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Calm the nerves naturally

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Calm the nerves naturally

Being quiet is a powerful creative state of understanding and knowledge. One person alone is a person who knows to enjoy feelings. Living in peace is an emotional state to which many people aspire, especially in these times where life is so fast, with so much information and experiences of all kinds, and nerves seem to easily appear.

What does generate the states of restlessness?

There are many reasons to fall into harmful nervous states. The main are:

  • A neglected diet which, by disrupting the proper nutrition of the nervous system, led to a number of degenerations and weaknesses in this delicate electrical system of the body.
  • Lack of confidence (personal insecurity) or lack of confidence in life and what this will bring.
  • High consumption of stimulating beverages and sugar products, which unfortunate degenerate the nervous system.
  • A sedentary lifestyle, which causes a very poor oxygenation and nutrition of the brain and all the systems, which play a fundamental role in the functioning of the nervous system.
  • A poor understanding of what are the emotions or lack of emotional culture, which is the basis to manipulate energy in a constructive and / or creative way.

Why is not suitable to be tense, anxious and desperate?

All the emotions of tension and/or pain are really just defense mechanisms that happen to the person when becomes alert to a possible threat. The emotions of this type are reactions that generate adrenaline and lead to defensive states where the brain and the body look for a solution or remedy to the threat. However, keep the anxiety, tension, despair, anger, fear, etc.., for constant and long periods can lead to adverse consequences in the body and mind because all systems are paralyzed, weak and exhausted, leading most of all diseases we know.

And yet, despite the consequences that these emotions generate, we must not deny them. Feeling is one of the most beautiful qualities which man was endowed, the problem is that we are not taught what to do with what we feel.

The importance of being able to feel

Feeling is a unique gift with a powerful creative energy. With the feeling, reality is created. And yet, most people learned to deny or disguise what they really feel. We say: "Do not cry" "Do not be scared," "Do not be angry", etc.. and these messages we received when felt something in the background just left us a message: "You should not feel certain things." This understanding, has led that when we feel angry, anxious or fearful, rather than learn from experience, we want to resist the feeling, trying to evade or avoid it.

Heal nerves rather than sedate the body

To learn to be quiet is necessary to take into account all these factors, as it is not the same learning to be calm with energy to enjoy and create what we want, than simply sedate the nerves with chemicals which do nothing than worsen and impair nerve, and eventually, the nervous and immune system.

The foundation of a healthy emotional world

It is necessary, as the foundation of a healthy emotional world, start with a good diet, avoiding products like sugar and refined flour, processed junk that only wear the energy of the body, making it weak and sick. You should drink fresh vegetable juice and include walnuts, almonds, peanuts and seeds in the diet, vegetable milk and fish, which help nourish and maintain the nervous system in top condition.

A good diet should be combined with exercise and good posture, which will help the electricity of the body to be in harmony and balance. You have to keep your spine straight and abdomen contracted, especially when the states of stress and restlessness are pointed.

Breathing plays a pivotal role. Learn to breathe slowly and focus, it is great to help calm the nerves.

If you have trouble relaxing, you must help yourself by taking a calming infusion of some herb like peppermint, passionflower, chamomile and anise. You should bear in mind that herbs enhance its effects if they are combined with the diet, breathing, exercise and a good understanding of emotions.

Accept and understand the feelings

To accept what we feel without trial is a key to build a creative and powerful emotional understanding. You have to feel not as if we were the feeling, but to see the feeling as a form of feedback from our senses and mind. We are not fearful, desperate or angry. we just feel it. Feeling is a piece of information, reveals the way in which we are focusing on something. We should not define our character according to what we feel, because at the time that we change the perspective, the feeling change too.

Meditate to be peaceful

Seeing ourselves as separate matters to what we feel is one of the most profound aspects in meditation and a healthy nervous system. A meditation to relax may be to simply take a deep breath with eyes closed or open, just try to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing, your mind trying to focus on the exhalation and inhalation. You can do it in the office, car or in a waiting for something. You'll notice as you drift slowly if you can just follow the rhythm of your breathing.

Alternative Therapies to get calm naturally

The practice of yoga, acupuncture, bioenergy massage or relaxing are great ways to help you stay relaxed. Try them if you really can't be calm, in fact you will notice how your body releases stress and help you approach life from new perspectives.

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3 Reviews about Calm the nerves naturally
on 25/07/2014
Great article!! I'm really glad you included information about meditation and how to mentally control your thoughts and emotions. This is absolutley key. I'm looking forward to the day when an understanding of the human being (mental and emotional) is just as openly addressed and treated as the physical being. It's so strange that we don't teach our children about conflictive emotion; some people even outright ignore it!
on 26/05/2014
The basic is diet, the rest is just having a balance in exercise and other things... that is all
on 06/01/2013
Nerves can be such bad enemies some times. When you get nervous, everything change and can go really bad if you don't control the situation. We have to be prepared for that by following the recommendations in this article like the breathing exercises and more. Avoid getting in trouble for nothing.

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