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Naturist Center Peñaflor

The VISION of the Center is to promote naturism on people and harnessing the energy and peace that provides contact with nature.

The MISSION is satisfaction of customers in a natural and healthy environment through the incorporation of detoxification and relaxation activities to transform the Center into the largest institution of naturism nationally.

The CLIENTS are people who seek tranquility, relaxation, healthy eating, contact with nature and themselves. Physical, mental and spiritual.

Enjoy the facilities and follow-up balance, harmony, recover from stress, away from city to detoxify. Ultimately, a nice rest, forgetting, in addition, labels and formalisms.


Naturist Center Peñaflor was born through the marriage of evangelical Lutheran missionaries and settlers formed by Christoph Ploneitis and Hedwig Schroeder, who arrived from Germany to Chile in 1912.

After missions for nearly three decades in different parts of the south and with his six daughters, they determined to settle in the city of Pitrufquén.

It is in this southern town where Hedwig, then returned from a trip to Germany and studied for nearly a year in the foundation healing, and decided to devote himself to practice naturism , conditioning this property where they lived.

By the year 1945 in search of better weather, the family decides to move to the central area, settling in the village of Peñaflor, in a house called "Villa Aguas Claras" because a river the crossing and the area.

Ten years after

Villa Aguas Claras is moved to its current premises, another fifth house of 6000 m2., Immersed in the same village, changing its name from the year 1988 by "Centro Natural Peñaflor”

Even older Hedwig Schroeder was in charge of this establishment, then with his daughters Elly in administration, Betty and Lydia Ploneitis. The granddaughter and niece of these women entrepreneurs, Ana Maria Casadio, who is the current leader of the Peñaflor and invited it to a place full of history, magic, nature and tranquility.


  • Rooms: The Center has capacity for 18 accommodated in 11 rooms: 5 singles, 3 doubles, 2 matrimonial, 1 triple, all with private bathroom. There is no TV in rooms.
  • Dining: in summer the dining room is set outdoors on a terrace under a feather aged, with individual tables. In times served cold in the gallery of the old main house.
  • Living room: The Center has a room carefully designed to achieve interaction among its passengers. It is the only place where you can find a TV and some games at your disposal.
    Furthermore, to enjoy the beautiful outdoor gazebo is a nicely equipped.
  • Pool and Park: In the summer season is surrounded by spectacular green areas, the pool from which you can refresh and relax. In the park you will find at your disposal beach chairs in the place you like best. You can also delight in the fruits of the trees that are part of the gardens.
  • Steam and sauna rooms: The Center has two rooms specially designed for bathrooms: 2 saunas for 2 people, 3 baths and single drawer stand for 1 to 1 Turkish bath or 2.
  • Room massage, reflexology and reiki: The Center has a special room where the passenger will receive your massage session, reflexology or reiki.
  • Natural Solario: The Center has two fully sealed enclosures where the mud, and heliotherapy is for nudists. Both are cold shower enclosures.

Activities and Services

Quietness, rest, relaxation. You can enjoy the positive results that it offers, for our body, the basic principles of naturism.

The food is a vegetarian. There are white meats. Only use natural seasonings and fresh as oregano, bay leaves, rosemary, sage, etc.. and very little salt, no additives or preservatives. Everything is prepared in a kitchen with wood. There is also a wide range of fresh herbs.

  • Bath or steam bath box: The bathroom drawer, also called "blood washing" is a series of nerve and circulatory reactions, caused by frequent ablutions of cold water on body, neck to feet, heated by steam. Its action in the body satisfies the need to purify and standardize the flow of blood. Purifier is imminent because driving all organic impurities through the pores by exhalation or sweating, releasing the body of all poisons inside. It is the result of vapor distilled water with natural eucalyptus and alternating showers of cold water. (Time: 1 hour)
  • Turkish Bath: The benefits and procedures are the same as those in the bathroom drawer. The difference is that water vapor will act on the body, including headache. (Time: 1 hour)
  • Sauna Bath: This bath acts on the body the same way as before. It will reach the state of dry heat through sweating, and not by water vapor. (Time: 1 hour)
  • Facial Saunais the application of steam distilled to essences directly to the face, as a pre clean skin. (Time: discretion).
  • Mud: The healthy properties of the mud or clay has decongestant, cleansing, healing, soothing effects absorbed the ground. For all clay has almost the same properties.
  • Walkinggoing barefoot on the soil or dew is a common practice of fortifying the nervous system and purify to remove unhealthy substances feet, while also facilitate the flow of magnetic and electric atmosphere and the earth through our body. It is advisable to healthy and sick, walk barefoot every day, the dew on the grass to escape the sun. Large expanses of lawn Naturist Center invite you to walk in the morning dew energy. (Time: 10 to 20 min.)
  • Bathroom Air: The air is not only the first of nutrients, but the first "medicine." Nourishes us and provides the energy that are chemical, magnetic, solar power etc.. oxidised wear our products, by encouraging the burning and disposal, thereby realizing the dual process of nurture and purify. Any technique of air bath is exposed naked to the action of the air by bending and breathing exercises deep, ending with a quick scratch or cold shower. (Time: 15 to 30 min).
  • Heliotherapy: No doubt the cult of humanity by the sun and worship God as some people are justified because their presence and life to everything thrives, while in its absence was any blasting and dies. As vitalizing and nourishing, cleansing and purifying as the sun take bath in natural tanning during the hours of the morning that their magnetic action and life is more powerful, where the sun alternating with rubbing or cold shower. The presence of light rays is a strong stimulus to the elimination of toxins through perspiration. (Time: 15 to 30 min.)
  • Foot Bath: This option is very beneficial for people suffering from disorders of movement, constantly suffering from "frozen feet." Consists of submerging your feet and ankles, turn time and in vessels containing hot and cold water with sea salt. (Time: 40 min.)
  • Relaxation MassageA professional, combining various techniques, gives a relaxing massage directly related to the central nervous system, nerves, inducing sleep, and muscle (massage). (Time: 1 hour)
  • ReflexologyNotwithstanding the above and working just feet, accomplished professional with this therapy that the client is immersed in an optimal state of relaxation. (Time: 1 hour)
  • Reiki: The therapist channels energy delivery through the hands. The patient receives a benefit that can be directly addressed to a physical appearance to present problems, or work in a therapy where the total energy flow in the mental, emotional and physical well-being and achieving harmonization. Ideal as support treatment of allopathic medicine and restoring vitality after an illness or surgery. (Time: 1 hour)
  • Sinusitis Treatment: in the center may choose this exclusive treatment which must attend a minimum of 4 days if not ingested antibiotics in the last 30 days. It consists of applying a special oil that has the function of removing, through the pores, the material that is deposited in the peri-nasal sinuses. It is a non-invasive procedure.

Location and Nearby Attractions

The Naturist Center Peñaflor is located in Avenida Larraín No. 2312, Commune Peñaflor, Santiago de Chile.

Proximity to the capital is one of the main virtues of the Commune of Peñaflor. The connotation and urban-rural commune Green favors to its inhabitants and visitors by providing fresh air and much tranquility. For the Autopista del Sol is achieved an excellent connection to Santiago, reducing travel time to no more than 30 minutes.

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1 Reviews about Naturist Center Peñaflor
on 30/06/2015
Love it. I just love the descriptions, and all the emphasis this center places on all around healthy living. I wish so badly that we all could take our lives in a direction of health, but why is it that so many people are so lost with food and psychology of healthy living?

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