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Chakras, meditation and beauty

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Chakras, meditation and beauty

There are many ways that one can promote and enhance beauty: going to the gym, eating quality, healthy habits or harmonizing spiritual energy from the chakras.

In both the mental and spiritual level as in the physical level, we need different forms of movement of energy for the body to not only function properly and optimally, but also reflects the special and genuine beauty of which is endowed all living things.

There are four main levels at which a man works: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

These three levels are interrelated and influence their energy at all times. So, what happens in the spiritual level, for example, moving physical and mental levels, while natural fibers when they are played, are playing at once mental and spiritual fiber. That's what makes us being integrated, and this concept becomes holistic medicine, which considers the human being in all its aspects.

Energy that is reflected in the body

When this total energy flow (also called Qi or vital energy) is obstructed by some cause or thickens at any level, then it is likely to occur not only discomfort, illness or disease, but that this imbalance reflects the mind (thinking ability), and most obviously, the physical body.

When there is little harmony and energy flow of Qi, the general appearance of the body will be disturbed, opaque, decayed, spoiled, weak, skin, nails and hair as evidence to show, the look will be cloudy and not very deep, the general movement of the body talk, using gestures and habits of the poor energetic flow.

Beauty and the chakras

Maintaining a balanced and harmonious energy flow is one of the most mysterious and fascinating to allow the deeper charms and attractions shine to the surface of your physical appearance, and that is not going to change the body or is changing the color of your eyes, no, but bring your interior to your body movements copper, harmonic forms and expressions, charismatic and aesthetic. Meditation through the chakras will help unlock the major energy centers and help the flow of vital energy can flow with high strength and vibration.

What are chakras?

The chakras are energy centers that are distributed throughout the body. There are seven main and its function is, inter alia, the feedback of energy constantly. These seven basic chakras absorb and distribute energy between subtly different organs and tissues of the body. If you learn to know them and know how work and affect your physical body (from your health, emotions up hair, the appearance of your skin and your eyes to the general appearance) then you can start with a conscious modifying of the energy flowing through your body so that your presence is allowed to seal something that really shines.


Meditation is to focus on each of these energy centers, and display the color associated with each one brilliantly, while concentrating on a given emotion and allowed to absorb the emotional state throughout the body.

There are seven chakras and the colors to display, and we recommend stopping at each for at least a space of 5 minutes, so that meditation will last at least 35 minutes. You must choose a comfortable space where one cannot be interrupted.

If you like, you can put some soft music and some incense or aromatherapy scent to help inspire you.
We must start with the color of the root chakra and ending at the crown chakra.

Start with a deep inhale where viewing the color of the chakra. Put a clock that indicates when you meet the 5 minutes so you do not worry about time, or you can do it until you feel the emotion shown is felt by your whole body.

While meeting the time specified in a chakra, breathe deeply and exhale as you see the color and excitement for this encouragement. Do not breathe for eight seconds and then inhale again.

Major Chakras

First Chakra: Root.

Color display: ruby red
Emotion to feel: safety, strength and knowledge to do things (I can do all what I intend to)
This chakra is located at the genitals (in men between the anus and genitals), and is associated with the base chakra. In this root chakra regulation is attributed to the vitality and energy. It is associated with the color red, and their imbalance leads to the melancholic and depressive states.

Second Chakra: Sacred

Color to view: orange
Emotion felt: creativity (I am creative in everything I do)
Chakra is the center of creativity and energy to nourish the reproductive organs.

Third Chakra

Color to view: gold
Emotion: love of oneself (I am at peace with who I am)
It is at the height of the solar plexus. The energy center associated with self-esteem and valuing oneself.

Fourth Chakra: heart

Color display: emerald green.
Emotion: love (I'm a fountain of love and joy and this is reflected in my life)
This chakra is associated with emotional issues, relationships and expressions of love, forgiveness, and guilt.

Fifth Chakra: throat

Color display: azure
Emotion: communication (speaking on me from loving and creative)
This chakra is located above the larynx and thyroid. This chakra is related to how we choose to exercise our personal will.

Sixth Chakra: third eye

Color display: indigo blue
Emotion: vision, intuition (I have a clear vision and insight of what I do in this life)
The center is associated with the colors of the mind, intellect, inner vision and clairvoyance.

Seventh Chakra: coronarius.

Color to view: purple
Esoterically has been associated with issues related to spirituality and the search for personal meaning in the universe.

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2 Reviews about Chakras, meditation and beauty
on 29/05/2015
I am absolutley fascinated by learning more about chakras and spiritual energy within the body. I think that some day western science will catch up with the ancient wisdom of Eastern cultures, and some day will be able to explain this phenomenon in new terms.
on 02/08/2013
I find amazing all the things related with the meditations and reaching the optimum state of the human being, body and mind, with the balance of energy in the whole system. Now we all have the chance of changing many of our bad habits and find solutions to our problems and meditations I s one of the things that doesn?t have to be paid for and is easy to do

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