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Canary grass milk, diet and other weight loss secrets

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Canary grass milk, diet and other weight loss secrets

Canary grass seeds are seeds with high nutritional value and have very beneficial effects on the body. They can help to accelerate the digestive process as well as being a great source of enzymes and properties that help us healthily and efficiently heal the liver and lose those extra kilos accumulated on the thighs, arms, waist and abdomen.

Canary grass milk also has very high enzymatic properties, which help to cure high cholesterol, cirrhosis, fluid retention and hypertension. This helps to heal the liver, one of the organs responsible for our weight since it is what breaks down and digests fats in the body. By following this diet and making fresh canary grass milk, you will achieve balance in all inflammations in the veins, arteries, organs and tissues by eliminating excess water and toxins, thus achieving your ideal weight.

For canary grass milk to have the best effect on your body and to begin seeing results very soon, we recommend you follow these dietary tips:

  • Canary grass milk should be drunk while fasting and after eating: We recommend that you buy some which is apt for human consumption. You can currently find many brands of canary grass milk for sale which combine it with pineapple, apple, flaxseed, etc. Whichever one you decide to choose, all combinations are very beneficial to health.
  • If you want to prepare your own canary grass milk, remember to soak the seeds thoroughly overnight to remove any chemicals or substances attached to the shell.
  • Refined products and cow's milk saturate the liver and intestines, which eventually causes a severe accumulation of fat and toxins. This, in turn, can cause obesity and other health problems. So, if you are determind to be healthy and achieve your ideal weight, you should especially avoid bakery products (pastries, cookies, cakes, etc.) white or refined flour, sugar and beverages or foods containing cow's milk.
  • Drink two liters of pure water a day: This will help remove and eliminate toxins and fats from your body.
  • In the morning, get up 10 minutes early to go for a run: If you drink canary grass milk and then jog the effects will be great because you’ll boost your blood circulation and fats and toxins will be removed faster, intestines will awaken and activate to evacuate waste. Remember that regular intestinal mobilisation is essential for preventing obesity.
  • When you go to work or school, try to avoid the elevator and climb the stairs or walk a little instead.
  • If you feel like eating between meals, have some pineapple or grapes, which are great allies for losing weight. Fructose (fruit sugar) is super effective in weight loss diets.
  • If you also want to lose weight to achieve a more attractice figure, try to do a little extra exercise in the evening. Yoga is great for burning excess fat on the abdomen, thighs and hips.

Another secret to lose weight...

If you have trouble losing weight despite all this, you should consider the emotional factor. Often we carry excess weight if we are run down or sensitive. If we have many concerns or a great work overload (caring for an ill person, having a lot of work, tasks and chores, etc.), the body needs to feel protected and thus generates excess fat.

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6 Reviews about Canary grass milk, diet and other weight loss secrets
on 20/04/2017
I drank the canary milk religious for a month twice a day. And it worked wonders on me. I didn't loose weight what I lost was body fat I went from 43% to 38% which its so much better then loose lbs since you dont know that what you lost was water or muscle weight. But I did combined this with healthy eating and working out 3-4 days a week. Nothing you try will work if you don't excersice and eat healthy. Know I know a lot of you might say that what helped was the excersice and the diet not the canary milk but I had for about 2 years been doing the same and had not had the same results so fast.
on 16/05/2016
Essentially you are recommending a milk made out of birdseed to lose weight? I'm really not convinced. The most effective (but perhaps more difficult) method is to cut out all the crap, saturated fats, refined flours and sugars as well as any and all processed meats and foods and DO EXERCISE. No amount of weirdo milk is going to move that fat so get off your butt and move it yourself! Not impressed with this article.
on 17/01/2015
Is birdseed milk really that good for you? I mean...I'm wondering what sort of nutrients are in it, because I've never really heard of it as far as nutrition and health goes. Any ideas what sorts of nutrients it has, and is this really a sustainable way to lose weight? I think any sort of weight loss has to be sustainable.
on 05/08/2013
A friend of mine made me taste the birdseed milk because she was following a diet similar to this and she told me that it was pretty easy to consume and to prepare, especially if you lack of time for preparing you onw meals, so I'm thinkin on following too, like the previous person told, the taste is very nice too
on 01/06/2014
YOU SHOULD DO IT! I lost almost 10 pounds just drinking the birdseed milk! it is almost a miracle product
on 25/05/2013
I?ve tried this diet and is very effective let me tell you! So I highly recommended it for people who want to lose weight easily and fast, and birdseed milk doesn?t taste bad at all, you can combine it with fruit if your prepare it by yourself, I recommend pineapple, the taste is excellent!

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