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Theobroma Cacao: is the scientific name that receives the cocoa from which chocolate is derived.

The Chocotherapy called out at the gates of beauty, to donate all its properties and benefits in achieving a more beautiful skin and getting away from the daily noise, thanks to an incomparable feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. And all this thanks to treatment with products containing chocolate. Treatments that involve the skin in this area and that convey all the benefits.

Qualities of Chocolate

A major cosmetic quality of chocolate is its high content of antioxidants such as polyphenols (catechins, epicatechin, and tannins), the family of flavonoids, which are also capable of reducing blood vessel inflammation.

Therefore, the Chocolate is now the spice of the new anti-cellulite treatments, because by improving the microcirculation, it is able to restore firmness and stop the orange peel.

The Chocolate also contains antioxidants, very important in fighting aging, and essential amino acids, which exert an immediate and visible effect on the skin.

Ultimately, the Chocolate has lipolytic effects, antioxidants, drainaging, vitalizing, softening and moisturizing.

Chocolate becomes a tend

The Chocotherapy is an increasing trend in beauty salons and more popular among the public. Almost no one is resisting, and in general all need enjoying a little.

In any case, apart from its psychological effects, there is evidence that cocoa contains lipolytic, anti-cellulite and slimming chemicals that make it an effective body treatment.

The Chocotherapy triumphs, without neglecting other cosmetics, defendant is not only for its aesthetic effects, but by the burden of sensuality (understood as the enjoyment of the senses) that entails.

What has Cocoa that drives us crazy?

In general, consumption of cocoa improves mood and this is because it contains a substance called Teobramine, which induces the production of beta - endorphins. These hormones are directly responsible for the feelings of tranquility, relaxation and happiness. A treat for the senses.
Moreover, cocoa contains small amounts of other endorphin substances.

Hence, when in contact with the immediate reaction is a pleasant one:

  • Tryptophan: Linked in production serotonin (linked to emotional ecstasy)
  • Phenylethylamine: stimulates the pleasure centers
  • Anandamine: neurotransmitter that maintains the aforementioned effects longer.

In order to produce these effects, we assume that to ensure the product in question (the cosmetics in this case) not only smell, but that it should contain pure Cocoa in a high percentage.

Source: Cosmetic Harmony

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2 Reviews about Chocotherapy
on 30/12/2014
There is a local chocolate company here is Sitka that is called Theobroma chocolate, and it's the BEST chocolate I've EVER tasted! I read their ingredient list one day, and all it has in it is chocolate (cocoa), and whatever other flavoring that particular bar comes with (espresso beans, ginger, salt, etc.). It doesn't take much to make chocolate AMAZING!
on 22/03/2014
This sounds amazing! I would love to try this therapy, do you know a place to do it? Or is it easy to do it yourself at home? Well, I would love if you can answer me and the last option can be amazing but you should explain a little, so thanks and I hope you can answer me

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