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Choline and Inositol supplements to reduce fat

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Choline and Inositol supplements to reduce fat

Speaking of weight loss supplements, we cannot fail to mention the role of both the choline and the inositol. These components help in weight loss and contribute to the regulation of metabolism, and helping to accelerate the biological processes.

On the one hand, speaking of the choline we are talking about the B vitamin complex. This is a constituent of lecithin, which facilitates the transport of fat from the liver cells and must be present for vitamin A to be stored in an appropriate manner. It can be produced in the body, but most of the choline present in tissues derived from ingested phosphatides, such as those found in lecithin.

Another part of the B vitamin complex is inositol. Some say that, together with choline and several B vitamins, inositol is necessary for the metabolism of fats in the body.

Help burn fat and much more 

The function of the liver is to break down and metabolize fat, helping to eliminate it. Some nutritional factors improve the ability of the liver to break down and metabolize fat foods, and are very important components of weight loss plans.

Thus, the choline along with the inositol, work in the formation of lecithin, which has important functions in the lipid system. The choline is generated in the small intestine through the intervention of vitamin B12 and folic acid with the amino acid methionine, so it is important to the contribution of these substances that there is not present a deficit of the choline. Another cause of deficiency of choline may occur in the event that we do not have a sufficient supply of phospholipids or consume alcohol in large quantities.

Inositol, in turn, is part of the B complex and is closely linked to the choline and biotin. It is part of the tissues of all living things: in animals as part of the phospholipids, and plants such as phytic acid, iron and bonding calcium from an insoluble complex absorption. Its main feature is cooperation in the formation of lecithin, this substance is transported from the fat from the liver to the cells for this reason it is very important collaboration for the reduction of blood cholesterol.

Among the foods containing Inositol include: brewer's yeast, fruit, beans, cane molasses, milk, raisins, vegetables, and whole grains of oats, wheat.

Lipotropic fat burners: choline and inositol 

Therefore we can say that these components are ideal to prevent accumulation of fat in the liver and improve its metabolism.

Lecithin or Phosphatidyl choline is a natural phospholipid (related to the triglycerides) and main source of choline on the complex B.

Lecithin is found in every cell of the body (key component in the cell membrane). Its greatest concentration is in vital organs like the liver, kidneys, brain and heart.

Sources of lecithin are soybeans, corn, liver, cauliflower, cabbage and egg yolk. Also used as an additive in chocolate, desserts, dressings for salads, baked foods and emulsifies in the manufacture of chocolate, margarine and ice cream.

With the current food, highly processed, some people do not receive the proper amount of lecithin to the functions of the body. If you wish to add lecithin as a supplement to your daily diet, look at the label the name Phosphatidyl cholin. Some products are sold as natural lecithin but containing choline chloride which is synthetic.


A very easy and convenient to consume these components are:

  • Capsules, which are ideal for muscle definition.
  • Tablets of L-carnitine tartrate, Guarana, Choline Citrate, Inositol, L-Methionine, Garcinia Cambogia (HCA), Chitosan, bark of orange (Citrus aurantium), White Willow Bark (Salix alba), magnesium stearate, natural aroma of orange, these tablets are consumed divided between breakfast and lunch and half an hour before exercise sports.

They are dietary supplements given to athletes, favoring the elimination of fat (lipotropic effect). They accelerate combustion and elimination of body fat. All components of lipotropic factors are most effective.

Both Choline and Inositol are the key components of the metabolism of fats; favor mobilization and accelerate combustion producing energy, preventing them from accumulating in the liver or other tissues. Hence the name Fat Burners, role that will see supported by the other components of the formula.

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2 Reviews about Choline and Inositol supplements to reduce fat
on 01/11/2014
Crazy! I just read another article on choline and I had literally never heard of it before. It's good to see some backup information about the benefits of these two products. The last article gave some pretty good recipes, so I'm super excited to try them out-especially the two soup recipes. Thanks so much for the wonderful information!
on 29/07/2013
I recently acquired a product that says it contain choline and inositol and I decided to search some information about the results and I?m glad to see that it is a good idea to try it to reduce my weight and especially because I have many fat in my liver, my doctor told me this and I?m kind of worried

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