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Cellulite...? Try Mesotherapy and special diet

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Cellulite...? Try Mesotherapy and special diet

If you suffer from cellulite and cannot find how to dissolve and eradicate it, do not despair. Here is one of the many ways we have now to fight it. It is necessary to take into account that maybe as you well know, cellulite is not just a cosmetic problem but can affect your health, because of obstruction caused by fat deposits and harmful toxins in certain parts of the body and which don’t allow free flow of fluids in the body or the proper disposal of toxins.

Therefore, you should not focus only on the aesthetic problem. It is convenient to combine any treatment of your choice with new healthy habits and proper diet to avoid accumulating more fat in those areas most sensitive to suffer as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and back.

Why does cellulite appear?

Cellulite is deposits of fat, water and toxins, which tend to accumulate in different parts of the body. These deposits cause bumps known as orange peel appearance. The main reasons that cause the appearance of cellulite are: poor diet with high consumption of refined, processed and bad fats like those in fried meats, red meat, cow's milk and derivatives, and more.

Anti-cellulite dietary guidelines

To fight, eradicate and prevent it is necessary to follow a diet low in bad fats (animal meat, cow's milk, sausages, fried, etc.), and increased consumption of natural water, juices, fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables milks are preferred and unrefined oils that are cold pressed or first extraction. And consumption of whole grains, avoiding all white flour or refined.

In addition to diet and trying to maintain an exercise routine, one must also consider the emotional factor, as anxiety or emotional pain stuck without a solution may predispose to cellulites. In addition to therapeutic massage and alternative therapies to treat it, is a technique called mesotherapy which can help effectively combat it.

Mesotherapy and Cellulite

Mesotherapy is an effective treatment to combat cellulite, fat and toxins accumulated on different areas of the body. Before, mesotherapy treatment was painful but in recent years has evolved and today is one of the technological advances in the world of beauty.

What is Mesotherapy?

It is a therapeutic technique which infiltrates small amounts of homeopathic solutions or compounds of minerals, vitamins and / or amino acids in the body through micro injection, depending on the patient and the purpose to meet. Micro-injections are made with very fine needles which do not cause any pain. The thin tip of the needle is inserted into the skin and leaves no scar. The sessions take just minutes.

When a session is to destroy cellulite, you need to combine treatment with diet and exercise more effectively, and add some other alternative therapies, such as brushing the skin (which is made with natural fiber brush), taking some teas like green tea that helps to purify the body and eliminate toxins, and more.

It is a good option because this therapeutic technique has great advantages, as it is simple, quick, has no contraindications and can be combined with natural treatments to accentuate and accelerate results.

Do you want to try this technique?

Then you have to focus on looking for a good professional in this technique as being a very simple treatment, there are many imitators. The secret toke make mesotherapy works well, is the quality of amino acids that are applied, and which are not identifiable by someone who doesn’t know the subject.

There are also many specific products to combat cellulite externally but these are only effective if applied consistently and without cutting out the recommendations.

The number of sessions of mesotherapy recommended is between 8 and 10. Each session lasts about an hour.

Anti-cellulite lymphatic massage

If you want to close with a flourish this treatment, try lymphatic massage which will help remove toxins and stimulate the lymph nodes (or sewage disposal system of the body). This massage is soft and in some places applies clay to help the skin to reassert itself.

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2 Reviews about Cellulite...? Try Mesotherapy and special diet
on 25/09/2014
So...I know that cellulite is a pretty unsightly condition, but I do just want to say that for anyone out there considering going through with a therapy like this (which it sounds great, I'm sure it is a fantastic remedy), that first I would urge you to try dietary changes, and exercising like hell. I used to race collegiate bicycles, and we trained our butts off. I have never ONCE had an ounce of cellulite on my legs.
on 05/01/2013
Nice article keep on going! I?m going to search more about the mesotherapy and if I can find a place to get near my home. I hope it works and don?t hurts because I really hate needles and that kind of stuff but I really wanna get rid of this awful condition.

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