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Center for Human Development Can Benet Vives

A place of harmony, peace, maturity and nature to reflect on our place in the world.

Can Benet Vives is a center dedicated to the development of the human being. It is a special place in the middle of 8 acres of the Natural Corridor-Montnegre, 50 kms from Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain).


All the facilities are designed and built specifically for activities related to our goal: to take our place in the world.


Can Benet Vives is divided into several buildings and areas. The central building is an old nineteenth-century farmhouse known as Can Benet Vives. There are also sections of the Alegria (Joy) and Recogimiento (collection).

Can Vives Benet has a total of 76 places:

  • 5 bedrooms, 8 beds
  • 4 rooms with 4 beds
  • 2 rooms of 6 and 10 places
  • 2 rooms with 2 beds for couples or monitors
  • 10 bathrooms spread through the house and bedrooms

People living in Can Benet Vives enjoy vegetarian and non vegetarian food of high quality dining available in the 3 at home, with different capacities to adapt to each situation.

Two rooms with fireplace.

Other services:

  • Finnish sauna with capacity for 15 people
  • A pool of about 30 meters with abundant natural water

Spaces for activities


Can Benet Vives offers a wide room of 120 m2 with clear steps and columns, with large windows from which one can see the sea between mountains. This room has a lighting system specially designed to produce intense illumination from white to soft pink lights, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and meditation.

Can Benet Vives also has available a second room of 95 m2 floor Parket.

Addition there is the possibility to put the two rooms for academic work with tables, chairs and multimedia systems.


To outdoor activities suitable for the 3000 m2 garden with trees of various species and the trails that traverse the forests and the sources of their own farm.


Can Benet Vives is the name of an estate of 83,000 m2 located in the middle of natural park -Montnegre Corridor, 50 km from Barcelona, Spain. Our facilities are located amid forests of oak, pine, chestnut and madrone, at a height of 550 m above sea level. Near the Romanesque hermitage of Hortsavinyà.

Access is easy, both in public transportation in private vehicles.

Train : There are trains from Barcelona and Girona each 20 minutes. The nearest station is Calella de la Costa. From station you can take a taxi.

Car : you can go by the coastal highway (C-32) to Calella and from this coastal town Can Benet up by a large and well kept road, following signs to Hortsavinyà . You can also go by the A-7 motorway and take exit Hostalric and go from there Tordera. The diversion is to take off Hortsavinyà Tordera Sant Celoni direction to the left.

Are not allowed visits without prior appointment and / or reserving of facilities.


Can Benet Vives was opened in 2005 at the initiative of Dr. Josep Maria Ferigcla, current director of the Society of Etnopsicología Applied Cognitive Studies (SdEA) and general manager of our school.

The purpose of our center is to offer in a beautiful natural environment and appropriate, conditions suitable for workshops, seminars of personal growth. Can Benet Vives 's aspiration is to become an international benchmark for quality development in psicoespiritual activities.

All other activities offered at our center are part of the following lines:

  • Sufi Tradition
  • Fourth Way
  • Experiences of activators Structures
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Shamanism
  • Rites of initiation contemporary
  • Meditation
  • Martial Arts
  • Tai Chi
  • Dancing, music and physical

Retirement Residences

Useful sometimes to make a retirement, leaving the usual occupation and devote a time for reflection, rest and be with oneself. The withdrawal may be one day, a weekend or longer if desired.

What Can Benet Vives offers?

  • A space of silence, harmony and concentration in a natural human
  • A climate delightful, full of respect and serenity
  • Two stays cozy and comfortable, put to rest and study
  • A library with titles specially selected to encourage reflection
  • A room for meditation


Can Benet Vives has a library specialized in issues related to human and spiritual development.

You can find books related to:

  • Sufism
  • Fourth Way
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Shamanism
  • Meditation

For children there is also a selection of stories and books.


Can Benet Vives
Aptdo postal 134
08490 Tordera (Barcelona)

For information and reservations:


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1 Reviews about Center for Human Development Can Benet Vives
on 14/08/2015
These are such great communities, and I really feel like there needs to be more emphasis placed on human development. I believe that our necessity will make this happen, which is exactly what this center reflects: our need to grow as a species.

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