompanied by toasts.

Second day:

  • Breakfast: plain yogurt 1 cup of organic or a kefir with fruit, 5 almonds and honey.
  • Lunch: salad of beetroot and sprouts with celery or carrot. With green peas to Provence. 1 peach compote.
  • Dinner: stew of soybeans and fresh mushrooms cooked with a very slight bit of olive oil. Pepper stuffed with brown rice. Mint tea.

Third day:

  • Breakfast: 1 whole orange with a peach or 6 hazelnuts. Green tea.
  • Lunch: burgol wheat salad with peppers, carrots and onions. 1 fillet of fish steamed with herbs and sea salt. 1 roasted pear.
  • Dinner: Aduki beans with vegetables. Tisanes.

To consider:

  • Being guided initially by a specialist can get excellent results, adjusted to a proper eating plan. It is an ideal diet to cleanse the body as it provides plenty of fiber, but is advised to spend no more than 5 hours without eating. This diet is not easy to follow, and it falls easily into nutritional imbalances if not well made. The diet requires a lot of good kidney function and fluid intake of between 2 to 3 liters of water a day, considering the tea is not recommended for children or for pregnant or diabetic or chronic renal patients.
  • A specialist can properly guide the diet, taking into account the physical wear of each person, fat mass and general health.

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1 Reviews about ¿Chronic fatigue? Try Macrobiotic Diet
on 03/12/2014
You know...I've never had "chronic" fatigue, but I do notice that every time that the monthly cycle comes around, I do become extremely debilitated about 3 days prior. It is to the point where I can't follow through with any of my normal workouts. Generally I do very high intensity bike/run workouts, but I am on my behind just about once a month...

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