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Care about your mouth

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Care about your mouth

Without being extremist, a healthy mouth helps maintain a healthy body; oral problems can bring other conditions affecting the rest of the body, so it is recommended to prevent them, with good oral hygiene.

Even if you think it's merely an aesthetic issue, the reality is that oral disease can cause health problems at the systemic, cardiac, circulatory or gastrointestinal. Thus we can identify two types of oral disease:

  • The only affecting the teeth, such as cavities.
  • Affecting the tooth attachment: tissues, bone, ligaments and gums, such as periodontal disease.

The mouth is a body part, and therefore can also be affected by serious diseases such as cancer, fungi or viruses. This is why it is always advised that a professional do a regular review to identify any injury or abnormality, and so the condition can be treated in time.

Main problems of the mouth

Undoubtedly, the main problems of the mouth are those that relate to inadequate hygiene.

Caries: occurs by the action of bacteria associated with the mouth. Influence of diet and hygiene habits in their development, in the early stages, the patient may not refer symptoms, but as it progresses, there may be sensitivity to cold or heat or even pain.

Gingivitis: is a reversible inflammation of the gums, which is caused by the accumulation of bacteria. The symptoms are varied, are characterized by inflammation of the gums by the tooth bottom, reddish, and usually bleed with brushing. Treatment is by a professional hygiene, proper training in how to perform the brushing, and local medication. If not given proper attention, it can become a paradentosis.

Paradentosis: Also known as pyorrhea occurs besides the swelling of the gums, destroying the tissue supporting the teeth, resulting in bone resorption including, and many cases the tooth moves, and must be removed. In addition, bacteria that come into play with this disease are very aggressive and can be a problem especially for people with a history of change of heart valves, or other vascular prostheses.

To prevent cavities

One of the most common problems can be prevented by following these recommendations:

  • Good hygiene
  • Eating a diet low in sugars.
  • Eating sugary foods in moderation and after consumption, brushing teeth.
  • Correct poor dental positions
  • Periodically get the specialist, 2 times a year at least, and for patients at risk, one time every three months.

The allies of oral hygiene

The toothbrush: The most common tool to keep our teeth clean, different brushes with different bristle types and distribution, if you want to know which is best suited for your type of mouth, see a specialist.

Mouthwash: If it contains fluoride is even better, works by preventing tooth decay and remineralizing the enamel of the teeth. They are used after brushing, some experts suggest use it sparingly.

Toothpaste: It is best to be indicated by a specialist, today, there are a variety for each type of problem, there are for those with sensitivity for those who suffer acid erosion, to prevent cavities, and treat bleeding gums.

Floss: Although considered optional, recent studies have linked the habit of flossing good to general health, you can also use interdental brushes for deep cleaning.

Interdental brushes: They come in different types so that they can adapt to the mouth of the person, are excellent allies of teeth cleaning, as they reach the areas that the common brushes do not reach and supplement the routine of dental cleaning.

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3 Reviews about Care about your mouth
on 14/08/2014
I brush and floss my teeth religiously, and try to avoid (for the most part) sweets and junk food. But it seems like every time I go to the doctor, I've got another cavity, or "potential" cavity. Any ideas as to why??! My overall health is fantastic, I just can't seem to figure out why I even have cavities at all when I practice such fantastic oral hygience, and have such a healthy diet.
on 04/05/2014
the calendula toothpaste that you redirect here is pretty good !! _I recommend it for sure! and the taste is very fresh!
on 26/04/2013
Recently, I have noticed that my teeth look bad and yellow, a friend told me that I?m accumulating too much bacteria on my mouth and that?s why I feel symptoms like pain an bleeding very often. Surely I have one of these problems and now I?m worried, I do not want to lose my teeth! So I?m going to fix this problem right now!

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