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Center for Creativity and Development of Consciousness

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Center for Creativity and Development of Consciousness

Center area is an institution concerned by the emergence of a new holistic, integrative medicine and the development of new paradigms to the study, knowledge and deep understanding of complex human phenomenon to the understanding of reality.

This is the first Holistic Business Center in Mexico, which includes a new system and philosophy of life.
The Center is an Integrative Medicine Clinic and Holistic Health, which incorporates a novel trend in the forefront of health treatments, combined with medicine and health, under the consultation of experts and therapists who help find the way to restore balance mind - body.

Background and experience

Ten years of working as a Holistic Center with universal education, activities and services have increased, having a city in the same space under one roof with all these activities makes AREA, an Oasis of alternatives, where people come to stay for a long time in a day or week. It is a community of people who work and study for the expansion of consciousness, and the harmonious integration of mind, body and spirit.

Since the center is to promote the making and updating the resources and potentialities in every human being are dormant from the time of the birth. Recognizing the unity and diversity of human experience can help us find the path that best suits our needs.

"... A place where you can achieve optimum levels of quality in your life, relationships, spirituality, creativity, self-awareness and relaxation and to meet people that are in search of truth and depth of your life ..."

"... The consciousness and the psyche and reflexes are expressions of a cosmic intelligence that make up the entire universe and the entire existence. Human beings are endless fields of consciousness that transcend time, space, matter and causation..."


In addition the center offers a comprehensive program of permanent courses and workshops for stress management in Holistic Area. It is the School of Massage and Holistic Health more important in Mexico, where studies are certified with official recognition of DISCOVER and CECOLAB.

And you can practice:

  • Meditation
  • Karate
  • Chi kung
  • Kung fu
  • Yoga

Holistic Spa


This activity is conducted within an enclosed cabin that is the action of a single bed and containing water and Epsom salts in a density that allows the body to float effortlessly.
The flotation recurrent stimulates production of endorphins, substances suppressing pain, as well as generating statements of joy and euphoria.

Flotation reduces heart rate, increases irrigation brain, balances the brain hemispheres. It is beneficial to those who need physical therapy after a fracture; ideal for pregnant women because the high density of water allows the body to relax and rest the weight.


Oxygen therapy corrects supplemental levels of oxygen in the blood and eliminates symptoms such as headache, drowsiness, fatigue and stress. Furthermore when combined with aromatherapy is achieved the double benefit of more energy and helping to relax the physical, energetic, emotional and intellectual.


The use of light therapy is not new, because since ancient times people have known that sunlight is essential for human life. With the development of the technology we have today reach the multiple therapeutic effects of light rays through the use of polarized light from a lamp, which brings together all the benefits of light without harmful side effects. This treatment is recommended for many physical ailments but basically can be applied in sports medicine, alternative medicine, surgery, dermatology, cosmetology, rheumatology, physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc.

Objectives AREA

Integrate physical life, spiritual energy and awareness of each of their deepest desires, needs, motives and intentions, as well as those that affect energy deep. When we understand the power of the mind, then we can manage our lives.

  • Facilitate the process of human development in terms of individual well-being, affection, achievement, and self-transcendence, pushing the development of personal identity, autonomy, creativity, freedom, responsibility, healthy interdependence and personal capacities and potentialities.
  • Promote the development and free expression of creative attitudes that lead to a broader perception of the internal and external reality, a more appropriate management of vital energy.
  • Search the spiritual practice, face our own sadness, fear, anxiety, despair, death to the ego of ideas about how things should be and to love and accept the truth of things as they are.
  • Discover and reaffirm our spiritual path that will serve as a means to raise awareness when the goal is truth.
  • Find the man put a greater emphasis on warning and critical perception of internal and external world, the refusal to accept authority and level that is a harmonious balance of intellect and sensibility.
  • Provide training and advice to enhance the health, productivity and quality of life for businesses and public and private organizations.

AREA, Center for Creativity and Development of Consciousness
Reforma 199 3er. piso col. Cuauhtémoc

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2 Reviews about Center for Creativity and Development of Consciousness
on 16/05/2015
I think we all need some more of places like these. It's so interesting to read about this, becaue I do think of these things often...about awakening consciousness and being aware every moment of every day, and in turn letting creativity flow.
on 04/07/2013
Good to know if you visit Mexico, and I?m glad to hear that they have a place to enjoy the benefits of the alternative medicine with other factors that help to the spirituality of the person in all the body-mind levels, good for them, I hope that this place still exists in this time

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