Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis) Pflege und postoperative Ernährung bei Blinddarmentzündung Cuidados y dieta post-operación de Apendicitis

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Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis)

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Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis)

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the mucosa of the appendix which, when obstructed by pus, may break and reach the peritoneum, leading to peritonitis. When appendicitis is acute, requires emergency surgery. Appendicitis happens for several reasons: the main one because of poor diet, high in toxins, junk food or processed and bad fats that accumulate in the appendix, causing toxemia or infection that can lead to peritonitis.

Other causes of appendicitis are:

  • Obstruction of the appendix by fecal waste, or pus.
  • Voltage or react with anger often creates tensions in organs and systems.

The symptoms of appendicitis are characterized by pain in the lower right side of the abdomen, and usually there is nausea or vomiting with mild fever and slow intestinal transit. By touching the painful area, the abdominal wall contracts spontaneously.

Surgery should be avoided. You can do a lot through diet and habits to maintain a healthy appendix and help recovery. However, when surgery is necessary, then some care must be taken to make the recovery successful.

Surgery and recovery time

Usually, length of stay at the hospital is usually short, lasting between 2 to 6 days depending on the person and the type of surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia and with the help of an optical tube equipped with a vision system (endoscope) inserted in the abdomen. The abdominal incision is usually small and remain only a barely visible scar. Convalescence is usually short but you have to take certain precautions.

In fact, the appendix plays only a minor role in the functioning of the digestive tract, taking part in the development of immunity. So its removal does not create many imbalances, but it is something to keep in mind since you will have to take care of what you eat.

Diet after appendix surgery

It is important that your diet is very healthy and with quality, so your intestines and colon are always very clean and in good at working. Note that if you had appendicitis, this means that many toxins and toxic waste were accumulating in your intestines, so it is important to watch your diet to prevent this.

You can use this time to thoroughly clean your intestines and help a very effective recovery. It is best to avoid these foods for 3 months:

  • Sugar and white flour or refined, which are actually harmful to health in general, and above all, are nothing suitable in any recovery after surgery, as they generate a lot of toxins and cause the incubation of germs.
  • Fried, processed (junk food) and sausages should be eliminated from your diet for the intestines to purify and eliminate fats and toxins stucke, which can cause staying parasites and cause harmful intestinal fermentations.
  • Cow's milk and derivatives, as well as red meat, and eggs. Cow's milk is currently very polluted with hormones, additives and other elements that actually are harmful to the body. Furthermore, cow's milk forms dense flakes in the intestinal lining which get stuck preventing proper absorption, assimilation and elimination of toxic waste, generating many toxins.
  • Avoid alcohol, irritants, and smoking.

Recommended foods:

  • All vegetables, preferably raw. You should drink a glass of aloe juice with carrot once a day, the carrot can be combined with alfalfa or spirulina.
  • The vegetable broths are great now, but avoid cooking vegetables for long perios.
  • Start your day with a green tea with a lemon squeezed, unsweetened. Excellent for helping to prompt healing.
  • For breakfast take fruit like pineapple, grapes, orange or papaya, which are very effective assisting in the cleaning process and recovery.
  • At lunchtime, avoid mixing sweet things like fruit or sweetened beverages. At lunchtime, drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Take raw garlic at lunch time, a clove will be fine. Garlic is the best natural antibiotic.

Other tips:

  • Rest is best for any recovery. So relax and forget all worries. The post-operative fatigue spend a few days.
  • Do not make efforts such as heavy lifting or exercise for three months.
  • Try to be relaxed and avoid stress. Take this time to read things that make you feel nurtured, relaxed and happy.
  • Do gentle walks in the evening or early morning.
  • After three months, you start doing your normal activities.

After the three months diet, try to avoid the prohibited foods. You can include meat but gradually, and always served with fresh salads. Cow's milk should be replaced by vegetable milks which are more nutritious, and keep fruit consumption. Drink two liters of pure water daily and do not forget to exercise to keep the intestinal flow in excellent condition.

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11 Reviews about Care and post-operation diet (appendicitis)
on 19/04/2016
I had an appendix surgery a month ago,which food should i eat
on 09/12/2015
i have undergone appendix surgery last month. and while getting discharge from the hospital doctor said me i can have anything in meal. but after completion of one month still i feel some pain. help me please
on 30/06/2015
Hello, I would like to know: What should I eat after appendix operation?
on 30/12/2014
I have appendix surgery on jan 19th 2015
Meanwhile diet suggest me
Pl mail me

on 08/12/2014
This is a piece of nonsense, stating that drinking cow's milk is bad. Are you out of your mind; yoghurt is recommend according to MANY different independent sources, and guess what it contains cow's milk. So your tips are awfuland you should be ashamed of yourself. Also, appendicitis is NOT CAUSED by a bad diet/junk food, as the appendix does not store any of the waste products produced from eating these foods, regardless of that most people that have this operation have a DECENT diet, which means you're a lier to state that a bad diet causes this. To conclude, I think that most of your information is MISLEADING and false, and it is dangerous for people to follow this as it could cause more harm than good.
on 06/08/2016
You are so right, My post-op directions. Tell me to eat cottage cheese, mash potatoes, plain spaghetti, rice,low-fat yogurt, Macaroni (plain or with cheese),Puddings, Low-fat milk, Ripe bananas, Plain toast or bread, crackers , Well-cooked soft cereal . That is from the doctors orders.
on 17/09/2014
I just had my appendix out and am confused by your claim that a poor diet is the cause. My diet is as clean as it gets- no sugar, no grains, tons of veggies, animal products limited to eggs and some fish, etc.

The only difference lately was taking a vegetarian iron supplement that caused some constipation while I adjusted the dose- that is the only possibility for "toxicity" that I could review in my mind.

While a poor diet can contribute to a lot of things, making such a direct claim without the science is irresponsible.

on 29/07/2014
i had appendix surgery few days back.can eating eggs help to recover fast????
on 23/07/2014
Ooh. Wow. Appendicitis sounds terrible. I'm glad I've never gone through it. It sounds like these tips would be applicable even on a long-term basis after having your appendix taken out. I'm glad that you mention garlic as a great antibiotic as well. If you don't like swallowing the cloves, you can also buy garlic in capsule form, and take a couple capsules with each meal.
on 06/01/2013
I had this opearation time ago and my doctor told me exactly the same and I'm just perfect now, doing some exercise and more, I don't have a scar and nothing has changed in my body so I think it's not a big deal. You just have to be conscious and follow the recommendations
on 22/10/2012
I have appendix surgery on 17 th oct. What diet will sutable for me.

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