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Center for Homeopathic and Biological Medicine

Dr. Forés-Perez. Center for Homeopathic Medicine & Biological

Management Team:

Dr. Forés Jordi Colomer - degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Navarre, homeopathic physician accredited by the College of Medical, Barcelona 'Curriculum
Dr. Maria Perez Benitez - Degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Navarre Medical homoeopath

Curriculum Team:

Juan Carlos Mendoza Benitez - Osteopathy degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncturist)

Asunción Mendoza Benitez - BA in psychology, specialist in the technique of Dr. Alfred Tomatis


C./ Del Cos, 68, 2nd 08241 - Manresa
Tel: 93 872 57 77 - 93 872 59 60 Fax: 93 872 22 44

C./ Brusi, 39 08006 - Barcelona
Tel: 93 200 81 34 Fax: 93 872 22 44

Definition of sick

According to the World Health Organization, it is considered that a person is when you get a physical, mental and social problem.

This definition is more correct that we have found in conventional medicine if they are the three aspects of working together and not in part and separately as is currently done. But we go beyond this time.

People who come to our center of biological medicine, are not valued depending on the condition that they have, we cannot speak of an asthmatic bronchitis, a depression, diabetes or a heart patient. We are talking about people who are suffering, and who come in search of a hope, hope of finding someone to help them stop suffering, they listen without rushing anything they have to say, someone who tries to understand that try to help as far as humanly possible and something more.

We believe that the health of everyone is physical, mental, spiritual and social. Only with the harmony of these 4 areas you will get a real state of health, harmony. As we see in the diagram, all these 4 aspects affect each other, so that, for example, a physical problem as a typical juvenile acne can cause an alteration of the behavior of our teenagers, making it hard to relate to more his friends and the social environment, because it causes your acne to a large "bad feeling" unsafe,... and his companions make jokes that make him feel torture, and for it will cost a little bit out of his house, took refuge in his room, with computers, internet ... that is, a physical problem such as acne, can cause a psychological problem of lack of self-esteem, insecurity. So how should we treat our teenagers? Clear that we need to treat the acne, but we must never forget their silent suffering on the inside, by being different from the others by being "ugly", which is why it causes a lack of self-esteem. We must also treat the psychological aspect, as important as the first. With this we mean that after a physical illness, can shelter a psychological problem, which, though correct the physical, psychological problem that may persist and give us much trouble. We must make a good diagnosis of the person, to treat in its full dimension.

We hope not only to know what happens and try to our patient "outsourcing" but we also want to know the source of the problem, so we can treat the root of your illness or condition.

This is in summary form, our wonderful work as doctors in helping them find not only the health of those who have lost, but to help bring their physical and mental health, and to the extent we can also help in their social and spiritual health.

Medical is to be friend, be patient, being a person who knows how to listen, to be humble, to be of service to others anytime, passionate about their work and not falter in their daily tasks. Only then we can call doctors, and we're proud of it.


Talk about Homeopathy is talking of Medicine. Surprising that in our country, until recently, homeopathy was considered a so-called alternative medicine, and was also highly criticized by most doctors. The fact that it is not with Social Security, encouraged many colleagues to discredit this wonderful form of healing, without knowing anything about it.

There are countries in Europe as France, England and Germany, to give some examples that not only recognize the efficacy of homeopathy, but also include it in their Social Security.

But now, in recent years, there are more and more people who use homeopathy in our country, and increasingly, it is more accepted around the world.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method and experienced tested in human beings (humans, animals and plants), for more than 200 years. It treats people suffering from acute and / or chronic pain, taking into account the whole psycho-physical being, and the manner in which each individual develops the disease.

It serves launching the internal mechanisms that everything has to be burned alive and rebalanced, thereby finding the desired state of health.

Homeopathy Medicine is one who listens and understands the patient, helping them to overcome and understand their illness, without causing damage, without side effects, no incompatibilities, no toxicity at any age or even pregnant.

Homeopathy does not call for anything in conventional medicine, but these two are complementary. There are many diseases that can be treated only with homeopathic products, with excellent results, without having to use any type of conventional medicine, but sometimes we must use products from conventional medicine to help patients with serious illnesses so required. It is therefore important that the diagnosis and homeopathic treatments, done by a graduate in any branch of medicine. In this way, we guarantee our patient diagnosis and treatment in all aspects of professionalism and seriousness.

Our patients, the majority, come to homeopathy for the magnificent results achieved in children, both in the healing of the most common children (otitis, asthma, bronchitis, sore, cramping ..) and the prevention.

As in children, adult’s homeopathy acquires a large vision. Being able to understand the reason of the illness, and the evolution, to establish a non-aggressive treatment to correct them, to heal and most importantly, the fact prevent, to enhance its own concept of life itself, of grow as people, makes Homeopathy Medicine established as the choice of the twenty-first century.

Natural Nutrition and Energy

"The food is the outer internalized and quality of food consumed has an influence on the state of the body."

Man depends on the external environment to live, hence making the food, nutrients, water, heat, air. If the quality of these items is good, the quality of our health and lifestyle that we have is good.
In recent years, due to "modernization" of agriculture and mass production of products processed, our food has been increasingly moving away from a natural and traditional cuisine.

Food traditionally eaten by our ancestors for thousands of years was based on:


Acupuncture is one of the most important contributions of traditional Chinese medicine to the West.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) recognizes the person as "individual", that is why in two people with the same disease, the treatment will not be the same. They are two different bodies, two different experiences, two different individuals. TCM provides the harmony between body, mind and spirit. The disease is considered as the loss of energy constituted a balanced health.

Acupuncture works through "energy channels" that run the body. Manipulation with needles at points where the energy is concentrated especially helps maintain balance and harmony in the body.

It is used in almost all diseases, but the most dramatic effects occur in functional disorders, i.e. where there is still no organic disease.

Overweight problems, muscle and joint pain, stress, headaches, digestive disorders, menstrual disorders, emotional problems, symptoms. "The doctor who cures the disease when it is mediocre, which makes the beginning of symptoms is acceptable, but who does this before they appear, it is excellent" NEIJIN. Oldest book of the M.T.C


It is a manual medicine that acts on the structures of the body (skeleton, muscles, ligaments, viscera, skull ... connective tissue) to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore the health of the natural way.

The human body is a "perfect machine" on the go which sometimes suffers shortcomings. The study of movements allows the osteopath to locate the "osteopathic lesion".

The "osteopathic lesion" is a fixation or loss of mobility of a body structure, which occurs in both quantity and quality of movement. These "injuries" can occur for various reasons (trauma, stress, emotions, posture at work or school ...) that lead to certain tensions in the same time myofascial chains alters other structures at a distance.

Suitable from newborn to seniors. Osteopathy also aims to monitor pregnant women and postpartum recovery. It is dedicated to improving the sport within their discipline.

Especially indicated for:

  • Problems in back pain from cervical, dorsal, lumbar. Sciatica, disc protrusion, osteoarthritis.
  • Recovery of injuries: sprains.
  • Monitoring pregnant women and postpartum recovery.
  • Problems in childhood: colic, ear infections..

And the best osteopathic treatment: prevention

Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular Medicine name was given for the first time in the middle of last century in the U.S. by the prestigious Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling.

Medicine Orthomolecular use everything we make as a therapeutic food, and everything that is in the nature: plants, minerals, vitamins ... and that can be used to help improve or cure various diseases.

The main objective of Orthomolecular is to maintain our state of health and for that the nature and nutrition is a powerful ally in that we found everything necessary to maintain and preserve our health.

And it can reach all patients, these parts are used as nutritional healing products from nature, in the form of tablets, pills, infusions, syrups, it is easy to use and prescribing.

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, plants are used ... These products are like a drug, but without the side effects of conventional medicines and also the many contraindications. Thus, we obtain some beneficial clinical effects, beneficial effects for our patients to achieve a cure, safe and doing great at the same time preventive role for future disease.

Currently Orthomolecular Medicine is one of the most widely used alternative medicines in the U.S., England and Germany. The benefits on depression or psycho-emotional state changed, the problems of pain associated with degenerative processes in joints, the digestive problems are the kind that are, in short, any form of chronic illness that has been installed in the body are the key to successin these countries, where millions of patients have already used it.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers belongs to therapy performed by Dr. Edward Bach, English physician.

Theory was born after observing in ill patients that the disease is the result of an emotional imbalance. This imbalance leads to an alteration in the patient's energy field, thereby altering their emotional balance. If this persists, there is ultimately a physical illness.

Dr E. Bach used for the treatment of patients, 34 wildflowers and cultivated f3 lowers. He extracted from them the essence of each one, which is the essence for treatment. He used in correcting the disorder energy act that has been produced by the altercation. He mixed some of the emotional core of the problem in terms of person, and took several drops during the day. It is simple, easy to use and highly effective in all patients who have tried this method.

The technique of Dr.Bach, although it is a therapy that is used for adults and children, the latter, children react strongly to this emotional treatment.

Drainage Therapy

Drainage theory is intimately related to the idea of the need for removal of toxins or toxic substances in a body poisoned by whatever reason.

I believe that a disease or a functional alteration of a body or simply a malaise of a person who lives in this time together with an accumulation of toxins that act on that person perniciously, causes an alteration in the right health of the body that can affect the whole organism.

As we know, the proper function of an organ, both at the cellular level, biochemical, enzymatic, interstitial, will act properly to physiological levels without an excess of toxins, and thereby assist in the overall harmony of health. By nature, our body has the capability of eliminating these toxins, but when there is an excess of them, our body is blocked and stops eliminating, and at this time when it needs help. Therefore, excessive food industry, forgetting the pleasures of good food naturally, excess heavy metals absorbed by food, pollution, amalgam, the snuff .., a major stress in our lives, over-medication aggressive allopathic, a disease of long evolution, can cause emotional upset and a tense state in which the human body begin to alter the physiological functions of organs, leading to a malfunction of anything desirable, and thus calls into motion a chain like a domino effect in which all organs will gradually being affected by the excessive toxins. And this will lead inexorably to disease status.

Therefore, before a patient who has followed this path of becoming ill is very important to make a good first draining of body. If we do not, regardless of our treatment, it would fail or would not get such good results that we get practicing all natural treatments. It is essential to make good drainage so that our solutions to operate without hindrance, without obstacles to overcome, so that the body can assimilate in a right way and not rarefied by toxins.

"Imagine an area where we grow flowers with seeds that we have. Shortly after their crops, we leave flowers defoliated and very weak. The seeds were of the highest quality and care we have had that flourished were delicious But the field, the "land" was tense because had a drain that discharged into the water. Although we had the best seed for the flower and gave it the best care, if the "ground" is intoxicated, that flower will get sick. "

Theory is to encourage drainage in a specific and a functional part of the body or several at the same time, natural remedies to eliminate toxins and return to the proper functioning of these bodies. The theory of drainage is nothing more than a theory of elimination, or otherwise known as detoxification.

Drainage is primarily a practice justified by their great results and benefits to the patient. Used since the time of Hippocrates, today is still valid, and sometimes with results that could not be achieved without that help in our patients.

Organs of our body with respect to the drain are the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph, and intestinal system. All these bodies or structures are working to eliminate the toxic waste that we have in a natural way, but sometimes are overwhelmed by an excess of toxins, and are blocked and where our work begins to unblock and stimulate the various organs depending on the toxicity for a more intensive drainage and regenerative health. If stimulated in this way, can cause so-called healing crisis in our patients, which is a crisis of elimination.

There are several techniques to obtain a proper drainage, which I will not mention because it would be very extensive, but I will mention a few guidelines that seem very important to follow good drainage. One is fasting. Fasting is the most effective method of engaging a body of deep drainage because only water is ingested, the body does not absorb any other product that is harmful, which begins to slowly remove the toxins that have accumulated. Where drainage is a healing crisis are important, and therefore should be monitored closely to our patients. The diet is very important. In most patients who come with different kinds of diseases, we see the need to make dietary changes are essential to restoring health. An excess in the diet in a food or a systematic abuse of one group of foods that the body does sometimes be overwhelmed with an excess of toxins (e.g., children who drink and drink and drink milk, they greatly increases mucus production and always cough and have bronchitis .., these children will remove the milk from your diet, and in a few weeks left to take mucus.)

Water, our ally in health and so forgotten by most of our patients. Most of our body is water, and it must be renewed continuously. We must drink at least a liter and half of the purest water possible. It will help us eliminate our toxins acting like a garbage truck that carry the waste to landfill.

Exercise: We work with our patients to remove laziness because through exercise we mobilize all our cardiorespiratory system and facilitate the destruction of free radicals, therefore improving the functions of the liver and kidneys, lungs and skin bodies basic drainage. Furthermore it is a great tonic for our mental health.

Relaxation techniques. Well, certainly, is a technique Eastern or Western, we greatly help our patients. It is often forgotten drain our minds, our spiritual energy is as important or more. But I do not want to enter more in this very important issue for me (most important) because there are many things to talk and I do not want to forget any one, nor I would have limited space to talk about it.

Drain or not to Drain: that is the issue.


The Homotoxicology is homeopathic medicine that is used in Germany

It uses homeopathic products to doses slightly higher than conventional medicine, homeopathy, they may be used in extreme conditions and with very rapid, both in children and adults. Some doctors do not consider the Homotoxicology as a true homeopathic medicine, but they all agree that it is a safe treatment without side effects or contraindications, which gets around fast and surprising therapeutic effects. Hence its great use in the clinics of Germany.

This variant of homeopathy is based on the principles of Professor Hans H. Reckeweg, German physician and toxicologist, which developed throughout his life the concept of how sick and heal individuals, depending on their biochemistry, physiology, and ultimately, their pathophysiology relating to medical toxicology.

With today life, the stress, fast food, junk food, environmental toxins, transgenic food, waste discharges in nature and that, enter the cycle of life, we eat... without realizing it, we cause severe poisoning in our bodies, although conventional medicine is not interested and just mention the subject by Dr. Hans H. Reckeweg if realized, and our cells as seen in the space around them, was slowly poisoned by altering their vital functions, and therefore sick.

The Homotoxicology repairs this cellular space and the space surrounding cells, resulting in detoxification of the body and therefore its recovery, returning to health.

Whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits and seeds, nuts, with a small amount of animal products.

When we consume food in a "fragmented", with its components separated and divided, that is "refined", such as flour, rice, white sugar, juice, skim milk, decaffeinated coffee, meat etc. All of these "foods" have been separated from other parts of its original plant bran, the germ, water, pulp, etc. also splits its energy while greatly reducing or many nutrients are lost, making this substance a "devitalized, without power, unbalanced”.

If we eat “Disintegrated, unbalanced products", we cannot be in balance.

If you eat "balanced" foods, we bring to life the basis for harmony and balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Bioresonance and Morateraphy

Everything that has life is movement.
Everything that moves has a vibration.
Any vibration issues a wave. After all our body is an emitter of waves.

Technological progress has enabled us to present how different are these emissions, measure, quantify them in a state of health and disease and not just of humans but DLE any element of nature: animals, plants, viruses, bacteria, fungi, food, medicines, etc.

In this way, with the bioresonance we can measure the body and every organ in the case of particular person. In the case of being damaged, we diagnose the reasons or agents responsible and correct these "waves" to create disease and bring harmony in our body and thus promote the path to health.

As I explained to the patients in a simple manner, "it is put to the house and correct the same voltage for all electrical work properly, otherwise it will burn up or not work by default." The same happens in our body.

As you can see that this concept seems so innovative as its use in medical application, is widespread in nature: electricity, lightning, sound, heat, phone, "Waves" or "electromagnetic fields" that although "we do not see," it would be impossible without the presence in work, communication or actions that we do in life today.

This admit that "we are" little more than a collection of bones and muscles static, we are people who "feel" that "sense" that "dream" ... beyond our appearance and physical plane.

Deep hyperthermia

Deep hyperthermia therapy is a method that offers some spectacular results in various pathologies associated with any pain and any condition of the bones or muscles. Its wider use in the medical field is:

  • Trauma and Rehabilitation.
  • Rheumatology.
  • Sports Medicine.
  • Pain Clinic.

It is a therapy that involves applying a small electrode that through massage gives a slight elevation in temperature at the site of application. This raising of the temperature repairs damaged tissue, restoring the health of the area, improves the function that was affected and eliminates pain.

The most common ailments for which people benefit from this method of therapy, with a few sessions and without any side effects are all those diseases like osteoarthritis (spine, knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, any other articulation), herniated disc (cervical, lumbar, dorsal), and any acute or chronic inflammation in our body.

At the hospital level, some of the most prestigious clinics in the country, also used for cancer processes, may be very useful in the prevention of side effects that patients must undergo in radiotherapy.

Deep hyperthermia is very pleasant for the patient, since it is like a massage, it does not hurt, and the improvement appears in a few sessions, also is exempt from any side effects.

For more information on this technique, their benefits and that can treat diseases, you can link in the page where you will find all the information that exists on this treatment.

Medicine anti-aging

In the medical practice, we believe that the best anti-aging medicine is preventive medicine.

Our center is part of the prestigious American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in the USA and works closely with several centers around the world.

For more information:


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What a great article, really a lot of interesting information. I really like the thought of changing how it is we define health. Is it the absence of disease? is it a general state of well-being (psychological, spiritual and physical)? I would love to learn more about homeopathic medicine

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