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Center for Natural & Beauty Therapies

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Center for Natural & Beauty Therapies

Located in the city of Barcelona, the Center for Holistic and Natural Wellness Natura i Ment offers a comprehensive service programs. In Natura i Ment you may find Natural Therapies, Energy, Handbooks, China Traditional Therapy, Natural Beauty, Facial and Body, Holistic Wellness, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy and Energy and Natural Cosmetics .

Center Features

The Quality and Distinction work in Natura i Ment is guaranteed by the team of professionals specializing in different techniques. The personalized attention is integrated into the work protocol. It is noteworthy that the Company and its development tasks Personal Training in the field of Natural Therapies. Within these characteristics, cosmetics are a tool especially important in System i Mentchoose carefully. For this, Natura i Ment works with natural products and cosmetics. The Center uses for its services Natural Products, High Quality and Not Tested on Animals. So it has advised on the naturalness of cosmetics. Moreover, the services are performed Without Electrical Equipment.

Natural Therapy

Natura i Ment: Manual Therapies, Energetic Therapies (or vibrational) Therapy and Traditional Chinese (Traditional China), form part of a comprehensive work program, in conjunction with the Natural Beauty and Aromatherapy.

Natura i Ment Natural Therapies promotes for Welfare for the Self in search of Harmony Staff, as is the For Flower Therapy or Metamorphic Technique , among others that are within the work program.


  • Metamorphic Therapy: This therapy was discovered by Robert St. John working the energy patterns that are located along the backbone, generated during the period of gestation. This manual therapy and vibrational time is a massage that reflects the spine, located in the feet, hands and head. This forms a powerful tool for dissolve energetic blocks, for Self, Healing and Wellness staff.
  • Flower Therapy: This therapy was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, is based on the energy information of Flowers that has an effect on the actions and emotions of people. At these sessions is sought / flower essences appropriate to the situation. Vibrational therapy is one that interacts on the emotions and helps in the Self, and looking for the personal Harmony. Natura i Ment works with essences of Dr. Bach, the Himalayas, essences of the Canary Islands (Atlantic) and other vibrational preparations.
  • Aromatherapy: In the center you can take sessions of massage, soft and superficial, with Aromatherapy 100% Natural and Vegetal . Encouraging both personal well being as Beauty and Skin Health. For best effect on the skin can be made in advance of a meeting body exfoliation and / or facial natural, a few days earlier. For the people who love the real Aromatherapy, it offers a variety of possibilities. 
  • Herbal Massage:  Relaxing Body, tired legs and feet, Body Firming / Dry Skin invigorating body massage, massage with lavender.

Other Services

  • Chiromassage
  • Reflexology
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Massage
  • Geotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Gem therapy and reiki
  • Chiromassage and reiki
  • Reflexology and reiki

Natural Beauty

Natura i Ment, meetings of Natural Beauty seek promoting skin health, in a natural and effective for individual electrical appliances. These sessions are conducted with natural beauty cosmetic preparations: Aromatherapy, creams, lotions, oils, clays, always high quality and personalized to each person.

Beauty services

  • Facial Cleaning
  • Facial Harmony
  • Natural Facial Peeling
  • Body Peeling
  • Natural Body and Facial Peeling
  • Cleaning
  • Back
  • Body Firming
  • For Dry Skin
  • Aromatherapy and Welfare

Standards in Center

This center of natural therapies and natural beauty applies natural techniques. In any case, it is recommended to indicate or to abandon medical treatment and / or drug therapy that has prescribed by your doctor, while attending this center or later.

The services to be performed in any case come to replace or improve and / or complement medical treatment and / or medications.

The center works only people over 18 years:

  • Natural therapy services.
  • Natural beauty services: facial care sessions and / or body .
  • Salts of cosmetics and related beauty health natural.

The center does not offer:

Any type of service or sexual supplement, whether massage and / or touching, sexy, sensitive, stimulating, evocative, exciting, erotic, or anything similar or equivalent not mentioned here. If client does not accept this point, any lack of strict compliance and any suggestion to that effect by the user, is strictly and automatically, at any time it occurs, to leave the premises by the center and the service fee according to concerted force.

Health & Wellness for skin and Harmony for Body, Mind and Spirit. 
Natura i Ment Center Natural and Beauty Therapy.
c. Diputació, 174, Etlo. 1-A BARCELONA

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1 Reviews about Center for Natural & Beauty Therapies
on 30/06/2015
These centers are aboslutely wonderful, and every time I read about htem, I get excited to go there, but rarely do I ever make it. Here where I live on a little island we don't have these services available, but I love reading about them in other places.

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