Chinese Medicine for overweight, obesity and cellulite Chinesische Medizin für Übergewicht und Zellulitis Medicina China para el sobrepeso, obesidad y celulitis

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Chinese Medicine for overweight, obesity and cellulite

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Chinese Medicine for overweight, obesity and cellulite

Being overweight can have multiple causes, which should be investigated and analyzed in each case. Having identified the cause of weight gain, it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment and techniques.

Auricular acupuncture has a regulatory effect and control over hunger, as the direct action on the hunger center is located in the hypothalamus. The desire to eat is also mediated by the increased level of endorphins in the brain that is achieved with acupuncture. Don’t forget that acupuncture cannot replace the desire and willpower of the patient to lose weight. It can only help improve the symptoms of hunger for those who are already motivated.

The regulatory effect of hunger helps support a change in diet. In addition, eating less gradually induces a reduction of stomach volume which facilitates better maintenance. The relaxing effect of acupuncture makes the patient lose weight properly without bad humor and without bad side effects.

The traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a regulatory effect of general metabolism, which can eliminate fat without losing muscle. It also has a purifying effect as it helps remove toxins, fluid retention, causing a decrease in body volume.

The electrolipolisis can treat obesity cases of localized or specific body areas or cellulite. Sometimes even though we are not very overweight, fat is not deposited uniformly but accumulate in certain areas of the body including the hips, abdomen, etc. Electrolipolisis can destroy the accumulation of fat in body areas that are not resolved with diet and exercise.

The objectives of Chinese medicine for overweight are:

1. Accelerate the metabolism to burn fat efficiently

2. Reduce stress for the patient by eating compulsively

3. Promote proper digestive function

4. Correct the fluid retention

5. Remove excess appetite

The patients should do their part and cooperate with the therapist, especially with regard to physical exercise and diet.

When the patient reaches the ideal weight and let the Traditional Chinese Medicine, if there isn’t abuse of the food that causes weight gain, there won’t be gain of weight back as happens with miracle diet. Traditional Chinese medicine has balanced metabolism, and the practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be educated on healthy habits. You cannot finish a course of overweight without a good maintenance program, where the patient will learn to eat for the health and periodic booster sessions to maintain the balance.

It is very important to note that if the patient doesn’t put on his/her part is very difficult to lose weight with Traditional Chinese Medicine. The patient must be responsible and follow the advice of the therapist. The needles themselves do not lose weight, but they are a safe and 100% natural. Acupuncture alone is not sufficient for weight loss requires changing your eating habits and increase physical activity.

European Foundation of TCM - School of TCM - Guang An Men Clinics

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3 Reviews about Chinese Medicine for overweight, obesity and cellulite
on 22/03/2015
So one thing responsible for being overweight, which this article kind of hints at, is a general philosophy of living for well-being and health. A lot of individuals that are overweight eat excessively without thinking about what sort of nutrients their body really needs and how this overabundance of food will overwhelm the body (thus storing fat). When we eat, we are giving to our bodies.
on 07/07/2014
wow so this chinese medicine is very good for so many things in the body and the mind, I should try it, I don't know why I haven't
on 06/03/2013
Amazing, alternative therapies that belong to the traditional Chinese medicine are just perfect for every kind of problem of the health, even the mental health. So it?s good to keep in mind that you can resort on these therapies to improve your overall health. Keep on going losing weight and feel healthy!

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