Chewing improves your Digestion and prevents Overweight Gut kauen verbessert ihre Verdauung und verhindert Übergewicht Masticar bien mejora tu  digestión y evita el sobrepeso

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Chewing improves your Digestion and prevents Overweight

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Chewing improves your Digestion and prevents Overweight

Did you know that chewing is crucial for our body to properly get the nutrients you need and if you do it quickly, without enjoyment and almost mechanically, will predispose to gastric problems, flatulence and you can even gain more weight?

In addition, there are medical studies that indicate that proper mastication helps prevent tooth deviations and promotes the correct positioning of the teeth.

Avoid weight gain

It is important when eating, give us time to chew without haste, to savor the food and put all our senses alert in this process, which is often downplayed and is vital to our health. By doing this, your brain gets the message or the "signal" that we are satisfied and we have had enough.

If you don’t eat slow and put all your attention to other activities like watching TV, chatting or reading a newspaper, our brain is "not aware" that we have eaten and finally we are always hungry and eat more and more.

Therefore, it is recommended to chew at least 20 times each bite; this avoids digestive problems and can ensure our regular weight.

The more you chew food, the better you will swallow them. If we eat smaller parts of the food, it will degrade better with hydrochloric acid in the stomach and therefore the nutrients it contains are easier to absorb.

Poor digestion by chewing causes bad stomach heaviness, aerophagia with abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

Those are the common symptoms that people suffer after eating, however they don’t relate them with the chewing way. They feel that the food was heavy and take digestive medicines that only act as palliatives.


We talked about disadvantages of a bad chewing but now we will show the benefits of chewing slowly and with enjoyment.


Chewing properly can grind food into a perfectly digestible bolus, if this doesn’t happen, the organs involved in digestion work at top speed, which will generate indigestion, stomach pain and gas emissions.


Flavor, color, odor and texture of food are very valuable information for the body because it activates certain organs of internal secretion depending on the stimuli received. Taste buds are information censors that record the nutritional characteristics of each food, which is why it is desirable that the food stays in the mouth long enough. Thus, the feeling of fullness is reached faster.


Surprisingly, the flavors of the foods stimulate certain organs and their corresponding emotions, that’s why chewing is required for the brain to fully register the taste of food and thus, enable certain organs.

Although we live in a world of constant change, where stress is common and we have to live with it, we should eat slowly and doing the proper chewing action.

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2 Reviews about Chewing improves your Digestion and prevents Overweight
on 27/12/2014
Chewing your food well really does improve digetsion, and I'm glad you mentioned that it helps prevent weight gain. I think a lot of times we get on auto-pilot when we're eating (which is unfortunate, because food is SO good!). And when you chew your food well, you also savor it more fully, thereby leading to a more robust sense of satiety.
on 26/11/2012
This is so true! I almost don?t have time to eat because of school and work so I have to do it quickly without thinking of the flavors or anything, and lately I?ve been suffering from stomach aches and gases. I thought it was something heavier, but not I?ll give me enough time to enjoy every meal

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