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Take care of the delicate skin of your eyes

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Take care of the delicate skin of your eyes

Throughout the body, the skin around the eyes (lower, upper lids, etc.) is one of the most sensitive and delicate. If you do not care enough in this area and procure enough attention, this area of your skin could become damaged irreversibly, causing not only the sagging of the eyelids but premature wrinkles (the famous crow's feet) plus all the consequences of dry skin and poorly cared.

As the eyes are the reflection of the soul, we should not neglect the skin that cover them. So no matter how old you are and appearance of the contour of your eyes, whether your skin is fresh with youth and health, or has some wrinkles and dark circles or others. It is always possible to do something to restore the health and youth to your skin, knowing that, the sooner you take action on the matter, the more you can prevent further consequences.

Routine care of the skin around the eyes

Cleaning: The beauty begins with cleanliness. Seek that the skin around the eye is as clean as possible. However, you must clean it very gently, without rubbing, stretching because you could break the skin fibers. It is best cleaned with a cotton soaked in either water of chamomile, sage, rose water or mineral water (do not use tap water because it contains bleach and dry skin), and go through the eye area with small taps. It is important to do every night, especially if they're made up.

Eye makeup: you should always try to choose natural cosmetic, since the others contain many chemicals that do not allow the skin to breathe and thus, ultimately, will make your skin look tired and more predisposed to wrinkles. Avoid if you can leaving your face without makeup, so your skin can breathe smoothly.

Cleansing Cream: If you buy a cream or cleanser, always seek that they are special for the eye area, as all others could be irritating this sensitive and dry skin. If you cannot find a cream to your taste, it is sufficient cleaning with water with some of the herbs mentioned in cleaning topic. Avoid processed or industrial oils and / or that leave the area very oily, especially avoid those containing fragrance. Avoid Vaseline.

Recommended oils: if you're going to use some oil, you should seek either olive, almond or sesame. You should ensure that they are cold pressed, so that can help with all of their beneficial properties. The manner of application is to dilute a teaspoon of oil in 5 of warm pure water (previously boiled to evaporate the chlorine). Clean with cotton soaked in this water the area around your eyes. This tip is good to beautify eyelashes too.

Food for the skin heath: Do not forget to include in your diet very natural and fresh foods like carrots, alfalfa, tomato, onion, garlic and green leafy vegetables, as these are high in phytonutrients and help to nourish your skin, they will help you rejuvenate.

Exercise the area of the eyelid: believe it or not, there are exercises to train your eyelids, both above and below, to keep in good shape and avoid sagging. An effective exercise is this: In front of a mirror (with your back straight) look at yourself in the eye. Now look slowly but without lifting up your face, look up without feeling pain. When you reach a breaking point, close your eyelids slowly while looking up. Then, slowly reopen. Repeat gently about 5 times each day. This exercise promotes the circulation of the eye area and helps you also to avoid wrinkles. On the other hand, avoid rubbing your eyes if you feel itching. In this case, it is best to give a small tap with your index finger.

Outer nutrition: From time to time, apply green tea, chamomile, cucumber slices, sliced papaya peel, et cetera in your eyes closed. This will help your skin to relax, rest and nourish. If you apply a soothing or emollient cream, do so gently with small taps. The natural cream of rosehip, aloe, oatmeal, honey, avocado, etc. are great for keeping your skin smooth, protected and less prone to wrinkles.

Sun: if you go out to the sun, it is important to avoid wrinkling eyes constantly in the glare of the sun. If you're a long time under the light of day is best to use a cap or not to have to knit one's face, which is a major cause of the famous crow's feet.

Water and rest: and finally, remember that good hydration plus a good rest is what keeps the skin in good condition. Prepare one liter of pure or mineral water with two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll and lemon juice. Drink during the day in small sips. This will help keep your skin well hydrated.

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2 Reviews about Take care of the delicate skin of your eyes
on 17/09/2014
How true that the skin around your eyes is so delicate. It definitely is the fist that begins to show signs of wrinkles. These sound like really good recommendations, and I have been looking for some good suggestions, so I will give the oils a try and see how they do. Thanks so much for the information!
on 19/06/2013
These are some of the best recommendations I have read to avoi wrinkles in the face., especially those awful marks in the eyelids which come with time and make you feel ugly and desperate, thanks a lot for publishing these, I?m going to apply all of them! I do not want to show wrinkles in this delicate part of the body

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