Cataluña, autonomous region protagonist of Biocultura Katalonien, Autonome Region Protagonist der Bioculture Cataluña, comunidad autónoma protagonista en BIOCULTURA

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Cataluña, autonomous region protagonist of Biocultura

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Cataluña, autonomous region protagonist of Biocultura

Catalonia is in the Madrid Autonomous Community holding Biocultura. The products will be announced to the public of the fair with tastings, cookery workshops, tastings of professionals ... Catalonia will have a separate area to promote their products.

Being invited in the Autonomous Community of Biocultura means having the opportunity to be the protagonist in most platform market of organic products from Spanish. Companies, government and SMCC made all kinds of business activities, and outreach on the differentiating characteristics of Catalans products to be known for other markets outside of Catalonia.

Manufactured product

Catalonia is a major supplier of processed products to shops and restaurants, the Spanish market is obviously its first goal, if we want also obtain a certificate can be greener still if they sell in the area nearby.

Pioneer community 

For its proximity to France, because Barcelona is a city in the forefront of many trends, and for many other reasons, the Catalan autonomous community is and has been a pioneer in every respect to organic agriculture in the Spanish state . Catalonia wants to remain at the forefront of organic production and, therefore, businesses and institutions are turning, not only in Biocultura.

Numerous activities

The area devoted to the presence of the Catalan community, as well as the participation of firms certified in organic product, there will be many activities including:

Recipes and subsequent tasting dishes with Catalan products .

Tastings of products by the producer:

  • Wine
  • oils
  • meat
  • cheeses
  • eggs
  • tofu
  • juice
  • bread and pastries
  • chocolates
  • more ...

Cycle: Mediterranean diet with organic products :

  • A scientific point of view
  • a medical point of view, dietary and health
  • cooking: standpoint of flavor and texture quality, etc..
  • An ecologist environmental point of view
  • a farmer of agricultural products

Producers tell us their experience

You see different viewpoints: technical, environmental, business ... the producers and processors of organic products. Since Biocultura believes that one of the best ways of expanding domestic consumption is that consumers know first hand the goodness and the virtues of organic products ... from the hand of their own producers. Direct contact. No tricks.

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2 Reviews about Cataluña, autonomous region protagonist of Biocultura
on 02/07/2015
It is really, really good to see so much awareness being raised about "alternative" methods of cultivating food, and just healthier ways of seeing eating. I love reading stories like these because they support my faith in humanity, and in health!
on 29/08/2013
Glad to see that the people are worried about what they are using to prepare their meals and principally if these products are from the local origin, because of the organic and freshness factor, pretty good to see that the world is changing the point of view

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