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Center for Integrated Biological Medicine

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Center for Integrated Biological Medicine

Monte de Salud is a center that is part of the Monte de Oracion which includes the development of spiritual, physical and mental health faculties of the individual. The project is located in the " Monte de Oracion " in the region of Santa Eulalia de Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

It arises from the need to restore lost health, improve the physical conditions and prevent diseases that afflict us in a non-invasive and in a natural environment, based on the practices and means that our Creator provided since the founding of the World.

Monte de Salud is an integrated biological medicine center, which provides specialized medical treatment, people with chronic degenerative diseases and patients with expectations of a healthy and abundant life, this by highly trained personnel, equipment and advanced technology with natural ecological environments unequaled.

Monte de Salud center has advanced technology for diagnosis of diseases and metabolic disorders before they arise. This is accomplished by taking into account that first match of atomic and molecular components of tissues so that these in turn affect a positive way in the functioning of our bodies.


Social Welfare: 

  • Medical history
  • Test Blood Pressure
  • Weight Control
  • Growth and development consultation
  • Prenatal
  • Control post-partum
  • Control and management of chronic diseases
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Minor surgery
  • Taking Papaniculau

Integrated Biological Medicine: 

  • Medical history
  • Physical Exam
  • Bioenergetic Exam
  • Analysis of body composition (Tanita)
  • Live blood test



Millennial method by which points are stimulated with electrical activity in our skin, thus through a reflex effect our brain reacts to the release of neurotransmitters, substances sedative and analgesic effect of producing a "reset" in our electric biological system.


It is the application of mud on the skin as a poultice, a massage or mud pressure inside a tub or pool of mud.

Clay has many elements which have the ability to penetrate our skin such as trace elements, has the property of biological tissues and steal internal heat of the body, thereby reducing oxidation of many biological reactions.


Hydrotherapy is the use of water therapy to combat disease and injury. The water is used at various temperatures, pressures, and any of its states, liquid, vapor, or ice. Monte de Salud use this form of therapy dynamics, through the pressure taps to the body also increases venous return and have a relaxing effect on the patient, mechanically, through massage increases the body temperature and in chemical form by adding water in other components. Hydrotherapy is useful in processes for recovering sports injuries, or postoperative. Also, undoubtedly, it is interesting to situations of stress and nervousness.


Massages can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the problem and the treated patient.

Massage can have a relaxing, aesthetic, invigorating effect. With this expansion we hope to increase the therapeutic quality of our services and provide a more personalized and effective treatment to our patients.

The health center: fitness and aesthetics in Costa Rica

On Monte de Salud, we believe in the body's ability to heal when it is isolated from the toxic influence of the environment. It is bombarded by thousands of contaminants in the cities where we usually live, as electromagnetic radiation of appliances and equipment around us, the consumption of processed and preserved foods, lack of a quiet restful sleep during the absence of clean air with an appropriate concentration of components such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, water we eat. Therefore, the center offers a good option for revitalizing the peace.

Packets to stay in downtown therapies include a wide range of options:

Biological medical consultation: Care provided by specialists in integrated biological medicine, which consists of medical history, physical examination, review of bioenergetic analysis of body composition (Tanita), examination of live blood analysis metabolic (saliva and urine) tests Cabinet (hemoglobin, hematocrit, uric c, lipid profile). Based on our results, we develop a medical record, a case study in order to develop a therapeutic, dietary and individual recommendations.

Mud Therapy: Includes a therapy session of mud which has the property to provide great benefits to the skin. This is done in a remote area on the banks of a small creek.

Massage therapy and relaxation: in your room will be given by professionals in physiotherapy.

Settings: Combining chiropractic, which are intended to make corrections at the back and muscle relaxation. There will be a meeting during your stay.

Pilates, stretching exercises, supervised walk: Every morning before breakfast are these activities conducted by qualified staff which will provide information on basic routines which can perform at home.

Healthy cooking workshop (optional): The chef will be giving some of their recipes to improve your eating and develop a practical manner appropriate menu for food.

Motivational Talk: will be attended by pastors with experience in the field of family therapy, health interior with the intention to support mental and spiritual level.

We offer internet service, hot water, cable tv, own kitchen, shuttle service to the therapy room and beautiful views.

Monte Health Center
Athens, Alajuela Costa Rica

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1 Reviews about Center for Integrated Biological Medicine
on 28/05/2015
Oh this sounds absolutley fantastic! I can't wait to go to Spain because there are so many places like this that I would love to visit. They sound absolutley transformational. Thanks so much for the info, I will look for a similar place here!

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