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Las Torres Ecologic Center

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Las Torres Ecologic Center

Ecological Center Torre Blanca was specially created to promote the self , contemplation, meditation, nutrition, body, soul and also the joy of expressing themselves freely and to integrate with others, in harmony with nature.

Torre Blanca invites to relax, to observe nature, to walk and participate in the activities offered, to nourish the fresh air and natural food, to make a break in daily life and to look inwards to enter into closer contact with the substance, the starting point of any transformation to a fuller life, more healthy and integrated way.


Located in Capilla del Señor, 80 km. of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Torre Blanca has an area of 27 hectares, full of color and air-energizing with a forest of more than 1000 trees, which include fruit and native species.

The site has natural characteristics that make a privileged geographical. One is the Arroyo de la Cruz, which is bordered by a forest of willows and acacias. The design and construction of the center was made by professionals involved in architecture so that the whole energy is harmonious with nature, the essence of the individual and the activities in the area. Just two kilometers from the Ecological Center is the Capilla del Senor.

In Ecological Center, we develop various activity programs both informative and experiential, designed to improve the quality of life through the care of the body, harmonizing energy and relaxation of the mind . All are based on simple activities that can be followed in daily life. Harmony, revitalization, self-knowledge and quality of life are essential concepts.

Natural Revitalization Program and Quality of Life 

It is a program of harmonization, bio-psycho-emotional, in contact with the force of nature and an invitation to stimulate creativity by encouraging opportunities for experimentation, and self-awakening of awareness focused on the present.

Activities are focused on body awareness and breathing in the relaxation and the flow energy, and develop in a sequential manner to achieve an ever deeper contact with one's own vitality. In spa , with hydrotherapy, dry and wet sauna, we provide a space for effective health. Additionally you can take spa treatments fee.


  • Improving contact with itself, leading to self
  • Contacting the enjoyment of movement, breathing consciously and revitalizing the enjoyment of nature.
  • Achieving physical relaxation, decreased tension, and calm of the mind.
  • Experimenting and incorporating simple techniques of relaxation and meditation that can then be applied in everyday life

The awareness thread all the proposed activities, which are optional and do not require prior experience: Yoga, Tai Chi, relaxation techniques, meditation, conscious breathing techniques, Gymnastics conscious, guided walks - before and after exercises and elongation, creative visualization, Hydrotherapy - sauna, informative and experiential workshop, Services Spa fees, surprise Evening activities: cooking, walking in the light of stars, circles with music, dance, meeting space for exchanging experiences and sharing the reading of texts.

The natural Revitalization and Quality of Life has duration of program: 3 days, 2 nights and the dates of completion are offered once a month, with a predetermined schedule.

Other Options

  • Walks to the historic town of Capilla del Señor
  • Horseback balloon rides

Spa Torre Blanca

In Spa, the goal is to promote welfare, for when you do feel better. The spa experience can be defined as " your moment of relaxation, reflection, revitalization, and joy." A time to enjoy, to relax and to be careful and take care.

Spa treatments included in the programs

Hydrotherapy: The benefits of hydro for many specialists are the best preventive medicine. The massage offered by the water in all directions is the natural solution compared to the stress, anxiety and insomnia. The hydromassage stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and opens the pores favoring the elimination of toxins and fighting fatigue and stress.

The whirlpool spa therapy or relief is an invaluable aid to unlike other systems, the body is fully immersed in water at a temperature of 38 º C to 40 º C, pressure and flow variables at will through the various built-directional nozzles to produce a bath that combines the effect of hydro-air water. The impact of bubbles of oxygen mixed with water on reactive skin blood circulation and increases peripheral expansion, and benefiting the heart activity and stimulating neurovegetative apparatus in general.

Dry Sauna: Its actions are antidepressant, sedative and balancing of the emotions and is perhaps the most valued. But no less important is its therapeutic action against many diseases.
Specialists from around the world have highlighted its effectiveness in combat, such as respiratory ailments from bronchitis or asthma. Because, to guide the hot air produced in the sauna, it promotes bronchodilation. Thus diminishing the difficulty breathing.

The heat also has a beneficial effect in cases of asthma, because it stimulates the immune response that defends the mucosa of the infection. Actives blood and oxygen to all tissues, allowing to retain its full vitality.

Relax Room: To make the circuit: fresh sauna shower fresh. Relax in the room while enjoying a magnificent view of the field, fully integrated into the interior environment, through large windows.

Treatments fee addition to the activities included in the program, you can choose to take a spa treatment tariff.

These services are customized and integrated techniques:

Californian massage: Development in the School of Esalen, California, this massage is characterized by long moves and integrators that serve as the basis for a deep contact where quality is given by the smoothness and sensitivity of the hands and forearms and fluidity of movement that integrates the body as a whole. The technique is transformed into art by making each massage a unique experience that incorporates gentle stretching, joint movements and deep tissue work on. Welfare is based on the feeling of integrity, peace and vitality.

Treatment with Hot Stones: The massage is done with hot stones. The stones make up the energy of the sun and the earth over thousands of years, and contain iron, magnesium and basalt, and being applied in hot areas of pain, have the power to relax, energize and relieve the body. The basaltic rock transmits energy and heat, that relaxes the body, eliminates stress, energy flows, and lights and oxygenates the skin.

Lymphatic Drainage: The lymphatic drainage massage is a very smooth and rhythmic throughout the body, making the slightest pressure on the skin. Massage acts directly on the lymphatic system, responsible for removing toxins and maintain as the immune system. By stimulating the lymphatic circulation, linked to the blood, protects, cleans and nourishes the body.

Reflexology: Reflexology is based on the principle that there are zones and reflex points in hands and feet that correspond to each of the organs and structures of the body. Working on them is done to alleviate tension and pain.

Harmonization, revitalization and energy balance: Using different techniques of Energy Healing (Barbara Brennan School, Frequency Brightness Christine Day, Reiki, etc.) and with a previous conscious breathing, grounding, and relaxation is achieved by creating a vibrational field and establishing a therapeutic relationship through contact aware of your hands, work on all energy levels, rebalancing the energy centers, releasing blockages, enabling renewable energy that can flow unhindered by the body, providing a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual and a welfare state that relieves tension and stress. Healing is a process that leads us to remember our true essence, and make us aware of our own internal powers to harmonize and balance energy. It is not something we receive, but a potential that is activated to open up and come into resonance with the universal energy.

There are also various body treatments and facials that focus on revitalizing the skin and tissues:

  • Peeling
  • Body wrap with seaweed
  • Chocolate therapy
  • Masks
  • Gold diamond-tipped treatment
  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage Wisloski method.

All treatments are personalized and are made with essential oils in an enriched environment with aromatherapy.

Nutrition given by a natural diet and energizing the Oxygenating purity of the field, the choice of activities from options proposed, the enjoy the peace and placidity of the place to do a real break in life to return to renewed, relaxed and revitalized.

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1 Reviews about Las Torres Ecologic Center
on 09/08/2015
This place sounds wonderful!! And I didn't even know places like this existed!! I'm super excited to start travelling around the world and touring other countries. I lived in Argentina for a while which was so inspiring, and now I'm dying to go to Spain!!!

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