Childhood obesity in the European Food Day Übergewicht bei Kindern im Europäischen Tag der gesunden Ernährung Obesidad infantil en el Dia europeo de la alimentación

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Childhood obesity in the European Food Day

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Childhood obesity in the European Food Day

The next November 8th, European Day of Healthy Food and Cooking will be held, a day in which European chefs encourage healthy eating in schools and restaurants to reduce childhood obesity. The events will take place in the 17 member countries of the European Community of Chefs, it was created to promote the culinary heritage defense of Europe, of which Spain forms part.

During the day, several chefs visit local schools to conduct workshops or receive students in their restaurants to talk about cooking and eating healthyIt is hoped that in time will be opened by Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou , involving some 1,000 schools and 20,000 children.

The same Kyprianou has already presented the poster announcing the event. The design is based on drawings by pupils at a school in the Romanian town of Radauti. The illustration has been the winner of the painting contest ' Mini Chefs', a design that sought to illustrate the day.

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3 Reviews about Childhood obesity in the European Food Day
on 29/09/2015
Childhood obesity is obviously a very important theme, and definitely needs to be addressed. But in addition to htis, we need to directly address obesity in general, because many of the reasons that adults are obese and due to the same reasons that children are obese as well.
on 14/06/2014
More and more initiatives like this are needed! It's vital to get to the children during this sensible stage and there is no better environment than school to share this kind of experience with friends.
on 06/11/2013
This is a very important topic to talk about especially with kids and I am really happy to see that there are people encouraging this kind of activities, there should be more people like you, doing important things to help the world and human too, at the same type

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