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Center Zuhaizpe: Physical and Emotional Healing

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Center Zuhaizpe: Physical and Emotional Healing

Zuhaizpe, is recognized as a Medical Center-Health by the Health Department of Navarre, is a quiet place in which it facilitates the physical, mental and emotional contact with nature.

The Health Center is a village with 2,000 m2 of garden, fruit trees and swimming pool, a place where people can relax and have a healthy diet (fruits, juices, vegetables, potatoes, grains, pasta, nuts ...) follow a cleansing diet or even a controlled fasting is recommended if, under medical supervision.

Zuhaizpe works with a team of highly qualified specialists in health care (physician, psychologist, physical therapist, massage) that through a variety of techniques and medical and psychological therapies, will accompany you to understand the health and significance of disease from a new perspective.

A quiet space to rest and recover


  • Health programs weekly
  • Health and psychological care, individual and group
  • Psycho-emotional techniques (Bioenergetics, Gestalt ...)
  • Relaxation techniques and meditation
  • Guidelines to improve the health Hygienists
  • Cleansing diets
  • Anthroposophic Medicine
  • Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Massage anthroposophical. Chiromassage

Health Education

The approach is one of Health Education, School of genuine which helps the person to lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle, which is the best and most direct way to cure disease and recover from physical and emotional problems of everyday life. The approach is more positive and directed to health and not to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

When we take a healthy diet, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (living food), do exercise, maintain contact with nature, express more emotion without relying so much of "what they will say," when we have the possibility that someone will understand and support us without judge or criticize us when we learn to relax, breathe deeply and calm, eating when hungry and stop eating when the body does not ask us food when we respect the natural rhythms and patterns of work and rest... we are curing. All this is available on Zuhaizpe.

The approach of the center is not so much fighting the disease and its symptoms, but also promotes health.

It promotes health education, teaching basic techniques to help restore health lost and are encouraged to take an active role in the healing process.

The darkness disappears with the light, the disease disappears with health.

Healing by Nature

The energy of our body comes from nature and its four elements: earth, water, air and sun. From this is extracted or distilled the fifth element, the quintessence, the Vital Energy. Maintaining our health and cure of the disease depends largely on the contact with these four elements. The ability of self-regulation and our body is a reflection of the regenerative capacity of nature.

Vital hygienist or hygiene

Hygeia, whence comes the word hygiene is the Greek goddess of health that teaches the art of healing through the art of living. The hygienist suggested going to the real causes of the disease to cure, not just relieve symptoms. To apply the healing factors of health: healthy diet, fasting and cleansing diets, conscious breathing, contact with nature (earth, water, air, sun), body movement, relaxation, meditation, emotional expression, more healthy relationships...

Hygienist in the proposal is "Take care to heal."


Fasting is a forgotten path to health that has been practiced by the majority of the peoples of the world. By instinct, children and animals, stop eating when they are sick. In fasting we physiological rest to the body allowing the body to implement all the processes of cleansing, detoxification and regeneration necessary for healing.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthropo of (human) and sophical (wisdom or knowledge). According to Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophical medicine, processes that occur within the human being, are a reflection of the processes that occur in nature. When a process fails in humans, remedies from nature are used that serve as models for their ability to self-awakening. Natural active ingredients used in homeopathic dilutions casualties.

Psychosomatic Medicine

Emotional disturbances, problems in relationships, worries, stress disorders ... cause in our body. Psychosomatic medicine is the part of medicine that provides the direct relationship of the diseases of the body and its emotional components. The human being is the union of the psyche (soul) and soma (body area). The healing of the physical body helps the mind, the improvement of the mind-body healing.

Psycho-emotional techniques

The unspoken word for what we express, often through an illness or an emotional or mental imbalance. With the different technique (bioenergetics, gestalt, group dynamics ...) attempt to integrate what the body's physical, mental and emotional reveal.

These techniques help us to engage in self emotionally afford healthier relationships with ourselves and with others.

Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetic therapy understands the human personality based on the body and its energetic processes. It works through the position, contact, breathing, expressive movement ... in an attempt to integrate as body-mind-emotion. Since we act on the body defense mechanisms and psycho-emotional body as a rigid brace prevents the free expression and healthy emotional and psychological.

Gestalt Therapy 

Gestalt therapy is the "realization". It puts emphasis on awareness of current experience, "the here and now, both emotionally and bodily”. Not simply want to explain the origins of our problems, but to transform the internal perception of the person and what happens investigate new paths to solutions.

Massage Anthroposophical Pressel

Developed by Dr. Pressel from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and his own clinical practice. Working on one hand the lower body (feet, legs, sacrum) and the other top (back, neck), achieves the equilibrium of the rhythmic system of the human body and activate your healing forces. Among its benefits: it helps to detoxify the body by activating the metabolism, elimination, revitalizes the vital energy, relaxes tensions, balances the muscle tone, reduces stress and nervousness general ...

Vital Health Center Zuhaizpe 

Tel: 948 54 21 87
Deckhouses s / n
31177 Arizaleta
(Navarre - Navarre)

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2 Reviews about Center Zuhaizpe: Physical and Emotional Healing
on 29/05/2015
When I lived in Hillsboro, OR I visited a very similar community that was focused on healing adn generally good living. It had a very nice feeling to it, and if it hadn't been for the deeply religious roots, I would have become much more active in it.
on 02/08/2013
The anthroposophical techniques and massages are something that is really hard to mind in most places as there are very few people who can practice it and how to perform it in the right way, so finding a place with people capable of doing that is something marvelous, I would love to go to them.

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