Organic Menu of Catalan products in "Alimentaria" Katalanisches Menü mit Bio Produkten Menú ecológico con productos catalanes en Alimentaria

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Organic Menu of Catalan products in "Alimentaria"

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Organic Menu of Catalan products in "Alimentaria"

Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action de Catalunya, Joaquim Llena, accompanied by the President of Catalanas Promotora de Exportaciones SA (PRODEC), Montserrat Gil de Bernabé, and the president of the Consell Català de la Producción Ecológica Agrària (CCPA), Daniel Valls, presided yesterday in connection with the “Alimentaria” and tasting menu with products coming from organic food from the cooker Isma Prados.

The presentation consisted in the preparation of a three-course dinner, live, where the cook was explaining the steps intercropped while commenting on the benefits to people and the environment consumption of these products. Isma Prados made a call to parents of school-age children, to require these products in children's menus of schools, saying that no one gets anything, but if demand begins to be massive, surely things change. He also expressed the lack of distribution of food products for the hospitality environmental specialist, an unfinished and urgent in our country.

Responsible for the DAR, for its part, Afrim in Catalonia, following the path of many European countries, organic agriculture arouses increasing interest. According Llena "We operate in a market with enormous potential and it offers great prospects for our field producer, a pioneer and leader in the state." 

The Minister stressed that Catalunya has been a pioneer of the autonomous communities within the Spanish State with regard to the introduction and development of agro-ecological production and that twelve years ago that Català created the Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPA), a public body (and only) responsible for inspection, certification and promotion of organic agriculture and food production in Catalunya.

However, the owner of Agriculture acknowledged that there is a significant disconnect between what the consumer asks for and what the producer offers. For this reason, the counselor Llena said "it is necessary to seek connection to ensure that the consumer has the guarantee that the in market you will find what you are looking for." For its part, according to the counselor, it must make an effort to sensitize our citizens to Catalunya as it has products with all the guarantees we need to know and to highlight this potential we have.

In this sense, as it fills the key to further promote its market and increase demand. For this reason, the manager of the DAR said that we must enhance the consumption of organic products, especially organic and local and that the consumer must know why the price is what it is, but also the social, environmental and nutritional associated with this type of food.

The Minister also commented that the DAR is working on a cross with seven departments of the Government to have drafted this year, the Action Plan for Food and Farming 2007-2011, to define and articulate measures aimed at ensuring the expansion of production and consumption of agricultural products and foodstuffs. According to the calculations of the Administration at this level in June and could be done. Indeed, today at 13:00 hours, the director general of Agriculture, Rosa Cubel, preside at the DAR booth, a meeting with the CEOs that make up the departmental group to develop this plan.

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1 Reviews about Organic Menu of Catalan products in "Alimentaria"
on 14/09/2015
Fantastic news that groups are now featuring organic menus designed and prepared with products that are grown locally. In the town that I live, we have a very small, but very nice restaurant that gets all of its ingredients from locally grown sources, all organic, and makes delicious meals.

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