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Carque: plant to lose weight, cleanse your skin and more ...

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Carque: plant to lose weight, cleanse your skin and more ...

The Carque (Baccharis crisp) is a shrub that wound measuring up to 1.5 m. tall, with flowers arranged in small clusters, sessile, whose stems can take many beneficial properties for the body, which highlighted its ability to help lose weight and stimulate sexual appetite.

About the carque

This medicinal plant can be found usually in fields and mountains of climate rather cool and rainy, along roads and in sites with soil and moisture. It is also known as carquejilla and belongs to the family of composaceas and mainly grows in areas of Latin America, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, etc.., But this widespread throughout the world.

We can currently found in several species of medicinal plants, some of the them are popular Baccharis articulata, Baccharis crispa and Baccharis Trimedia. All species of carque share their medicinal properties.

Its properties and uses in health

The carque is a plant that is currently highly valued within the natural remedies for their valuable influence on certain problems in the body. Among its wonderful properties that are:

Clean body: it is a diuretic with capacity to keep the body clean, and therefore very safe.

Lose weight: This is very useful and highly effective for weight loss, because with great effectiveness to purify the body, it helps the body to those who dispose of waste material and excessive fat accumulated and generated overweight. If you coordinate a good exercise routine appropriate to the consumption of this herb, you'll see really positive results in your weight.

Diabetes and cholesterol: because of its high cleansing properties, is ideal for diabetics, people with high cholesterol, overweight, triglycerides, etc.

Skin: is a fair reflection of a beautiful and healthy skin. If you drink the infusion you will significantly assist in the problems of dermatitis, acne, dull and dry skin, rashes, blemishes of the face, and so on. If, in addition to drinking the infusion, you combine this with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, your skin will be perfect.

Liver problems: one of its greatest benefits is its powerful action against liver diseases. If you suffer from any disease in the liver and biliary colic, biliary cirrhosis or poor secretion, drink the infusion as described below.

Kidneys: plant has diuretic properties.

Tonic for stomach: is effective to keep the stomach functioning.

Gastritis: very useful for treating this condition.

Allergies and hives: a clean body doesn’t have allergies. If you suspend or try to avoid refined sugar, sausages and milk of cows, and help with the infusion as described below combined with quality food, you will forget allergies.

Youth: In some parts of the world, this plant is used to create life and give youth.

Blood circulation: improving blood circulation.

Intestinal Parasites: take the tonic that helps eliminate intestinal parasites.

Anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, and antispasmodic properties: can be used externally.

Aphrodisiac: This plant is also the wonder, being known to stimulate sexual desire and has been used to combat male impotence and female infertility, because it is said, stimulates the glands and balances governing body in general. It has been found that can invigorate the libido in women, helps them induce arousal and orgasmic capacity increases (see recipe below).

Leprosy: Very useful to treat leprosy and venereal diseases.

Infusion for purifying the body and lose weight

To achieve, drain the liver and facilitate the proper and natural elimination of toxins and accumulated fats, you can prepare an infusion of this plant:


One tablespoon of carque per liter of water.


  1. Allow the water to boil and add the plant. Let boil for 15 minutes and then turn off and remove from the fire.
  2. Allow the treated water stand covered about five minutes.
  3. Once this warm, drain and drink two cups daily, preferably prior to fasting and bedtime. Infusion is a rather bitter, so you can sweeten with a little honey or molasses.
  4. Remember to help your body with a little exercise for good circulation distribute the benefits of well throughout your body.

Recipe against impotence, sexual stimulant:

Take 3 cups a day of the previous infusion. Drink as tea.

External use:

You can use this infusion to wash wounds and sores. To increase your healing power, you can increase the amount of carque infusion in approximately 60 0 70 grams per liter.

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3 Reviews about Carque: plant to lose weight, cleanse your skin and more ...
on 25/06/2015
I have never really been a fan of "magical" plants or pills that help people look weight, but for cleansing the skin, this sounds great. I strongly believe that in order to lose weight, there are only 2 things that work, and they need to be done together: diet and exercise.
on 29/06/2014
I haven't heard of it too, where can I get it?... maybe Rachel got it time ago? So girl where did you get it?
on 27/08/2013
Have not heard about this plant but sound amazing and even miraculous, I cannot wait to try this one even though I do not know where to find it so please could you tell me a little information about getting this plant in U.S.A I would really appreciate this

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