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RenaSer Health Center

The center has a wide range of medical therapies, so bring the knowledge of therapists and visiting each of its customers.

As part of the work of service and professional ethics, the center is in constant search to expand their therapeutic services , so closer to the customer, the new knowledge in Complementary Therapies in Medicine.


The Reiki Therapy offers you all the knowledge of Eastern culture, producing a state of deep relaxation and inner joy, with calmness, love and meaning in their lives. Hatred, envy, resentment, anger, anger, reflected in the spiritual body and will produce dark areas in the physical body, thus beginning a disease. 

A Reiki therapy session will last 45-60 min., Initiating a process of natural reaction in the body to be returned to the state of purity. Any negative emotion or negative results in unhappiness, so all events are unpleasant consequences of passing a state of internal disharmony, against this we have two options: to suffer or receive Vital Energy to purify and its interior space and thus regain the management of their own destiny, reaching the highest state of happiness.


Biomagnetism is a therapeutic method that uses magnets median intensity, to restore the bioenergetic balance of the body and restore health. Placing magnets at specific points of the body, is also correct dysfunctional energy and exterminate in a short time, virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites.


The Reflexology is an assistant therapeutic technique which is based in ancient Eastern medicine. The purpose of Reflexology is to get a healthy response of the organs, systems or structures through proper stimulation applied to their corresponding reflexes, enabling them to establish the natural balance of energy and function harmoniously throughout the body.


Chiromassage is a manual therapy applied to the body, through the mechanical pressure of the hands to different organs and tissues of the human body, which has regulatory effects on the general feeling of energy, states mood, and fatigue. The Chiromassage helps improve circulatory function, limited mobility to recover from damaged tissue, alleviate and / or reduce pain, or to optimize the sensory awareness. Furthermore, the Chiromassage supports human well-being and relaxation, helping in this way to recovery and maintaining their health.

Healing by laying on of hands

In this technique hands are used as a vehicle where the issuer achieves transmit energy to the patient, whose recovery is in full in most cases, depending on the intention by placing the therapist in the medical condition or disease affected, with the assurance that it does not reappear if the treatment was carried from start to finish.


The Conscious regression allows us to immerse ourselves in the beautiful world of the human mind and be able to browse, investigate, explore and find links, ties, prisons, traumas, fears, in short, all the insults that cause mental contradiction and therefore to be suffering. In summary this technique aims to solve effectively, what makes the human being unhappy, and their prisoner locked in his unconscious files . The technique uses conscious regression, unlike other therapies are regressive, as applicable, and how trial and release the contents found in each session.


This therapy has a duration of 1:30 hr to 2 hr depending on the assessment of the specialist. With hypnotherapy stress problems are solved, depression, phobias, fears, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, sleep disorders, obesity, sexual dysfunction, emotional, social, bruxism, poor self-esteem, among other .


It is an oriental therapy that has been used in China for over 2000 years. The Tui-Na uses the traditional Chinese medical theory on the flow of Qi through the meridians, which is its basic therapeutic orientation. The massage is a method for relief from the burden of a day and is also a means of healing. Its benefit is that it helps to release stored energy by tension or stress in any body area, by stimulating channels of energy flowing through the body, thus transmitting a variety of vital energy. This offers massages to reach a state of deep relaxation to connect with the body without stress. Another benefit is to provide improved blood circulation and lymphatic system. Predisposes to a better rest, and manages the physical energy, reduces stress and relaxes the nervous system.

Bach flowers

The essences that give the healing power of a flower, i.e., its internal life force that unlike other flowers. This new system of natural healing, is able to achieve the natural balance and to heal the conflict between body, mind and spirit, which is considered the real cause of disagreements and physical metal, alleviating suffering by treating people rather than to the disease and the cause rather than effect. Given its properties bioenergy can be taken by people of all ages and do not interfere on other medical treatments, so they are ideal as a support to traditional treatment, reinforcing the results.

“Pleyadianos” Exercises

Based on the teachings of the Pleyadianos who have developed an extensive list of exercises for healing from the depths of the psyche, body and aura, In addition everything is under oppression and that does not allow for any significant level of human existence.

These difficulties of our lives will undergo three-dimensional healing and re-programming through these revealing and important tools.


We are all capable of channeling sense or feel when things do not seem to have a logical explanation, a feeling, a notion that something could happen to us with nothing except a warning signal inside . This ability is somewhat more accessible in some people more sensitive. To these people, history has given them different names, seers, shamans, mediums, magicians, prophets, oracles and visionaries. Have found various ways of channeling in virtually all cultures, peoples or primitive civilizations developed, there is even a history of its existence at the beginning of human development.

There are different ways of channeling, this gives the oral channel, which guides people through messages sent to your questions. During any questioning that a channel must have the individual is taken so that from an expanded vision is to deliver accurate answers.

Center for Health Renasa 
Av Providencia # 2133, Of. 111, Metro Los Leones

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1 Reviews about RenaSer Health Center
on 15/06/2015
Sounds like a really good center, with quite the variety of methods available. I have to say, however, that I've heard a little bit about Bach flowers, and I'm not so sure I'm a true believer in that particular practice's efficacy. All the others sound great though!

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